Killa Kyleon - Purple Punch 3


01 Killa Kyleon - Intro
02 Killa Kyleon - Drankin In The Drought
03 Killa Kyleon - 5 Star Chick
04 Killa Kyleon - Gettin To The Money
05 Killa Kyleon - I Chase Money
06 Killa Kyleon - Haters
07 Killa Kyleon - I Gotta Eat
08 Killa Kyleon - What Cha Talking Bout
09 Killa Kyleon - Time 2 Get Money
10 Killa Kyleon - Pull Out (Feat. Skrappy)
11 Killa Kyleon - Rubberband Bankrolla (Feat. Ashley Williams)
12 Killa Kyleon - I'm So Throwed
13 Killa Kyleon - What Is Yall On (Feat. Lil' Ray)
14 Killa Kyleon - Cadillac
15 Killa Kyleon - Send Me Swangin
16 Killa Kyleon - Top Notch
17 Killa Kyleon - Beat It Like A Cup
18 Killa Kyleon - Trill Btches
19 Killa Kyleon - Real Dope Boys
20 Killa Kyleon - D.O.D. (Death On Delivery)
21 Killa Kyleon - Time To Kill
22 Killa Kyleon - Hoping (Feat. Trae)
23 Killa Kyleon - Hustler Of The Year (Feat. Ashley Williams)
24 Killa Kyleon - Superstar (Feat. Ashley Williams)
25 Killa Kyleon - The Truth
26 Killa Kyleon - Born And Raised
27 Killa Kyleon - Jodeci (Feat. Lil' Ray)

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DJ Smoke-A-Lot's picture


This nigga got tha lyrics 2 speak that hood shit mayne fa real niggas been sleepin on Em,jus listen 2 volumes 1 & 2 ya'll niggas be suprised by how good he is this shit good mayne had a nigga Smokin, A Fat Blunt Full Of That Georgia Kush.


Killa doin his thang, luv it mane!
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I fux wit slim thug & Da boss hogg outlawz.... Im feelin the whole TExas Movement.... But This Syrup Shit aint wassup..... Lost to many Greats To this Shit And Nigas Still dont get the picture!!!! I guess it aint in the frame!! Real Shit!
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join hip hop website...wheres the chopped and screwed version
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4real tho!

I GOT MY STIROFOAM CUP READY, MY CANDY JUICE READY, MY OPTIMO TOO. I JUST NEED THAT SCREWED TAPE......... WZUP??? ....if anybody got the link to it get at cha boy!
bole420's picture

if its slim thugga click........

growth & development... im feeling this tape he with one of my fav rappers slim thugga this worth the D/L.....leave that store bought syrup alone and sip the real deal you feel me!!
Yung Screw 817's picture

dont get it twizted son....

You talkin to a TRILL TEXAS NIGGA my dude. Nothing but that codeine & promethazine.
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cant screw your own?
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Killer Mixtape mayne

this mixtape is killer but yo i was wondering do anyof u know that song with killa kyleon ft lil j "right here" i cant fuckin find that song anywere and its soo tight so if any one of u guys have it or if its under a different track name let me kno respect
ReAl ShIt's picture

Waiting for this for a while.

It's about time he came out with another mixtape. One of the best in the boss hogg outlaws in my opinion. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PAPER $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
dninc's picture

All the Weed Nikka'z should get in on this too

I don't fuck with the Medicine cabinet concoction in a cup bit but Nigga's that fucks with The Good weed will feel this tape too... I can't relate to the Purp in the cup deal and probably will never do that shit -again
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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and dem boyz doin work! TOUCHHHHHHHHHHDOWNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
dninc's picture

Still undefeated

Still undefeated and aint nan nigga can say we aint play nobody good, all the good teams we've demoralized them, Giants - was undefeated before we beat em, Atlanta -was on a roll before we beat em, Eagles - was on a roll before we beat em, Miami- was good before we beat em, We played Bills before they started fallin to pieces, Jets was good before we beat em, And now you can add New England -No introduction needed .. all that shit talkin is out the window now, Saints are for fuckin real.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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Finally some REAL shit to ride to Im feelin you TEXAS big ups!!!
Milwaukee Bukk's picture

A Must!!!

U Gotta Cop This!! Some Real Dirty South Lyricism!!!
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Boss Hogg

From Killa Music to Welcome To The Hood, Welcome Back To The Hood, Havin Thangz, Purple Punch, Purple Punch 2, Purple Punch 3, Swag Season.....Killa Kyleon been bringin it for years.
khromee's picture

this some fire

a man who stands for nothing will fall for anything...........not shure who dl 4 shure iv been bumpin track 13 like 20 times arredy......dl madafakaz
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Killa Too Nice

Man Killa Kyleon need to drop a debut album or at least an underground album feel me? I want to hear how he does one some originally produced beats. Not bashin the mixtape AT ALL, dis shit is bangin. I can't stop listenin to it. Hell I still bump Purple Punch Vol. 1