DJ Trigga & Jay-Z - Headliners & Legends: From Street Hustler To Billionaire (The Freestyle Edition)

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1. (00:01:17) Jay-Z - Intro (Jay-Z Speaks On His Rhymes)
2. (00:00:44) Jay-Z - 911 Freestyle
3. (00:01:34) Jay-Z - A Millie Freestyle
4. (00:01:38) Jay-Z - Lebron James Freestyle
5. (00:02:42) Jay-Z - We Fly High Freestyle (Jim Jones Diss)
6. (00:01:41) Jay-Z - Pump It Up Freestyle (Joe Budden Diss)
7. (00:02:41) Jay-Z & DJ Green Lantern - ASAP Freestyle
8. (00:02:29) Jay-Z - Super Ugly Freestyle (Nas Diss)
9. (00:00:56) Jay-Z - Rap City Freestyle (Nas Diss)
10. (00:03:54) Jay-Z - Hot 97 Freestyle 2006 (Game Diss)
11. (00:02:26) Jay-Z - If Hov Can't Freestyle
12. (00:00:45) Jay-Z & 50 Cent - Reebok Freestyle
13. (00:00:44) Jay-Z - Warm It Up Freestyle
14. (00:02:12) Jay-Z - 60 Minutes Of Funk Freestyle (Classic)
15. (00:00:34) Jay-Z - In My Lifetime Freestyle (Unreleased)
16. (00:00:40) Jay-Z - Can't Knock The Hustle Freestyle (Unreleased)
17. (00:02:22) Jay-Z & DJ Clue - Back From France Freestyle
18. (00:02:19) Jay-Z - Flava In Ya Ear Freestyle
19. (00:01:29) Jay-Z & Diddy - I Shot Ya Freestyle
20. (00:02:15) Jay-Z & DJ Clue - Who Shot Ya Freestyle
21. (00:04:26) Jay-Z - Hot 97 Grammy Family Freestyle
22. (00:01:06) Jay-Z - Unreleased Freestyle
23. (00:01:17) Jay-Z - Young, Black & Gifted Freestyle
24. (00:03:05) Jay-Z - Rock Star Freestyle
25. (00:02:51) Jay-Z - Bump Bump Bump Freestyle
26. (00:02:42) Jay-Z - S. Carter Freestyle
27. (00:05:05) Jay-Z & Big L - 1995 Freestyle

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miamiheat420's picture

joe camel lookin ass nigga

tape should be called "from camel to camel with money". who wants to listen to this 40 year old clown? gay-z 's career was a wrap after joe budden went at him on pump it up, joeys verse was 1000X harder. the disses by nas and game shit on than anything jay dropped. plus camron straight bitched out jay z, that track yada yada yada he takes so many shots at jay, then jay just drops some weak subliminal shit like you got baby money .... bottom line jay would not have a career if big L was still around-- real talk-- please tell this dude to retire already!!!!
rellsworld's picture

clown ass nigga

I fuxx w/ jumpoff too but even Joe would slap u for saying some stupid shit like that. Opinions are one thing but...
miamiheat420 wrote:
the disses by nas and game shit on than anything jay dropped. plus camron straight bitched out jay z
Really??? As a matter of fact, Nas Game & Cam feel Jays dat nigga, so wat are u saying??
yeanukka's picture

get off a niggas dick you

get off a niggas dick you lame
AuToMaTiiC x 1904's picture

Face it nigga! Jay-Z waay

Face it nigga! Jay-Z waay out of his prime and needs to quit..."Get Flown OVER"


sorry to disagree but jay still that nigga


@ this whole topic.

this nigga

this nigga trippin. im a joe fan and jay may have lost a step but damn. u act like he has been straight up trash his whole career. if thats the case then something is wrong wit u