Maino - Still Unstoppable (Hosted By DJ Bchenk)


1. Maino - Intro
2. Maino - Machine Gun Rap
3. Maino - Biggie Is Back
4. Maino - Choppa Choppa Down (Remix)
5. Maino - Racks (Freestyle)
6. Maino - Oj Gloves
7. Maino - Anti-Freez
8. Maino - Rollin
9. Maino - Hustle Hard (Remix)
10. Maino - Welcome To My Hood
11. Maino - Lick Season
12. Maino - Faded
13. Maino - March 9Th
14. Maino - Yes Yes Yall
15. Maino - Valentines Day (Freestyle)
16. Maino-Make It Rain (Freestyle)
17. Maino - Let It Fly
18. Maino - Dime Piece
19. Maino - Ooh Aaah
20. Maino - Im About That Life

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good to download?

Maino is good,no doubt:but i'm wondering if this tape is full of old tracks (remix) or if there's some news.Did anyone listen to him?? (scuz my french) By the way the cover is arghhh "There's a war going on outside"


I hate it when ignat niggaz come in here making questions like this. You contribute nothing to this site. Go back where u came from.
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It's you who said that, damned... All yours posts are still garbage.I don't care about what you say or think (if you can think, i'm not sure).By the way,HipHop is not about where you from or who you are but what you think. ps: but please,another post from you,it's mahe me laught every time "There's a war going on outside"
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Well it's not an official release so it's just some random DJ throwing songs that have come out this past year into one tape. So you probably have 99% of this if you follow Maino's music
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i've got the answer..

ok i download the tape;if you like maino don't do the same thing....dl "There's a war going on outside"