Jim Jones Ft. Dame Dash - Kingdom Done (JAY-Z DISS)

This is a radio rip, stay tuned for CDQ

Thanks eskay

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why does JJ continue to

why does JJ continue to attempt to diss Hov?! his tracks are so worthless Jay wouldn't even think to respond. i haven't listened to this yet, but this guy needs to stop. the whole dipset is just garbage. and all you dipset lovers please don't post any comments about Cam and JJ being the kings of NY or anything like that, they're not. as for DD, he must just be mad he ain't dancing with a bottle in the Show Me What You Got video. sorry Dame, maybe JJ will let you be in his reality show.

What is he doing?!?

Jim Jones is brutal.

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Jeff Jerrett

haha this sucks

but We Fly High, ballin song is a awesome beat

and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer

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Jim Jones is complete

Jim Jones is complete GARBAGE, and who does dame think he is?

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Jay-Z is Garbage

Dipset aint Kings of NY but neither is that wannabe BIG Jay-z. Jay-Z flows are weak man he switches all BIGs lyrics around and calls himself the greatest MC gimme break bro. Atleast Dipsets style is orginal and you hear the same shit from Jay all the time. If Jay doesnt take BIGS or other rappers lyrics he brags how rich he is and he says all his altero ego names like 30x. You call that a rapper bro hes more of a hype man. Jay-z is the MOST OVERRATED RAPPER! Kool G Rap Big Daddy Kane or Rakim r Kings of NY Jay-z is garbage man.

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the last couple of rappers

the last couple of rappers you named are good, but not king status, especially now in 4th quarter 06. listen to that "Lost Ones" song posted up yesteday and tell me Hov's lyrics ain't hot. i didn't hear one BI line or braggin'. and i wouldn't call Hov the greatest MC as far as lyrics, but the greatest MC as far as taking the game for all it's worth. who in hip hop has been more successful or consistant?

Alotta Static?

Track had a whole lot of static. Anyway's, Jim Jones is Gaaaaarrrrbbbbaaaagggeeee. Dude still got that lazy ass flow and no originality. Kindergarten rhymes people. Don't really know what the hell Dame was talking but he's with Koch now so I guess it doesn't really matter. I do agree with 'em however that Jigga is washed up (please stop embarassing urself Hov). Kingdom Done = Impact None.

dipset is bad.

dipset is bad.

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R u kidding me Tupac is the most successful and consistent best rapper of all-time. Hes the only rapper that rapped about everything and everyone can relate to. He spoke on all the topics in life while every other rapper either raps about gunz drugs or in da club. Pac hasnt wrote a rhyme in 10 years and hes been sellin platinum every year. The lost ones is weak also the only jay-z that was good was when jaz-o brought him in and on Big L's da graveyard the old skool Jay-Z where he was soundin like Cam n the ol' Mase Children of the Corn was hottt!!! And Dipset is the best group out now Dipset and D-Block who else is there.

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i know i say this all the

i know i say this all the time but i hate this site now that know-nothing 12 year olds found it. if you like jim jones, cool. if not, shut the fuck up, he's stackin bread and you're taking time to download his "garbage" so quit hatin on everyone who's not mainstream MTV. Just because it didn't make it on TRL doesn't mean its not good.

dipset isnt mainstream?

dipset isnt mainstream? they might not be on mtv all the time, but their pretty fuckin mainstream in nyc. just put on hot 97, every fuckin day i have to hear that ballin song and plenty of other dipset club bangers. id say their mainstream.

takes 5 minutes to download his "garbage" and i wouldnt even waste that amount of time on it.