Ron Paul - If You Want Feat Freck Billionaire

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Fucking fire ass track, i fuck wit freck heavy, he's in my top 5 and this beat just took it wayyyyyyyyyy back to when mase was that dude, that harlem world cd was my shit, this was my favorite track wit DMX
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When the fuck Freck dropping a new tape?.....I'm still listening to the rich yung report.
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Indeed, Ron Paul is a great

Indeed, Ron Paul is a great democrat. He deserves to be treated with respect. The Bernanke testimony on the Federal Reserve and its role in the current state of economic affairs was hotly awaited, and anyone that knows anything about him knows that Ron Paul was waiting in the wings. The Fed and its chairman are the favorite targets of the Texan libertarian, and he pulled no punches in letting Bernanke know he wants him out of business, and running for payday loans if necessary. The Representative known as Dr. No grilled Bernanke about the fed's activities, disclosures, and interaction with the International Monetary Fund. Ron Paul is sponsor of a bill which would grant auditory power to Congress over the Federal Reserve. Vote Vote Dr Ron Paul 2012. Lets end the FEDS IRS CIA & FCC.