Kid Cudi - Dat Kid From Cleveland


1. Dj E-V - Intro
2. Daps & Pounds (DJ E-V Exclusive)
3. I Poke Her Face (ft Kanye West & Common)
4. Sky Might Fall (Prod By Kanye West) (Early Version)
5. Look Up In Da Stars (Feat. Wale) (Prod. by Breez)
6. Skit - Jerry Maguire from Cleveland
7. Rollin (Remix) (Feat. Jackie Chain)
8. She came along (feat. Sharam)
9. Super Boo
10. Welcome 2 the World (feat. Kevin Rudolf)
11. Ho' Is Short For Honey (feat. 88-Keys)
12. Skit - Foggy Glasses
13. Buggin Out 2009 (ft. Consequence)
14. Sky High (Prod. By The Kickdrums)
15. 09 Freestyle
16. Switchin Lanes
17. Higher Up
18. Takeover Freestyle
19. Can I Be
20. Ask About Me ft. Chip Tha Ripper (Prod By Rami Beatz)

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This cd is going to be sick

Instant Download

Didn't even need a track listing.
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are these...

new tracks up here or old ones.

Few New Ones

You probably won't have them all in your library, though. Got some stuff for his new album here and the collab he's doing with Chip. It's an official tape though!
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It's aiight

I'll seed it for 24 hours.. It's an alright mix.
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This is actually a refreshing new sound from someone in the Hip-Hop game. Most of the songs have already been heard but it's still a good mix. I think this dude Cudi has some solid flows and he can switch it up too. The beats are solid hip-hop 8 beats. Overall i would recommend a download here. This guy is going to be big.
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Can't wait to listen to this. Cudi's the shit

good shit...8/10...he should

good shit...8/10...he should do a song with bone thugs since he from cleveland
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seperate like siamese

yo track 8 is dece

damn this is good shit from

damn this is good shit from cudi im feeling 19... if cudi and chip did a tape together that shit would be crazy