Lil B & Trap-A-Holics - Blue Flame

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01 - Blue Flame Produced By Lil B
02 - Rich Ho
03 - Im Heem
04 - Cold War
05 - The Trap
06 - Basedgod
07 - The Based Bible
08 - Wonton Soup
09 - Shoot A Gun
10 - Free Lil Wayne
11 - Like Me
12 - Im Burning
13 - Lifes A Bitch
14 - New Orleans Based Freestyle
15 - Im Paris Hilton
16 - Mel Gibson
17 - Princess Freestyle Pt1
18 - Blue Flame Remix
19 - Dem Basedgod
20 - Goodbye

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Lil B

Say what you want bout lil b. Gotta respect dudes hustle! dude shouldve been gone after he got stole on but anytime you put out a high volume of music you stay on! Rappers tune in!!! -NOVA- "Invest In YOUR Sound"

Dude wack. Sound like a

Dude wack. Sound like a bitch. Now he bitin Cash Money.
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lil b is the future of rap hes guna blow the fuck up hes jus that great based god #based
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Haha yall doods listen to

Haha yall doods listen to some fuckin garbage. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

Nice Mix

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this nigga is wack and so

this nigga is wack and so are his fans yeah tryna b on some cash money shit tryna do a master p cover lol

Never heard of ' em

Cover is fresh though " - Money,Pimpin and Politics"
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The cover is funny as hell

Lil b is an acquired taste I personally haven't listened to his shit for a minute now but he drops a good song every once in a while..[Gettin' Money, Niggas think I joined Illuminati]
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all yall hating on the nikka right now

but i bet yall all guna be in yall cars singing along to the nikkas muzic notice the dude's hustle 250 + songs of the future of rap
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This mix get a 1/5

Track #4 "Cold War" might be the realest shit he ever rap about. i like the hook "This is a cold war do you know what your fightin for" nice hook. Track #5 "The Trap" is nice spitin that real life shit. Out of all the songs track 4 and 5 are good. but all the other shit is wack as fuck. This nigga is at his best when he talkin about god and the ghetto. This mix get a 1/5
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Da Fuck somebody kill dis guy put any thing on mixtapetorrent T.I.P. THE BEST IN DA Game.....