September 7th Presents 2Pac - Eternal Legend

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1. 2Pac - Shakur Intro [02:32]
2. 2Pac - Changes RMX (Prod. by Amplified) [03:42]
3. 2Pac - Here We Go (Prod. by Dae One)(Scratches by DJ Yoshe)[03:59]
4. 2Pac - Problem Child ft. Mistah F.A.B. (Prod. by 21 The Producer)[03:23]
5. 2Pac - Remain True ft. Kurupt (Prod. by DJ Numbawun) [02:51]
6. 2Pac - When We Come 4 U ft. Paria B (Prod. by Brainiac Beats)[03:23]
7. 2Pac - Trust ft. K-Young (Prod. by DJ Numbawun) [04:04]
8. 2Pac - Compagno ft. Outlawz (Prod. by THX) [04:19]
9. 2Pac - My Mind ft. One-2 (Prod. by Komplex) [02:12]
10. 2Pac - If I Wasn't Spittin ft. Young Noble & Layzie Bone (Prod. by 21 The Producer)[02:52]
11. 2Pac - 314$ (Prod. by DJ Numbawun) [03:03]
12. 2Pac - Murderous Mindstate ft. Shawn Caliber (Prod. by Dae One)[02:33]
13. 2Pac - Down 2 Ride ft. Joe Moses & Rideout (Prod. by Kajmir)[03:34]
14. 2Pac - Tha Pac In Me ft. Mopreme & Heisman Diablo (Prod. by Focus)(Scratches by DJ Julian Ramirez)[04:19]
15. 2Pac - My Prophecy ft. Kadafi & Edi (Prod. by Dae One) [04:32]
16. 2Pac - 183rd & Walton (Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death) [05:10]
17. 2Pac - Static (Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death) [02:22]
18. 2Pac - Temor A La Muerte ft. Crooked I (Prod. by DJ Numbawun)[04:16]
19. 2Pac - Fuck Friends (Prod. by Focus)(Scratches by DJ Yoshe)[03:14]
20. 2Pac - Scream ft. Alph-A-Bit (Prod by DJ Numbawun)(Scratches by DJ Julian Ramirez)[02:30]
21. 2Pac - True N.I.G.G.A.Z. ft. Hassan (Prod. by 21 The Producer)[02:48]
22. 2Pac - Sorriso ft. Scarface & Johnny P (Prod. by Amplified)[03:51]
23. 2Pac - Nympho (Prod. by DJ Numbawun) [Bonus Track] [04:22]
24. 2Pac - Nympho RMX (Prod. by Kajmir) {Bonus Track] [02:09]
25. 2Pac - Here We Go RMX (Prod. by Amplified)(scratches by DJ YOSHE) [Bonus Track][03:00]

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Hell yeah fucking finally I

Hell yeah fucking finally I been waiting on this


I wonder if these djs ever heard the phrase.. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Shut the fuck up! ...@young_pimpin ...muthafucka

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur! (06/16/71-09/13/96?) ...@young_pimpin ...muthafucka

i downloaded this shit to quick

Fuck wit tha REAl, Ignore the LAMES, Fuck the FAKE Bout time sept. 7th came out wit somethin killa and bout time more pac is out. This gets all the hardrive on the Iphone i have left and the Ipad. This site needed this shit and so does hip hop