Shawty Lo - Bankhead Forever (Hosted By Greg Street)


Presented by D4L & G-Unit

01 - 50 Cent (Intro)
02 - I Know (Prod By Butla Beats)
03 - Pocahontas Ft Twista Wale (Prod By Lumber Jack)
04 - Im Rich Ft Mercy (Prod By Mercy)
05 - I Do I Dont (Prod By Alex Holder)
06 - Dope Boi Ding-A-Ling Ft Jai Jai (Prod By Butla Beats)
07 - Cake Ft Future (Prod By Zaytoven)
08 - Tunnel Vision (Prod By Da Vette Boyz)
09 - I Do That Now Ft Supastar Cj Frontstreet & Mercy (Prod By Mercy)
10 - They Say Where You Been Ft Stuntman
11 - Attention Ft Tity Boy (Prod By B-Trill)
12 - Haters Ft Tony Yayo 50 Cent & Roscoe Dash
13 - Racks On Me Ft Mdc Youngthug Lil Chris & Chris (Prod By Mercy)
14 - Get Like Me Ft J Money (Prod By Walmart)
15 - Bigger Picture Ft Future (Prod By Drumma Boy)
16 - Wet (G-Mix) Ft Snoop Dogg & Jim Jones
17 - Standtall Ft Frontstreet & Stuntman (Prod By Mercy)
18 - Heavy Weight Ft Drusmith (Bonus Track)
19 - Shawty Lo (Outro)

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thumbz up

thumbz up

i fucks with lo

this will beat your trunk to death
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Southern rapper Shawty Lo

Southern rapper Shawty Lo has become the latest addition to 50 Cent's growing G-Unit roster, which already consists of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and DJ Pauly D. While the exact terms of his deal are still under wraps, Shawty said 50 was the perfect candidate to bring his talents to. "This is like something before the album, my new situation with G-Unit was just solidified and I got off the phone with 50 yesterday, I just signed a really large deal," Shawty Lo said revealing plans to drop a new mixtape called B.H.F. "It's like a new beginning and all I needed was someone behind me. 50 [Cent] is a marketing genius and I got my new thing D4L and G-Unit and we going to be working the South and the rest of the world if need be." -Shawty Lo
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I fucks with tha nigga

I fucks with tha nigga Shawty Lo, not a lyrical rapper but than again that's extremely hard to find in today's rap game without having to bring up niggas from the past like Rakim & KRS-One ~Mr. Helmick~
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The lil respect i gave him went straight down the drain after this signing.... then again i seen this coming a long time ago, 50 has been fingering his way into the south for a min, pretending to be buddies with Soulja boy and otha kids, now this signing happens..
This is a disposable signing for 50 cent i hope he aint tryin to fuck the south music scene up.. something just dont seem right, a lot of them eastcoast/northern kats been bitter ever since the take over, i remember 50 tried to sign Lil Jon, i wonder what had happened with that and Why Jon changed his mind and decided he'd rather go broke and do reality shows and co-sign a Cap company instead?
.. Yeah something is very fishy.
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Fo sho...

I remember that Lil Jon stuff, too. I hope, for the South's sake, that LO doesn't rise and try to be the face of the Southern scene with this deal... but with 50's ego behind him I can see this as a career ender...
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50 and Lo are both garbage.

50 and Lo are both garbage. Good and bad move for Lil Jon i guess.


used to fuck wit lo heavy..guess i give it a try FAMILYOVERANYTHING