Kochece Presents Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne - From 911 To Katrina

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1. kochece - intro
2. juelz santana - gangsta music
3. lil wayne - downfall
4. juelz santana - real talk
5. lil wayne - i gotcha
6. juelz santana - can you count suckers
7. lil wayne - brint it back
8. juelz santana and lil wayne - welcome to the concrete jungle
9. lil wayne - you gonna love me
10. juelz santana - freestyle 1
11. lil wayne - down and out
12. juelz santana - freestyle 2
13. lil wayne - nah this aint the remix
14. juelz santana - showtime
15. lil wayne - much more
16. juelz santana - no other
17. iron - time is money
18. felony (with friends) - freestyle
19. lil wayne - cannon
20. juelz santana - never scared
21. lil wayne - im a rider
22. juelz santana - blackout
23. lil wayne - i aint got time
24. juelz santana - okay okay
25. lil wayne - south music
26. juelz santana - crack
27. lil wayne - holla back
28. juelz santana - losin weight
29. lil wayne - grown man
30. blackface - welcome to the hood
31. blackface - bonus track

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REAL SICK SHIT!! http://myspace.com/blockworkmusic
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Lil Juelz / Wayne Santana

I think it's dope that these 2 keep getting paired-up on mixtapes (way better than that wack ass Juelz/Jeezy shit...). But how come they only have 1 song that's a collabo between them. Cuz these are unofficial mixtapes. Somebody with some PULL needs to REALLY get these 2 together and do a whole mixtape with both doing collabs the whole mixtape.... now THAT would be ill. ps. Weird how both of these people been fucked by George W. Good cover. myspace.com/grandangel510

i feel ya

i feel ya on that these two are a way better pair than jeulz and jeezy...shit even that weezy and jeezy crap...fuk jeezy sucked on both mixtapes...but weezy and juelz do have a mixtape where they collabo on it..it's the blow mixtape...the one that just dropped right b4 the i can't feel my face mixtape is gonna drop
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thx man........