Ransom - Pain & Glory 2


New Jersey Stand Up. Back in the mixtape pocket, one of New Jeru's newer jacks, RANSOM, drops that street heat on the people with his first mix joint for the A-Team/Desert Storm afficianados who've followed the kid since his days runnin' with Clue? and Budden. After Ransom's fallout with Hitchcock, and then Budden, it was rumored that Ransom signed to Clue?'s Desert Storm label officially, but then Ran went on leave from the rap game. Well the steel bar spit is back and Ran aint runnin nothing but exclusives here. Official Ransom shit.

1. (00:03:10) Ransom - Close Your Eyes
2. (00:03:53) Ransom - The Life And Times
3. (00:02:34) Ransom - Funeral
4. (00:02:40) Ransom - Speak On It
5. (00:02:04) Ransom - Opposites Attract
6. (00:04:21) Ransom - Face Off (feat. Tony Yayo & Cory Gunz)
7. (00:03:26) Ransom - Get On
8. (00:03:07) Ransom - I Got You
9. (00:04:46) Ransom - Stepping In (feat. Backwoods)
10. (00:02:53) Ransom - Big Bidness (feat. Nicki Minaj)
11. (00:03:02) Ransom - Play Ground
12. (00:01:40) Ransom - Law & Order
13. (00:01:54) Ransom - DonΓÇÖt Go
14. (00:03:45) Ransom - Hood Vision (feat. Tom Gist & Sleezo Bang)
15. (00:03:22) Ransom - Our Father
16. (00:03:42) Ransom - So Glad Your Home (feat. Jayvon)
17. (00:03:40) Ransom - Boyz In Da Hood (feat. Trae Tha Truth & Ya Boy)
18. (00:03:29) Ransom - Pain And Glory
19. (00:02:52) Ransom - Finale

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You know how long ive been waiting for this shit. For dis reallllll shit. DO U KNO HOW FUCKIN LONG MANG?!? DUFFLEBAG RAN SO HUNGRY OUT HERE. FUCK YALL COMMERCIAL NIGGAS. SIGN MY NIGGA FOR A MILLI!!!! JERSEY CITY 201

thank god!! finally new

thank god!! finally new ransom..so all u joe budden dickriders can listen 2 tha real new jersey beast!!! this nigga 10 times better than buddens & u knos it!!!


HAHAHAHAH,, you weak ass!!! Buddens crushes this shit,, no contest son!!! Joey run Jerz!!! Start hittin them rap book cause u need educated!!!

Joe Budden

I don't know why you talk about Budden when your talking about Jersey. Joe Budden is from Boston. On music note Ransom is a beast!!!! I've been waiting for some new Ransom.

from boston...


wow finally a new ransom

wow finally a new ransom mixtape this is gonna be fiya for sure keeper...

ransom plus joe budden

ransom plus joe budden divided by New Jersey equals RAP MUZIK

ransom plus joe budden

ransom plus joe budden divided by New Jersey equals RAP MUZIK

ransom is a beast, but he

ransom is a beast, but he ain't better than budden. ransom rap about the same shit damn near every song-guns and drugs. thats the difference between ransom and budden

he raps about gunsa & drugs

he raps about gunsa & drugs cuz thats what he lives everyday!! dis a real nigga right here!!!
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JERSEY top of charts. Come

JERSEY top of charts. Come to JERSEY and get your wig spilt and car jacked!!!

lol ran ain even frm jerz,

lol ran ain even frm jerz, he was born in brooklyn nyc lmao do ya research or you could jus liisten closely too "the liife and tiimes" track off of pain and glory 2.............. flabush ave all daay broooklynn............... tilden and bedford bully............!!!!!!!!

yo i aint gonna lie this

yo i aint gonna lie this dude can spit but how can u say hes real after that BUdden shit....how u gonna diss the person who put you on nd got your name on the mixtapes juss cause he put you on a track wit sum1 u didnt like...that was some pussy shit like joey sed "he had my phone number ne problems coulda called me" instead he tried dissin him to boost his own career...then after joey murked him on them 2 tracks ransom had no better come back than to say "ur gay" for like literally 5 minutes straight at the end of a track...i lost so much respect for this dude after that...Nd for you dummies that think ransom is better than budden ur retarded...nd who sed buddens from boston? i never read up on where he was born but in every song he talks about jersey not boston

he originally from N.Y., but

he originally from N.Y., but moved to jersey city( 201 ) and decided to rep jersey instead

Ransom aint quite Budden... Mixtape is FIRE though!!!!

Ransom is real rap... better than a lot of the sh*t that is comin out but he aint joe budden (joey is the illest mc in the game at the moment... wayne dick riders need to f*ck off)... this mixtape is craaaaaaaazy though, ransom went hard... but it aint quite mood muk 3!!!

Yo ,,, I been waiting a

Yo ,,, I been waiting a whole year for this shit ,,,I'm bout to bump it loud ,,, I heard this shit is in stores ?? what store I wanna cop a couple and support my nig ,,, Yung Duffle aka ,,,,, catch him dog fightin wit vic ,,,

Best in the city

DUFFLE BAG RAN!!! One of the hottest dudes out of the Tri State. Word up!


It's aiight but nothing like the original but it's good to hear another mixtape tape from the original duffle bag boy
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yo kingkilo umm joe budden

yo kingkilo umm joe budden is from jersey first born in NYC then moved to Jersey City moron what the hell are u talkin about... anyway Ransom is definitely a beast tho excited about the mixtape but definitely not better then Joe Budden, buddens is on a whole other level

my man ransom aint shit with

my man ransom aint shit with hitch....
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yeaaah baaaaaby

i had to listen to this all day, over and over, ransom is a beast, this is fire.


First let me say i dont comment on c.d.'s much but after listening to this all last night at work i gotta say im HAPPY budden got in his ass bout his lack of growth. This isnt a mixtape, not wit tracks like i got you and so glad your home. His first pain and glory was "harder" but this is proof he's been workin on his craft. If you read this ran, congrats on a good project. B.E.Z.

hell yeah

Nigga I been waiting on this shit for a billion years i hit that nigga on my space and he told me a couple weeks and that shit turned into a couple months but shit this that plummers ass all crackkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

what the fuck are guys

what the fuck are guys talking bout ransom KILLS budden! .... what the fuck who the fuck is joe budden ??? seriously

i dont know why u guys tryin

i dont know why u guys tryin to compare ransom wit joe its same shit tryin to compare big wit pac ..jay z wit nas... and the list goes on everyone its different spittin on different topics......the negativity is hella crazy on this site yall living in a illusion ....they both fire


If you think these cats aint nice, duke you need to go fish in the soulja boy pound. Ransom and Joe are crazy. this is what the industry. im sorry the world needs.

how the fuck are you duffle

how the fuck are you duffle bag ran when you never took a trip.....--joe budden

Werd Duffle Bag video and

Werd Duffle Bag video and song is crack