P. Diddy - I'm Richer Bitch (50 Cent Diss)

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you gotta love these diss tracks, 50's a fool.
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did i mis sumtin?

is that it?
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dont try diddy!!!!!!!

benny.£B£. ive herd the bomb diss I like it.its a small bit of fresh hype from 50 and it sounded like mace is OFF g-unit listen to The end when his chattin...and diddy aint a good rapper ne way he need's to stick 2 producing..and it dont matter who disses diddy he's gunna LOSE HA HA!!! BRRAAPPPPP WOT UP PPL


Seriously you have to listen to fifs diss and laugh. Diddy got nailed to the ground and I don't think it's gonna stop there. Diddy should stick to being a producer.



wat tha

c'mon diddy. we both know you havent been in a hood since biggy died.. and you are rich and respected by people like hilary duff..


e yo puff you gotta stop with this shit go in the studio and make a beat to woop 50 cent ass do your bad boy thing (50 need a diss with the man chamillionaire to distroy his fat mouth and one more thing man 50 took more shots in the face then janna jamesson man ........ god deam) hahahahah 50 cent diss with me nigga
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puff no battle cat,50th just

puff no battle cat,50th just sucks in that department www.myspace.com/king6463

hahahah....fifty is still a

hahahah....fifty is still a clown..you would think after game fu**ed all gunit up with 300 bars, he would just quit trying to beef with niggas...damn made all them niggas lay down..hahah and if fifty dissed chamillionaire..haha he would straight up get the ass whooping of a lifetime...aint enough hooks in the world that would take out chamillion in a diss...hahahahah...fifty is a str8 up snitch....like j r write said g unit should change their name to the ninja turtles b/c their leader (50) is a rat..............
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50's a clown hey there down from that 300 bars from gayme stripper foolio oh ya there losing money how much they make this week oh my fucking god only 150 million oh ya there down for the count shut your mouth before you talk it makes you look better clown ass PUNK AND f.y.i. 50 and chamill aren't beefing why you think he did a tape with whoo kid

he can make as much as he

he can make as much as he wants like the song says diddy is still richer...and i know cham and 50 don't have beef i was replyin to that other guy who said something about if 50 and cham would beef...read foo..it's not hard...g-unit is still wak... G-UNOT or should i stick with cassidy and say bitch-unit



free shyne

puff u dork if u protect shyne when he needed that not blame him he will smash 50 and the g-unot

This aint even to 50

This was on Diddy's myspace a couple months ago it's not even directed towards 50
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check ma own version of

check ma own version of diddy vs 50 on a track http://www.myspace.com/king6463

this shit aaight but i aint

this shit aaight but i aint feelin this shit as a diss fuck diddy fuck game fuck 50 dont follow do YOU da nigga wouldnt give ya a dime


ay operah should get on her talk show sayin how wack g unit r eally is...i mean they dont get enuff of thiz dissin n shyt they lyrics when it comes 2 dissin iz terrible...diddy not a rapper...so yea 50 gonna win thiz 1 "MAYB" but jus lky tha song says hes richer...which iz way tru thiz iz jusm akin g unit says go down not up,diddy tha bigger dawg he richer than tha whole g unit camp