Kingz Ink & DJ L-Gee Present Giovanni, Yung Texxus & Spark Dawg - New Mouf's Of The South

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1. (00:00:00) Giovanni - Speaks
2. (00:03:06) Giovanni, Yung Texxus & Spark Dawg - Ridiculous (New Moufs Of The South Intro)
3. (00:00:15) Yung Texxus - Speaks
4. (00:01:58) Yung Texxus - Hottest In The Hood
5. (00:00:03) Spark Dawg - Speaks
6. (00:00:45) Spark Dawg - I Go In
7. (00:03:17) Giovanni - Drop It Low
8. (00:04:11) Yung Texxus - She Ready (Feat. Ca$h & Da Block Boi)
9. (00:03:41) Spark Dawg - Best I Eva Had
10. (00:03:57) Yung Texxus - Sex Me (Feat. K.O., Sluggz & Money)
11. (00:03:05) Tum Tum - Kush (Feat. Giovanni, Lil Ronnie & Big Hoodboss)
12. (00:03:52) Yung Texxus - The Shout Out Song
13. (00:03:51) Spark Dawg - O My! (Feat. Trai D & Chalie Boy)
14. (00:03:28) Bigg Phill - 501'z (Feat. Spark Dawg, Giovanni & Yung Texxus)
15. (00:03:38) Spark Dawg - All On Me (New Moufs Of The South Remix) (Feat. Yung Texxus & Giovanni)
16. (00:02:30) Yung Texxus - Well Known Trill Nigga
17. (00:03:43) Lil Ronnie - Screech (Feat. Spark Dawg, Kb & Giovanni)
18. (00:03:02) Giovanni - Live Till 2
19. (00:03:33) Yung Texxus - See Me Shinin' (Feat. Chingo Bling & Mr. Kee)
20. (00:04:48) Young Lace - I Don't Wanna Be U (Feat. Glasses Malone, Spark Dawg & Wiz Khalifa)
21. (00:03:47) Giovanni - Drop It (Feat. Spark Dawg)
22. (00:03:35) Spark Dawg - Come On
23. (00:03:15) Spark Dawg - What Ya Life Like (Feat. Yung Texxus)
24. (00:02:41) Yung Texxus - If I Wasn't Rappin'
25. (00:02:40) Spark Dawg - Where Theres A Spark, Theres A Flame

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Sparky Be Doing It!

Don't know about the other two, but Scarface's protege makes it worth the download!
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This is pretty much..........

This is pretty much Decent, im almost willing to call it true hip hop, but there's something holding me back from that, it's still good tho.. i listened to it and i like most of the shit on here.. If this is the future of Southern hip hop i think i can live with this. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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..delete this.. was double posted.
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not bad

i just Downloaded this and i'm listening to it as i type, and its really not a bad cd. I judge the cd quality on how the cover looked and i wasn't even going to DL it ( "i know never judge a book by its cover") but we all make mistakes tho. but my old lady said DL this because she heard of Giovanni. And i must say i'm impressed with this mixtape. i'll give this cd a 8/10 well worth the DL people!!


Hot mix tape. I was late at down loading it but no regrets. Yung Texus goes hard. The other two are pretty much just there...Trill Talk.