Crooked I - Blueprint 2 Freestyle

HHW #21

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that shit

thsi dude is on that real hip hop hip hop weekly mixtape and listen to that is soo hot, he rips that shit up!!!....This dude may be the new king of the west coast, I can only think of a FEW good dudes like him from the west
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He's been fuckin' shit up in a good way here on the west. The only reason folks don't fuck wit him all that much is 'cause of the affiliation he had wit the post Dre Death Row Rec.
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crooked hot as fuck right now

he smashing every single beat hes on, one of my favourite rappers at the moment an intelligent rapper too - no cheesey shit keep going crooked

This guys a problem!

Best believe dat. C.O.B. Thanks 'dsgb23'. Just to let everyone know(if you don't know already), this freestyle is dedicated to the "Jena 6." A name given to six African-American students from Jena High School in Louisiana. They jumped a Caucasian student after he threatened one of the boys with a shotgun, and hung nooses in the "white tree," a tree where all the white students ate lunch. All of this because the African-American student sat under the tree one day at lunch. The six African-American students are being accused of attempted second-degree murder, while the Caucasian students involved got in-school suspension! Pretty sad. Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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check this crooked i mixtape

here the link
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fuckin sick.. thanx

crooked is fuckin insane, he fuckin tha game up. WC!