Scotty Boi - Scott Free (Money Driven)


Def Jam / Maybach Music Group presents in association with Orange Karma Records Scotty Boi "Scott Free: Money Driven", the official Street LP. Rick Ross protege Scotty Boi, aka "Beezy", drops his debut street album on Ross's Maybach Music Group label. The LP is also the first official effort from Scotty Boi since having been released from a 6 month bid at Broward County jail, which put a temporary halt to the South Florida trapstar's career as an emcee. But, Scotty's recent incarceration provided much of the inspiration for "Scott Free: Money Driven", which boasts an all-star list of southern rappers and producers. Features include Rick Ross, Gunplay, Torch, Magazeen, Ballgreezy, Young Breed, Billy Blue, TJ, Omega, Black Cherry, Jimmy Dade and Negled. The tape also features production from Slip-N-Slide Records producer CP Hollywood and Orange Karma Records producer MEAN DEAN. This mixtape is packed with previously unreleased & exclusive material from Scotty Boi and several Maybach Music Group & Poe Boy artists.

1. "Intro (Ross Speaks)" Produced by MEAN DEAN
2. "Rulers Of The World" Ft. Maybach Music Produced by Dynamic
3. "Bout Mine" Produced by MEAN DEAN
4. "Lights Camera Action" Produced by House of Bangers
5. "My Bitch" Ft. Magazeen Produced by MEAN DEAN
6. "Vibin" Ft. BallGreezy & Young Breed Produced by Trizo
7. "Do My Time" Produced by MEAN DEAN
8. "New Money" Ft. Rick Ross Produced by Taz
9. "On My Way" Produced by Todd
10. "Can You Handle Dat" Ft. Billy Blue Produced by MEAN DEAN
11. "Man Of The Night" Produced by MEAN DEAN
12. "I Got Mine" Ft. TJ Produced by Dynamic
13. "ItÆs In Me" Produced by Todd
14. "Have It All" Ft. Omega
15. "Pack Man" Produced by Charlie Boom
16. "Wat Dey Ask For" Young Breed Ft. Scotty Boi & Rick Ross
17. "Get Fly" Produced by CP Hollywood
18. "Nasty Girl" Ft. Black Cherry Produced By Tony Drumz
19. "Return Of The Jackboy" Produced by MEAN DEAN
20. "Supplier" Young Breed Ft. Scotty Boi
21. "We In The Streets" Ft. Jimmy Dade Produced by MEAN DEAN
22. "Bum Pase" Ft. Negled
23. "Outro (Ross Speaks)" Produced by MEAN DEAN

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artwork looks real good. This tape is crazy cant believe its a free street album.
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