Kochece - Cocaine Cowboys (The Reunion)

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Gas High Kochece
Put On Remix Feat Jayz
Get That Paper Sauce Money Jadakiss Busta
Coconut Juice Tyga Lil Wanye
Swing Your Bag Ti
Jadakiss Free Style
Tru Story Kochece(Produced By Mf)
Life Of The Party Rick Ross
Nothin Matters Rick Ross
Lost Grilla Zoe Lil Wanye
What Up Ti(Produced By Mf)
Hurt Ti Young Jezzy
Throw It Up Busta Lil Wanye Luscris
Got Money Remix Lil Wanye
Im Ya Husta Red Drit Rick Ross
Stilettos Remix Lee Carr Jadakiss
Out Here Grinding Akon Rick Ross Young Jezzy
Pimpin Lil Wanye
From Now Till Then Jadakiss
Girls All Round The World Remix Lloyd Lil Wanye
Stand Uo Lil Scrappy Lil Wanye

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damn, they grabbed the old

damn, they grabbed the old Bush pick from Mad Magazine

wow nothin from the coke

wow nothin from the coke kings themselves...clipse mixtape slacking
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Agreed, VA STAND UP !!!

" It is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees. " -Emiliano Zapata

like these dudes actually

like these dudes actually moved shit like the cocaine cowboys!!! please

excacly i think theymean

excacly i think theymean that theyes guys are all taking that crap... coke dealers dont rap whahah

stop shit talkin i wanna kno

stop shit talkin i wanna kno worth da download

fuckity fuck

fuck no this aint worth downloading, seeing, or even shittin on. i've already compromised profit wasting time telling you to say fuck this. fuck this.

Hot Beats....Few Hot Tracks though....

Yo, all I gotta say is that this mixtape got some hot beats and new tracks. Lil Wayne's track "Throw it Up" With Busta Bust and Luda go hard! Jada got some good tracks too, but damn, can someone tell me why are most of Jadakiss's tracks are no more then a minute or less?! Damn Jada, niggas ready for an album!

These guys probably wish

These guys probably wish they were the cocaine cowboys. They don't even come close. Even drug treatment centers all over would know this is fake. Take it from someone who's attended one.