JR Writer - I Really Rap


01 Jr Writer - I Really Rap (Feat. Dave East) [Prod. By Criss Childs]
02 Jr Writer - I Can't Stay Away [Prod. By Bryant Morrison]
03 Jr Writer - 100 Percent (Feat. Don Q) [Prod. By Criss Childs]
04 Jr Writer - Extravagant [Prod. By Bryant Morrison]
05 Jr Writer - The Greatest (Feat. Fred Money)
06 Jr Writer - Grown Man Barz [Prod. By Criss Childs]
07 Jr Writer - City On Tilt (Feat. Fred Money) [Prod. By Tek Bangerz]
08 Jr Writer - Right [Prod. By Jordy Joy]
09 Jr Writer - Peso (Feat. Yurrrn) [Prod. By Criss Childs]
10 Jr Writer - Prey [Prod. By Tech Sorcery]
11 Jr Writer - Me Doe (Feat. Fred Money) [Prod. By Tek Bangerz]
12 Jr Writer - Losin' It [Prod. By Samuel Rich & Criss Childs]

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