September 7th Presents - One Nation

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1-Inauguration Intro (Prod. by Dae One)
2-Young Jeezy feat. Nas & Jay-Z - My President RMX
3-The Pharcyde - If I Were President
4-Richard Raw - Dear Martin, Dear Malcolm, Farewell Bush
5-Allnightaz - Election night
6-Hell Razah - Crack Baby Cradles (Prod. by Shroomz)
7-Self Scientific feat. The Game & Talib Kweli - Everywhere I Go (Prod. by DJ Khalil)
8-Marcus Elias - Obama
9-Ludacris feat. Nas & Jay-Z - I Do It For Hip Hop
10-Tha Crow feat. Akon - Neva Look Back Again
11-Inauguration Interlude 1
12-Q-Tip - Shaka
13-One-2 - Mister Obama
14-Jay-Z - History
15-Richard Raw - Change
16-Mambo Sauce - Welcome To D.C. RMX
17-Inauguration Interlude 2 (Prod. by Amplified)
18-Nas feat. David Banner - Middle Finger
19-Pifftown - Recession Proof
20-Ya Boy feat. Techniec & Quiz - I Got The Power (Prod. by Pete G.)(RMX Synth by L's)
21-Makaveli - Letter 2 The President
22-Nas Interlude
23-Nas feat. Kelis - American Way (2004)
24-The Game feat. Anthony Hamilton - Hustler's Dream
25-Snoop Dogg feat. Sly Stone - Dr. King (RMX Synth by L's)
26-DJ Ice Pick - Anti-Bush
27-Inauguration Outro (Prod. by AAA Music Group)
28-San Quinn - We The President (ONE NATION DIGITAL BONUS TRACK)
29-Kash Floz - Obama Changing (ONE NATION DIGITAL BONUS TRACK)

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u know Obama is multiculture

u know Obama is multiculture NOT BLACK and he dont support rap hes a president NOT GOD!!! NOT GANGSTER!!! HES A PRESIDENT!!! rember that
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i agree wit u

i agree wit u cuz your extremely right. obama is half black and half white. but we shouldn't care about skin color. he's the prez of a country that has the most potential for freedom in the whole world. lets hope he really brings that change that we all voted for GOD MC


WTF are you talking about. What race is multicultural?? We're all multicultural idiot!! Look up the "1 drop rule"! If you have 1 drop of black blood guess what that makes you? BLACK!! Do some research and don't get mad. Your white brethren came up with it! And who told you Obama doesn't like rap? Yeah maybe he's not boppin around to Lil Wayne or Jeezy, but he said Jay-Z is one of his favorite artists. Again, get your facts straight! Who cares if he's gangster? What now all blacks are or aspire to be gangster? Wrong again!! You only said one thing correct. He's just a president! Just one man! A BLACK MAN!!!
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Your all Brainwashed Obama is The Chosen One He works for The Bankers. He doesnt care about you Sheep And the only CHANGE comin is Fasicm..Buy Guns While still legal...INFOWARS.COM