Lil Flip - Heartbreaker

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I fucks with Flip

Fuck all you T.I. dick riders flip still got bars. Johnny C

Gucci will

be the next Lil Flip. Two years from now nigga's will be saying Gucci Who and he won't be able to sell a damn thing. Yeah. Flip got Bars like Dr. Seuss got Rhymes. The same goes for Gucci. They should both put a sticker on there album that say's - For 4th grade reading level or lower. . Did you hear that 80% of Florida State's football and basketball players were borderline retarded. No lie. Espn beyond the lines. No wonder you retarded ass south niggas love these ABC rhymer's. Listening to Nas or Ghost must be like a class at Harvard for you retarded niggas. U must learn.
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Na nigga.

We dont listen to Nas & Ghost no more cuz we over that. Thats acient history bruh. Is sad how ya eastcoast niggaz hang on to your idols like antique furniture. Thats why ya aint makin no money, cuz ya stuck in the past bruh. Catch up niggaz cuz ya fallin behind....... AND THATS WORD TO MY MUTHA SON! ........LMAO!
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join hip hop website..stop hatin the south that shit ended with outkast in 96. alot of n.y artist take 4 years to drop. southrn niggaz got new shit every week we listen cuz the beats are hot and they on they grind thats what we do down here. not jack the same record that at least one nigga out of all 5 boroughs got on a mixtape right now. 704 all day
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So what's the verdict? Flip

So what's the verdict? Flip aint quite topped the classic The Leprechan. Worth the download?

Always worth download

real unnecessary question :-D