Real Gangster Vol 1 (Mixed By DJ Chriskillz)


01. DJ Chriskillz > Intro
02. Lil Boosie ft. Trey Songz, Webbie & Lil Phat > Bend Over
03. Maino > Be Me
04. Ja Rule > Baby
05. DG Yola > Return Of Da Truth
06. Chamillionaire > Cha Milli
07. Trae & Z-Ro > Umm Umm
08. Trae ft. DJ Khaled > So Hot
09. B.G. ft. Juvenile, Lil Wayne & Trey Songz > Ya Heard Me
10. DruFamous ft. Sean Black & Rob Lee > Shagster Swagger
11. Nycole Valentina ft. Hemisphere > Focus
12. Camar > Shawty Get Loose (Naked Hustle Remix)
13. E-40 ft. Akon > Wake It Up
14. Cassidy ft. Arab & Meek Mills > LetÆs Rumble
15. Gym Class Heroes ft. Busta Rhymes > Peace Sign Index Down
16. Naughty By Nature ft. Rene Neufville > Hip HopÆs Pain
17. Gorilla Zoe ft. Sean Kingston > On The Corner
18. Chamillionaire > Hero
19. Jae Rellz ft. Murda Mook > Extra Clips
20. Lil Swisher > DonÆt Fuck Wit Me
21. The Game > Superman
22. Porscha ft. Three 6 Mafia > Take It
23. DMX ft. Seal > I Wish
24. Ice Cube ft. Killer Mike > Pressure
25. Three 6 Mafia ft. Akon > ThatÆs Right
26. Bishop Lamont > Grow Up
27. Rick Ross > Cry
28. Young Buck > Move On
29. Trick Trick ft. Ice Cube & Lil Jon > Let It Fly
30. Styles P ft. Pharrell > Ghost

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Jericko's picture

Real Ganstasz??

Game is one of the weakest cat`s out there. He would still be undaground if it wasnt for 50. Claimin Blood all day but he`s coo wit Crips. If yu wanna scream peace why even claim a set in tha first place? Real? More like Real Fake...

are you stupid

The Game is wack your crazy he is the one man N.W.A he brought the west coast back 50 had nothing to do with his career the doctors advocate was the most sold rap album when it was put out.He trashed that whole g-unit camp and dont forget 300 bars, 360 bars, 100 bars, 100 bars freestyle, 200 bars, and 240 bars come on now who else puts in that work.He is a very respectable artist and you can just tell he dont take shots at leagends that mean he got respect for the game.Think befor you speak man.And how is he a fake blood if he got the 310 backing him and Black wall street is in the west,east,and down south enough said.
Jericko's picture

Ok i give yu dat

but look at the facts. Novermber 2006 is a long time ago. what has game done lately? I mean he only sold that many because of hype just like Kanye && 50 Cent's fake publicity stunt. "Dre, i see dead people" Be for real. && sayin that game is a one man not even gonna touch that one.

you dumb niggaz game and

you dumb niggaz game and gurilla black are the west game has put out 2 full albums LAX is his third doctors advocate sold 5 milly 5 times platinum for you fuck niggaz that dont know shit leemme tell you something cop that july 08 source and XXL 08 and get familiar you fuck niggaz

A Jery dont speak on the

A Jery dont speak on the west if u dont know what the fuc u talkin bout. red&Blue makes green u dumb fuc. U just dont know how many loc's and b doggs get down. Half the real dudes bangin in cali is family and Im from the west Eastside I.E. I dont fuc with game at all lil homie but U cant hate on dude cuz he fuc with loc's. I bet u like Jeezy and wayne punk az they both fuc with the other side. Fake az dudes.
Jericko's picture

shoulda known..

Nigga`s cant speak they mind on here w/o sombody actin hard wit a keyboard. chill tha fuck down kidd. & nah i can`t stand wayne or jeezy. (i kno yu wayne jock ridas gon say sumthin) oh & one more thing: why everything gotta be east vs. west & midwest vs. south? that shit died wit pac & biggie...

Game is that Nigga period...

Game is that Nigga period... Niggas that think different need to go do they homework!! Real Talk