Redman - Pancake & Syrup


Look for Redman's new album Reggie in stores December 7th

1. Pancake & Syrup Intro
2. Soopaman Syrup
3. Eastcoast
4. I’m Sick (Lite Up The Disco) feat. Saukrates
5. Def Jammable
6. Redman vs. Reggie Noble
7. Pancake & Syrup feat. Runt Dawg & Ready Roc
8. M.O.M.M. (Mind On My Money)
9. Feel So Good
10. Dwele feat. Redman – Feel So Good
11. Big Spendaz feat. Ready Roc
12. Haterz feat. Runt Dawg
13. I’m Straight
14. F.L.Y. (Prod. by !llmind) | Music Video
15. Keep It Real
16. Lookin’ Fly | Music Video
17. Mr. Jigsaw

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i dnt listening 2 thkese niggaz muzik but how hiii waz my shkit EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ BITCH!!!!!
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Yes sir, Dean Cain, sir....

Yes sir, Dean Cain, sir....
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what the fuck are you saying?

what the fuck are you saying?
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lmfao! co-sign
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Ima a fan of Red but he usin auto tune on alot of these joints . This made play his old shit 5/10 "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang

Yeah, the songs without

Yeah, the songs without auto-tune are alright, but wtf?
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redman always go in

redman always go in
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reggie kinda fell off

reggie kinda fell off