Stack Bundles - My Life Is Still Like A Movie (2CD)

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2. Mr. Bakerman
3. Weatherman Pt. II ft. Bynoe, Cau2gz (RIOT SQUAD)
4. Fat Stacks
5. Make A Chic Go Oooh ft. T.W.O,JimJones,Jha Jha, Max B, Juelz Santana
6. Bring It Back
7. Patty Cake
8. Hustlers Song
9. Some Say Its Crazy
10. Take A Picture
11. Gansta Shit
12. Sucka 4 Love ft. Bynoe , Cau2gz ( RIOT SQUAD )
13. Bundles Hot Now Pt. II
14. Lyrical Assasin ft. Papoose
15. It Aint No Joke
16. Gansta Or A Snitch
17. Skool U 2 Da Game
18. Lets Get This Party Poppin
19. Whats Goin On In Da Hood
20. Nigga You Food
21. Wat Would Happen ft. Cau2gz, Joe Buddens
22. DipSet XMAS


23. Bundles- Riot Squad Tribute
24. Tell It Like It Is - Ransom Tribute
25. Rain On Em - Jr Writer / OUTRO


1. Disc 2 Intro
2. Bust My Gun Ft. Dramillz
3. Daily Dose (211 CO-SIGN)
4. Im Paid/Money In The Way Live Freestyle 1
5. Im Good
6. Bury Me In My Gucci’s Ft. Max B, Jim Jones
7. Fire Flow
8. Live Freestyle 2
9. Imaginary Players Ft. Jay-Z
10. Up In Yo Building
11. It Aint Hard 2 Tell Ft. Nas
12. Weneva In Around Ft. Max B, Noe
13. Peep Game Ft. Bynoe
14. Why Would She Ft. Rell
15. NY Minute Ft. Max B
16. Drive Slow Ft. Max B
17. Tennis
18. Your Dead
19. Live Freestyle 3 Ft. Chinx Drugz
20. Tough Talk Ft. Mel Murda, Jim Jones
21. Money Aint A Thang
22. MR. Point 5'S Ft. Young Jeezy
23. Drummer Boy
24. 15 Minutes Of Fame
25. Wife Of The Hustlers
26. Fight Musik Ft. Joe Budden
27. My Life Is Like A Movie
28. Fully Loaded Glock
29. Live By The Gun
30. Im Tellin U Ft. Riot Squad, Ransom
31. Three R'S
32. Live Freestyle 4

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Stack Bundles - My Life Is Still Like A Movie (Cover 2)

There is two covers to this mixtape


shit's straight..but i done had all of stacks old material so this is like the best of,all his tight tracks.Damn,Son mad young in that cover,still LuV.R.I.P. SQUAADD UPPPP!!!