GLC - I Aint Even On Yet (The Mixtape) (Presented By DJ Geno)


01 In the Mist
02 So Real
03 Represent The Southside
04 Ask Me Why
05 That's That Shit
06 Heaven
07 Who Got Some Gangsta Shit_
08 I Ain't Even On Yet
09 This Is It
10 My Ambitionz As A Ridah
11 By Myself
12 Rotate
13 Aid & Assist

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_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ " It is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees. " -Emiliano Zapata

Chi-Town Stand up!!

It's the ill state nigga and there aint no love in it i fuk wit glc....good download

Chi-TowN StanD Up!!!

"It's the ill state nigga and there aint no love in it" i fuks wit glc=--thanks for the download

been waitin on this

about time! i've been waitin on this shit! i just hope this shit go's hard! SYPO MANIAK 211 MAFIA~Magic D

Gangsta Music

GO GETTAZ BEN COLD. Chi City Stand The Fuck Up! GLC is 1 of the chi's Realist Gangstaz. This shit goes in the collection off G P. ALL AINT WELL! ALL IS ONE!


this is getting heavy rotation the ipod. thanks for the upload
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This Guy

This guy is underrated. This tape is Right!!!