Lil Flip - King Muzick


1. (00:00:59) - King Muzick Intro
2. (00:04:11) - King Muzick
3. (00:02:43) - Theme Song
4. (00:02:26) - Plenty Money Flow
5. (00:03:47) - Built Dis City
6. (00:04:00) - Successful
7. (00:02:20) - Im So High
8. (00:03:37) - Day N Nite
9. (00:02:39) - A Letter 2 Da Industry
10. (00:02:35) - Mad At Da South
11. (00:04:00) - Pimp
12. (00:04:02) - We Dont Beleive Fea Yung Stet
13. (00:02:32) - Misunderstood
14. (00:03:29) - Da Champ Mayweather Edition
15. (00:02:04) - Hold Dat
16. (00:05:10) - Run Dis Town Fea Rihanna
17. (00:04:08) - Cant I
18. (00:02:29) - Shit Talkin
19. (00:04:06) - Foolish
20. (00:02:31) - Respect Da King
21. (00:01:38) - I Look Good Flip Verse
22. (00:07:53) - Baller Freestyle
23. (00:00:41) - King Muzick Outro
24. (00:03:36) - Chrome Lips Ft. Lil Redd

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Screw-a-holic's picture

Im lil flip im back on the scene

haha my nigga flip droppin fire again i knew hed come back hey if you dont have it already go cope respect me bitch goes hard and also get that Number 1 Flyboy mixtape texas stand up


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A man

A man wat da fuck is dis
Yung Screw 817's picture


Not really feelin fliparacci anymore but ima give it a chance anyway and see wuts really good with this.... Ya niggaz need to find the old old Flip from when DJ Screw was still alive. Thats when Lil Flip was live.
5Star Memphiz Bitch09's picture

not to be hating but im with

not to be hating but im with you on this one lil flip is gone!!!!!! i wouldnt buy his shit this mane out like reebok's

lil flip king muzick

On the real. King muzik afer the fact that TIP is locked down. I would have respected this if Flip put it down while TI was in circulation. No Hatin. I jus feel as though Flip let his flame die by not standin up.
who cares's picture

cud neva get into flip. he

cud neva get into flip. he always had a cuple gud trax here n there but idk if i wanna waste my life dl dis
TexasRaised's picture

this boys back

been waitin for some flip ima see if its ne good hope its not to commercial
Mista-843's picture


i ain heard shit from dat nigga for a good lil min. flip is slipin. he use to be hard as fuk back in da day but idk i dont really care bout dat nigga music no more.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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Dat Nigga Flip Is Back

Overall this tape is me he used too many over recycled beats like Wayne's on that no ceilings mixtape. But it's good to see Flip puttin out some music, he's been gone for a minute but i figured he was going to do a comeback after he did a feature on Gudda's track a couple months ago

Gucci Meet Flip

You south rappers have no longevity. I thought Flip was the worse when I heard him. Then came Gucci. Gucci will be done in a year too. The problem is the south is getting worse not better. How bad will the next one be.
chop76's picture

How can you even compare

How can you even compare Gucci and flip?? there nothing alike at all, but its cool I know how haters work and Gucci is your motivation, so you bring every southern rapper down to Guccis level. And Gucci is doing something right hes on tracks with 50 cent and the Game in the past week. But theres more southern rappers that are lyrical than "Gimmic rappers". I would have to compare Tony Yayo to every northern rapper to hate like you
dninc's picture

You Come back now YA HEA!

I See ya ass made to this tape, and all the other southern artist tapes yet you talkin shit, you no different than the Snow Birds that flock down south from Snow storms and shit, end up stayin and then talk up ya former cities and talk down on the city (in the south) you currently live in, YET! You all refuse to leave those FL, La, Ga, VA, Tx Cities, ya'll nigga's sound stupid as hell with that shit, if you not into southern Artist, how come you make yo fuck ass over to the tapes?
Your so against The South yet look where you just posted?
C'mon now you on here because you know what has taken over the game and has Clamped down hard on the game and it's an unstoppable force!.. Nigga's in other parts of the US need to get through the south before they can even get heard nowadays unless they already well established like NAS, Jay Z, Diddy etc.. and most of them nigga's don't even help out other nigga's get into the game anymore
All ya'll New Talents in the Westcoast and up north is being drowned out by another new southern artist, and when they fade out a Big Southern artist release a new album or mixtape and fill in until the next new nigga come out, you aint gettin a TURN until the south let loose of it!, Get use to it or just borrow my glock and get that ear-wax outcha ears with it.
blackrome wrote:
You south rappers have no longevity. I thought Flip was the worse when I heard him. Then came Gucci. Gucci will be done in a year too. The problem is the south is getting worse not better. How bad will the next one be.
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FIRE!! I fucks with flip and

FIRE!! I fucks with flip and this tape is fire!! I dont know why yall sayin Flip been gone, this is the 3rd new cd Ive got from flip this year. Return of da #1 Flyboy and Respect Me and all three are hard. On this #5, #9, #10(something for yall northern haters), #12, #13, are the stand out tracks but the rest of the song are pretty good to
johnny7957's picture

I still fuck with Flip!!

Fuck you haters!! Flip still got Flow!!Johnny C
bole420's picture

1 flyboyy was better....

growth & development... i fuck with a lil bit of flip he been dropn tapes this his 3rd or 4th one got some good tracks on here.
dninc's picture


The Damn Tape was decent enough to get me to like it.. shit earned a 7/10 from me.. Very decent, i think people presumed this tape was garbage before they downloaded it or just already have a predetermined hatred for him and wanted us all to know.. Lil Flip is very decent on this tape..
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