Crooked I - Hip-Hop Weekly #1-52 (Entire Collection)

Download the entire collection of hip-hop weekly here!

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The whole series in 1 torrent, got damn! Crooked I done set a trend on the west with artist's Monumental Mondays, Every 1st & 15th, got DJ's droppin' mixtapes every 7th of each month, some every week. Thanx Crook, will support your work cuz of your work ethic and skills.

crooked i is my favorite

crooked i is my favorite artist from the west coast, the mans got serious lyrical skill. download this shit

major probz on this thanks

major probz on this thanks


how big is the download



Only 295?

I was expectin at least a couple gigs on this. Great up, Mixtapetorrent/Mixfiend is really steppin up quality wise. There's always room for improvement but this is definitely the best mixtape site out there. The only thing left that i can think of, and this is knit pickin, is the tagging. I notice like half of the torrents i d/l end up having bad info. Examples: Artist name is the DJ's name, Track Name has the artists and track numbers in it. But fuck i definitely aint complainin. I just fix it before i put it on anything. JP

Thank You Thank You Thank

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You

crooked is the shit

crooked is by far the best in the west can;t wait 4 album C O B