Lil Flip - Flip The Scrypt (Presented By DJ Big Redd of Swishahouse)

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01. Lil Flip - B.M.F. (Blowin Money Faster)
02. Lil Flip - Power (Feat. Scooby Of Grit Boys)
03. Lil Flip - Lose Yo Mind
04. Lil Flip - Da Trill Iz Back
05. Lil Flip - Real Talk
06. Lil Flip - Hood Muzick
07. Lil Flip - Repo Man
08. Lil Flip - Look Dey Ain't Me
09. Lil Flip - Highroller's Anthem (Feat. Drake)
10. Lil Flip - Semi Or Automatic
11. Lil Flip - Show Me A Goodtime (Feat. Drake)
12. Lil Flip - Drop Texas On Ya Head (Feat. Young Problemz)
13. Lil Flip - Clover G La Familia
14. Lil Flip - Everybody Else (Feat. T-Pain & Twank Star)
15. Lil Flip - Hoe Let's Do It
16. Lil Flip - Baby Making Muzick
17. Lil Flip - H-Town State Of Mind
18. Lil Flip - Reminder
19. Lil Flip - Merry Go Round (Feat. Sureal)
20. Lil Flip - @lilflip713 (I'm On Twitter Hoe)

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let me see what this is about mann.. i used to fuck with flip back in his freestyle king days, still got that c-d. i fuck with alot of south rappers too.
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The Freestyle King!!!

This Dude Is my Nigga No Matter Wat He Still Got It In Him, If Ya'll Niggaz Gon' Come In Here And Talk Shit Bout Him Don't Waste Ya Time Cus Either Way Ya'll Kno Ya''ll Like Da Nigga Enough To Come Say Shit.S.U.C. 4 Life Screwed Up Click. [Real Recognize Real]
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Flip Gate$

Go get Lil flip's new cd "Ahead Of My Time". This mixtape is worth the D/L 7/10. Any nigga that hop on this bitch haten b4 dey listen 2 it can suck a dick. (Shake Dem Haterz Off)
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swishahouse dj big redd and

swishahouse dj big redd and flip? gotta get this!
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This Nikka Str8

His Album Was pretty Decent too, But he fasho hell Aint the Freestyle king, Cassidy is the Freestyle King!..But I'd rather Root For Flip then T.I. (THA TRUTH IS COMIN SEPTEMBER 28TH)

na bruh flip rape cassidy ne

na bruh flip rape cassidy ne day a da week bruh trill talk nigga he ain got tha freestyle kinf foe no reason mayne cassidy caint even get on his level bruh
DJ Smoke-A-Lot's picture

Freestyle Kingz S.U.C. 4 Life

If You're From Texas Then Ya Kno Flip Is One Of Da Freestyle Kings, DJ Screw Said That, And Who Da Fuck Is Cassidy?!? This Is For My H-Town Niggas Who Kno Wat Screwed Up Click Is About,and If You Aint Youre Gonna Disagree Wit Me.And Oh Yeah Gucci's Album Comes Out The Same Date As Trae's Street Album, but Trae Is Wat Ima Buy For Sure Not Gucci Mane.Even Thoe I Don't Hate Da Nigga Cus He Grindin' Like Everyone Else, Real Talk. Hataz Gon Hate Da Hu$tle. [Real Recognize Real]
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Its a mixtape,Not a Street Album

So why buy it,when it's not even set to be a retail?? its gonna drop on this site So dont bullshit me nikka, Trae Is my fav artist of all time and dont like when fake nikkas like you explaining some shit i already know..Check out that Trae Song "Hood Nights" On bitch! recognize real. (THA TRUTH IS COMIN SEPTEMBER 28TH)
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Tha Truth Has Spoken

I'ma Tell Ya Like Dis Sum Niigaz Over The Net Say Its A Album,Some Say Its A Mixtape,Some Say Its A Street Album,and its set to be a street album on the promo pic for Trae, So Das Why I Say Its A Street Album,and secon i aint gonna even waste my time talkin shit to a nigga thinkin hes hard over the internet,ive seen ya ass on every tape tellin dudes u gon get ya goons and shit, but i aint gon waste my time wit a fake nigga talkin shit bout anotha wen ya aint kno me mayne,so stay out mine bitch,and dont tell me wat to check out i herd dat already and general and cop a drop,so nigga get on my level.biggest nigga has spoken,fuck wat you say after this,like SPM said "Don't listen To Wat A Nigga Say To You Wen Dey Hate On You,cuz They Just Wanna Stab Your Back..." {Realest Recognize Da Realest]
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Im downloadin either way lol fuck buyin a CD, buy a ticket to them nigga'z shows instead, anyway Lil Flip (IS) the freestyle king fuck a Cassidy, Flip can rap over any and everything North, east, west, south beats and most of the time it make sense so he ridiculous with it, nigga's don't like his positive rap style he swung to but i like tha fact as he age his rap style age, we got nigga's in they 30's with into that sweet tart tight jean, teenie bop, pretty boy swag with a touch of trap/snap/crunk shit out now and kids think thats hip hop.
~Sig~ Nawlinz gumbo-fuse everywhere we go!, TampOrleans, AtlanOrleans, MiamOrleans, HoustOrleans, MemphOrleans, New YOrleans, Los AngelOrleans, OhiOrleans, TorontOrleans, OrlandOrleans, DallOrleans, PhillidelphOrleans. ~sig~

diz mi nigga righ hur dis

diz mi nigga righ hur dis tape go hard as fuck mayne 4 real trill talk flip aka da freestyle king nigga

ya bruh trill talk fuck

ya bruh trill talk fuck cassidy home boi cat ain even half a wut flip is boi flip would murda dat cat in a battle mayne
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im not taking no sides flip is nice i got a couple of his cds. Cassidy will str8 up murder lil flip on any beat. they have done songs together check youtube and listen FLIP cant fuck with Cassidy.*Its Easy To Hate Its Hard Being Real*
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Definitely A

Definitely A Download "BullShit Walk & Money Talks"
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whats up with flip i guess he keepn it underground these days this aite $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$