DJ Kay Slay - Sign Of The Times

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01 DJ Kay Slay - Intro
02 Papoose - What Makes Me
03 Tony Yayo - Flash Dancin'
04 Cam'Ron - Dead The Funeral
05 Young Buck - Stranger
06 Remy Ma - Watching The Game (feat. Jae Millz)
07 Big Lou - The Shining (feat. Busta Rhymes)
08 Tony Yayo - Head Strong (feat. Mazaradi Fox & Snoop From "The Wire"
09 Young Buck - Freestyle
10 Young Jeezy - I Luv It (Remix) (feat. Jim Jones)
11 Remy Ma - Throw Some D's
12 Busta Rhymes - Represent (feat. M Dollarz & Reek Da Villian)
13 Thug - A-Cation-Bong On The Locker (feat. Papoose)
14 Grafh - No Peace No Justice
15 Kanye West - I Still Love Her
16 Maino - I'm Different
17 Tony Yayo - Let's Ride
18 Al Capo - Organized (feat. Tommy Gunz & Thug-A-Cation)
19 Capone N Noreaga - Greenlight (feat. Final Chapter)
20 Young Buck - I Can Do It
21 Chamillionaire - not A Criminal (feat. Kelis)
22 Remo Da Rapstar - Freestyle

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
Been waiting for this.

2000mil's picture

WHOO HAHHHH Yeah this is

Yeah this is quality music. New Papoose, new Busta, Chamillionaire & Remo. That Thug track is cool.
And obviously for promotional use onl

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Kay Slay back in biness,

Kay Slay back in biness, this must be some!

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thank god, kayslay is back

thank god, kayslay is back and as usual bringing fire, been waiting on this forever.

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Danimal101's picture

JIMMY BOY i didnt even see

JIMMY BOY i didnt even see you, you damn slut get back with me it was fun

chickset sucks

the whole crew is a bunch of bitches


Why don't you go do something constructive "DJ".

Did You Get My Message Check

Did You Get My Message Check Yo Inbox

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this asia hoe still here?

whos that? the pioneer of the west Coast? Damn u got 9 lives!
You lil Jet Lee DJ dont u see everyone laughs wit u..
Go choap a board wit ya head like you told me u do and after that go and ressurect West Coast, they need you out there lil china boy!

And stop sendin me mails in my inbox bitch i know you want my dick you faggot, but i'm not comin all they way to Hong Fuckin Kong just to give u my King Kong!

And why dont you put back that lil picture of u with the wide open asian eyes so everyone can see whos the true pioneer of the west coast??

Leave dont even answer u ridiculous..

Wat Da Fuck U Talkin About

Im Not Asian Nigga And Wats Dis SHit About Da West Coast I Didnt Even Send U A Message I Was Talkin 2 Stop Snitchin

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nigga chill, i wasnt talkin

nigga chill, i wasnt talkin to u!
did u see your name anywhere?
I was talkin to that bitch asian pussy fake Dj Danimal..


Hot Tape

Hot Tape

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looks good cheers!!!

looks good cheers!!!

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Kay Slay

Back From Vacation Huh?

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Have ya'll even noticed the

Have ya'll even noticed the COVER?
Look the RIAA has even KAY SLAY shook that he didnt put his name or STREETSWEEPERS on the front. LMAO
Plus go check out and tell me if u see any MIXTAPEs. The only way u can see is if u search for summin.

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Yo check up, the intro and listenn what Kay Slay says about this mixtape war thing!

What i've tellin ya fools all this time..

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Thanks Boy This Shit Is Crazy!!!

kay slay

kay slay is doin his thing, this shit is fire. free dj drama and don canon

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i hope to god nacirema dream doesnt flop cos of crap beats. 'what makes me' is a fire track by pap and if he can lift it just a lil from there he'll flame everyone the way he should
EDIT: vote for shittest track of 2007 - tony yayo 'flash dancin'

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Kay Slay

doin his thing for promo use only

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i havent been following..

...why cant kay slay put his name or streetsweepers on the cover? what happened? mixtape war?

This is Good

This is Good