Nas - Surviving The Times (Mixed By Teddy King) (2CD)


Disc 1:

Nas - Surviving the Times
Nas - Buddah Monks
Nas - Life is like a dice game
Nas & Kool G Rap - Fast Life Vinyl Animators Remix
Nas - The Second Coming
Nas - Represent (Original Demo Version)
Nas - Understanding
Nas - Everything Is Real
Nas - Stay Schemin
Nas - IÆm A Villain
Nas - One Love (Unreleased Large Professor Remix)
Nas - Sweet Dreams (K-Def Remix)
Nas - One On One
Nas - Sinful Living
Nas - Another Day in the Projects
Nas - Mega Trifle

Disc 2:

Nas & AZ - Lifes A Bitch Remix by Teddy King
Nas - We March As Millions
Nas - Streets Disciple (Demo Version Instrumental)
Nas - Dont Hate Me Now
Nas - Talk of New York
Nas & AZ - The general, The Senator
Nas - Where Yall At
Nas - Everybody Crazy
Nas - Chizzled
Nas - The Foulness
Nas - Stillmatic Freestyle
Nas - 2006 Freestyle
Nas - Jonesin
Nas - Eastside Story
Nas - Life Gone Low
Nas - Death Anniversary
Nas & Kool G Rap - Holla Back
Nas - Made You Look (Rockwilder Remix)
Nas - It Aint Hard to Tell (the Laidback Remix)
Nas - Purple
Nas - In the Mirror
Nas w/ Lauryn Hill - It Wasnt You
Nas w/ Lake - One Never Knows
Nas - The Rise & Fall
Nas - Silent Murder
Nas w/ Rakim & Alicia Keys - Streets of New York Instrumental
Nas - Where Are They Now (90s Remix)

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Mixtape is pretty good styll.. old songs tho but its still hype, if u a nas fan then definetly DL dis tape. Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up