J-Dawg - God Fearing Gangsta


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lol he looks like he didnt know they were taking a photo of him
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Better than i thought

Listen to the content and stop judgin on what you see on the cover.. if you can't get passed the cosmetics don't listen to music look into fashion, interior and exterior desgin
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So tru

This shit is decent. But can someone upload Swishahouse "The Real Shit" ???

Thats a bangin mixtape but

Thats a bangin mixtape but check out Flight Risks new video for "Dodge Them" @http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEv9FgYUclY www.flight-risk.com is the blog
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good tape

This shit fire worth a d/l the title you gotta reverse it he sayn that he fear god... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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The title is correct... "GOD FEARING GANGSTA" means a Gangsta that fears GOD D/L ALLLLLLLLREADY! Get Money Pro