Hoodstrumentals Vol 2 (New York Gems)


Production from Dj Premier, Large Professor, Alchemist
Pete Rock, L.E.S., Havoc, Dj Hot Day, Uno Dos/Lake,
Molemen, A Kid Called Roots, Cormega & Much More!

01 Lakey Da Kidd - Somebody Got Shot (Instrumental)
02 Nas - Stay Chizzled(Original) (Instrumental)
03 Nas - Lifes Like A Dice Game (Instrumental)Cormega - Beautiful Mind
04 E-Moneybags - Ain't Got A Clue (Instrumental)
05 Nature - Shit Like This (Instrumental)
06 Cormega - Beautiful Mind (Instrumental)
07 Ali Vegas - Queens Anthem (Instrumental)
08 Mobb Deep - Legal Money (Instrumental)
09 Kool G Rap - Streetz Of NY (Instrumental)
10 Noreaga - Chains Out (Instrumental)
11 Hostyle Cormega - Street Conflict (Instrumental)
12 Crhyme Fam - Street Shit (Instrumental)
13 Blaq Poet - Poet Has Come (Instrumental)
14 Infamous Mobb - Mobb Niggaz (Instrumental)
15 Screwball Nature - The Blocks (Instrumental)
16 Imam T.H.U.G. N Sha Nit - Shady Biz (Instrumental)
17 Prodigy - Trials Of Love (Instrumental)
18 PHD Havoc KL - Set It (Instrumental)
19 Tragedy Capone Littles - U Make Me (Instrumental)
20 Mobb Deep - Temperatures Rising(Original) (Instrumental)

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Thanks 4 getting this up!

Thanks 4 getting this up! And to all the people checkin the tape out, check out HipHopGiant.blogspot.com for Part 1 and many more rare instrumentals.

hey man can you do me an instumental

i would love raekwon instrumentals mainly rainy dayz,i have nero 7 but i dont know how to do intrumentals wud be cool if you done classic albums especially only built for cuban linx ect peace man

check out the site man

check out the site man hiphopgiant.blogspot.com or hiphopgiant.net those instrumentals have been posted!