Mac Miller - I Love Life, Thank You


01 I Love Life, Thank You (Prod. Brandun Deshay) 1
02 People Under The Stairs
03 Willie Dynamite (Prod. Big Jerm)
04 The Scoop On Heaven (Prod. 9Th Wonder)
05 Love Lost (Prod. Black Diamond)
06 Pranks 4 Players (Feat. Sir Michael Rocks) (Prod. Cardo)
07 Cold Feet (Prod. Clams Casino)
08 Family First (Feat. Talib Kweli) (Prod. Like)
09 The Miller Family Reunion (Prod. Big Jerm)
10 Boom Bap Rap (Feat. The Come Up) (Prod. Mac Miller & Big Jerm)
11 Just A Kid (Prod. E Dan)
12 All That (Feat. Bun B) (Prod. E Dan)
13 All This (Prod. E Dan)

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Wac Miller

nuf sed.
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~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~ What exactly do you like?? I been on this site for years and I only ever see you hating on artists and trying to troll in the comments, talking shit.

fuck yess! So good. Mac

fuck yess! So good. Mac Miller is my shitttt. 313 Motha Fucka

iii dunnnnooo

macs been pissin me off lately with his geico rap fuckkk i hope this is better

the most over rated dude in

the most over rated dude in rap today, wack wack wack wack... all he raps about is being a happy kid, like it was 20 years ago...dude, your still a kid.

probably the dumbest comment

probably the dumbest comment I've ever read! Why wouldn't he rap about how he feels? He expresses himself through rap. If he wants to rap about how happy he is, he can because uhh I'm pretty sure he's on a sold out world tour right now.. oh yeah and he's INDEPENDENT! So basically nobody can talk shit about this guy. 313 Motha Fucka

Your name is "Murda Mitten"

Your name is "Murda Mitten" sounds like a serial killer cat or some shit, your in no position to say anything is stupid! Go listen to your little corny white boy raps about living in the suburbs, lol..I'm gonna bump some real hip hop. Who cares about "sold out tours", Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber are on sold out tours 2, does that mean you like them? what a corn ball... lol @ Murda Mitten. go play with a balled up sock.

Murda Mitten(Detroit,

Murda Mitten(Detroit, Michigan)... You're obviously a racist. Why the fuck does it matter if hes white? What do you think is real hip hop honestly? Lil Wayne? lmao gett the fuck out of heeere. The fact of the matter is he's blowing up and has millions of fans. He does what works for him You can't hate on success especially since hes independent. I didn't say I like him because hes on tour. I like his music because I think that it's real and good music. And cornball? really? I forgot this was the 90's again. Just notice how you went straight to talking about my username rather than the actual comment.. shows ya dont know shit. 313 Motha Fucka


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Nice compilation of shit he has been leaking, plus some other stuff, solid though, Blue Slide Park should be good.

this kid is garbage just

this kid is garbage just like j cole,big sean n tyga to name a few weakass rhymes,these niggas should go rap for a church on some soft nigga shit

It's sad man, whole

It's sad man, whole generation of kids look up to these wack excuses.
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agrre except for the tyga

agrre except for the tyga part.;.................................... GOD RAP GOD PERSONA GOD SCRILLA GODBODY IN THE FLESH BITCH CALL ME GODZILLA!

kill yaself

this nigga said cole is garbage. >_> go listen to the warm up while i tie ya noose. clown. He lyrically offs all ya favorite rappers. RIP waka, gucci, oj, gudda gudda, soulja ...etc.

Jcole is garbage

Put my azz to sleep with his boring lyrics, no image having azz!

you got a long way to go

you got a long way to go before you tie my noose much less get me anywhere near it, don't forget why Florida is the GUNSHINE STATE my shit is always ready to go pistols,shotguns,or riffles lil' bitch.
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And so

A young guy who doesn't talk about hoe,fast cars,drugs or guns like so many rappers who never see one of these things, or just keep it one time in their hands..down with this little guy. i prefer heard him than heard frogy wayne and his friends. just scuz my french "There's a war going on outside"

Shut ur Gaynadian azz up!

Just cause u cant relate to the streetz dont mean niggaz is fake!
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Usually Don't Like This Cat

~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~ I usually don't like this kid, but I listened to a couple tracks on dat piff and it's worth the d/l. The beats are actually nice, and he's got some good features. He just seems like a less lyrical / less hardcore Yellawolf. Anyway, Imma hold this on my mp4, white girls love this dude.
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It's Suburban Rap.. That is all

Kiddy shit, Dude talks about throwing Hamburgers in Bitches faces and skating over to his friends to play video games among other things, he's an immature clown that has some lyrical writing skills so this is your average white skater dude that happened to listen to rap instead of Metal core, or Nintendo core shit.
I didn't know who the hell he was until this tape came out and decided to go look around to listen to his music before i comment on it thats why i aint comment earlier own.. Shit is not for me.. it's pretty corny and for this young lame and dumb, follower clone war's generation that we have here now..
I did like some of his shit but more less because he actually can flow over some nice production and kid for the most part aint hiding the fact that he is a Corny White boy from the Suburbs that only know Suburban way's and don't pretend to know the hard streets of NY... He's at least keepin it real.. But still aint for me.. if you feelin it, thats good for you, most older kats here grew up in a tough world, in a way im glad the kids don't have to go through the same shit we did but in the same breath i shole wish our blacks and Hispanic kids wouldn't have decided to be Skinny Jean, Mohawk havin, V-Neck Shirt wearin, Youth cloths shoppin Pussy bitch made Suburban Skater Fags... I don't think this was what the past generations envisioned our kids to be, we had our own fashion and style and now everybody wearin 80's Punk Cloths?


dninc wrote:
Skinny Jean, Mohawk havin, V-Neck Shirt wearin, Youth cloths shoppin Pussy bitch made Suburban Skater Fags..
Whoa dat was a long azz diss mayne.. LOL