L.E.$. - Settle 4 Le$ Vol. 2


01. Top Of My Game (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
02. Cali (prod. by June James)
03. Want It All (prod. by Mr. Rogers & Stunt N Dozier)
04. 3rd Coastin ft. Killa Kyleon & Paul Wall (prod. by Cardo)
05. Higher G-Mix ft. Jhene Aiko (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
06. Riding In Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
07. Smokin Exotic ft. Slim Thug (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
08. Candy Coated (prod. by D$F)
09. My Life (prod. by DJ Burn One)
10. Wanna Live (prod. by Cardo)
11. Gangsta ft. Boss Hogg Outlawz (prod. by Mr. Lee)
12. Get What You Give (prod. by Stunt N Dozier)
13. I’m On It (prod. by Cardo)
14. Smoke Break (prod. by Mr. Rogers)
15. Mothership ft. Bun B (prod. by GL Productions)
16. Havin Thangs (prod. by Stunt N Dozier)
17. Shut It Down ft. Chamillionaire & Slim Thug (prod. by Mr. Lee)
18. So What (prod. by Cardo)

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Automatic d/l

been waitin on some to smoke n ride to