JR Writer - CineCrack 1.5


01. JR Writer - Intro 1.5
02. JR Writer - Live From Japan
03. JR Writer - Im From Harlem Baby
04. JR Writer - Say Hi To A Hustler
05. JR Writer - Who Could Fuck Wit Me
06. JR Writer - There Aint No Hotter feat Fred Money
07. JR Writer - I Grind
08. JR Writer - The Beats On Fire
09. JR Writer - Movie
10. JR Writer - This That
11. JR Writer - We Like The Cars feat Lil Wayne
12. JR Writer - He Man
13. JR Writer - Lyrical Homicide
14. JR Writer - Work Musik
15. JR Writer - What You Call The Best
16. JR Writer - Me & My Eagle
17. JR Writer - Stand Up
18. JR Writer - Mj Tribute

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Free download!!

Free download!! A mixtape by TalentDisplay. Spread the word, hope you enjoy MORE FREE MUSIC COMING... Thanks! TALENT DISPLAY dot NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all)


didnt listen to it all yet but it goes hard as hell...this guy is very very underrated..keep this shit at the top of the page or sticky it or whatever they call it


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thee most underated rapper in HISTORY, this dude spits str8 fireeeeeeeeee, if you like good lyrics and hot beats this for you!
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nice trick

THATS WHATS UP!!! nice trick your head on somebody else body cant fool me!!
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too "new yorkish" for my taste. neway... Gay Jay put your hat back on you ugly then a muthafucca!! fakes azz BOY!
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That nigga Spits fire because he aint brush his fuckin grill in 2 months.. A rapper? he not.. Try again bitch.. self promotin asses
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Not feelin it.

I like Northern music but this is just not good.. but thats my opinion [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
toxic's picture

no thanx

never liked dip set but santana he tight some time.
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Yeah tight with the crack

Yeah tight with the crack pipe... Dipset all day!!!! skull gang needs to get skull fucked!!
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wow real talk the cowboys got a better shot at #1 than the saints and that's sayin something since T.O is in Buffalo. It's gonna be out of the Cardinals and beats Pittsburg and Baltimore
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Yes.. "SAINTS"

Not to take from the Topic, but Thats what it's all about, first it's my home town team that i was raised on, im a 12 year season Ticket holder and Saints are a good team capable of making a run for it again if the Defense hold up and everybody stay healthy, last year saints had 13 people on injury, half them people gone or claim to be healed now and you talkin about Cowboys, that team is barely holding it together now and they got one of their hardest schedules in 5 years I don't think you know too much about the game son................. And you livin in Last season man, this game is any given Sunday, only Basketball is that predictable, Cardinals aint doing nothing this year and Baltimore? Come the fuck on, Card's and Falcons surprised teams, Look around the league and see where each team made improvements in their area's of needs before you predict, it's unwise to go by last years stats or a Madden Video game son! lol.. aight back to ya'll subject. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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both of ya'll talkin crazy. First of all Baltimore isnt doin shit this year, and the Cards had a LUCKY run thats all, there 46 year old QB just had a good year but with them recievers they have I think I could be the QB of the Cards and take them in to the Playoffs lol, anyway wont happen again they wont even see the post season. And the Saints have a great team but no D, its the same thing every year, when u score 40 points a game but give up 42 your not gonna get nowhere, they have a very powerful Offence but there D is weak, now I dont know if you guys made any improvements to that D or not but the saints are nothing but a 9-7 team bro. I dont know how either of you can talk about anyone being #1 this year without mentioning the PATRIOTS, i mean I HATE THE PATS but come on wit Brady back and healthy i think the AFC shouldnt even show up for their games LOL, the Pats will make it to the superbowl im sure. As far as the cowboys, they GOT WORSE, there chemistry might have gotten better with the loss of T.O. but there skill level went WAY DOWN, who's Romo gonna throw to??? Washed up Roy Williams, Pat Clayton LOL come on now, Jason Witten will be double teamed and thats a wrap, the cowboys will finish 3rd in the NFC east. Now the team to watch out for is the Eagles, this is our year man, we have THE BEST offence line in the league with the addition of Peters & Andrews, Jackson & Macklin will be great playing oppisite of each other this year, with westbrook and McCoy in the back field its a WRAP, the NFC east is def. ours, I know were making it to the superbowl, if we can just beat the AFC team which im sure will be the Pats we will have our first ring, but this is our year, I really feel it!!!
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fucc what you talkin bout!

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Saints D got upgraded in off-season, check transactions.

Saints Nabbed a top ranked Defensive coordinator Greg Williams.. And Saints have Darren Sharper (current career interceptions leader in the NFL), that was a good grab, Jabari Greer from Buffalo was grabbed up this season too, he's a fast CB but probably need to work on his hands a lil bit thats where Greg williams step in to turn him into a Ball hawk like he do most players... Then we got Sedrick Ellis(QB MONSTER), Rod Coleman , if Jonathan Vilma Show up we can expect him to get his regular 5-8 sacks a season, then we got pressure on the outside with Charles Grant and Will Smith we been had em but they' always been good just injured every year, Lets not forget Bobby McCray who just makes his career of getting no less than 7 or more Sacks a season... I can go on and on but ya'll get the point, Saints have upgraded only the Defense in the Off-season, they know their problem and have dealt with it, if you haven't been paying attention to them it's not wise to talk about a team you know only last years info about. I myself pay attention to most of the NFL so i know about most teams dealings, i know Damn well Dallas aint gonna do shit, and as far as Patriots go they can't use a Camera this year lol.. LOL naw just kiddin, but who knows what they gonna do Brady claim to be healthy, so who knows., My concern is NFC not really AFC. So baring any injuries Saints should be a 11-5, 10-6 team this season.. Im hoping at least.. never know.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Writer Back on his Grind! Beat's on Fire.

#5 Who Could Fuck Wit Me, #7 I Grind. That's the Writer I fuck with.
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thats fucked up
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bigbizz wrote:
thats fucked up
dip set...gurl i see we got the same taste with the avatar...holla!!
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Just got done listening to this tape all the way through, and all i gots to say is THIS THE MIXTAPE OF 2009 PERIOD, i dont think anyone is fuckin wit this for the next 6 months, so this the mixtape of the YEAR fo sure!!!!!!!!!!! sticky this shit ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Track #5 is a fuckin BANGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA "The Dictionary Is The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work"


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hey yall check it

Look out for my colts..the superbowl is in indianapolis in 2012 we host that event..colts is going to be unstoppable this up coming football season