S-Killz - Ghetto French 5


1. (00:04:01) Samat ft LIM - vraies femmes
2. (00:03:13) Weedy ft Atis & Odog Sinto - c koi les bye
3. (00:03:12) M.A.S.S ft Anacond - ouais ouais style part 3
4. (00:03:14) Dosseh ft Despo Rutti - prototype
5. (00:03:30) Revolution Urbaine ft Brasco - instinct de survie
6. (00:02:52) Sat ft 40 Cath(DIPSET) - oh my god
7. (00:04:25) Hey Marianne - Al Peco
8. (00:02:58) Meiday ft Salif Lino & Senci - nos ruelles
9. (00:02:31) Moubaraka ft Diaz - il volo(ACTIVE FORCE)
10. (00:03:27) Nysay - si si la famille
11. (00:03:02) Les Grandes Gueules - a tous les demunis
12. (00:03:49) Braquer notre Chance Feat. Blacko - Al Peco
13. (00:03:16) Krimeur ft Alpha 5.20 & Iron Sy - on peut pas s incliner
14. (00:04:04) Demi Portion - dans le but
15. (00:03:41) Khaman ft LIM & Larsen - on recrute
16. (00:02:36) K2banlieue ft Alibi Montana & Zone - la famille est grande
17. (00:02:56) Kamelancien ft Cheb Tarik - nichene-
18. (00:01:26) Busta Flex - open-
19. (00:04:18) Reacker & Yas ft Mercenaire-arbi pt 2prod djWal - - arbi pt 2prod djWal -
20. (00:03:15) Poison verbal feat N.O.G - j oublie pas -
21. (00:04:00) sous nitro - N.O.G

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have you said french ?????

men french fake hiphop i so lame and gay .even chris brown look straight compare to dat . do not download if you if you have sum self respect

man how can u say that! do

man how can u say that! do you even know french rap? listen to medine, kery james, LIM that s some good stuuf. okay ur 50 cent is fun but thats just how much he is worth. simple lyrics, 15 hot girls in the video and thats it.ur rappers are just like popstars. however its gud for the kidz.. besides that i love 2pac he s a fuckin' genius. so please if u dont like french rap go fuck urself, and dont be kind with urself, go deep jackass

Thank you finally someone

Thank you finally someone likes french rap I'm french from tha caribbean i grew up in a french territory and have that citizenship if you like french rap then i suggest Sniper LaFouine Rhoff Mafia K1 Fry Booba and others similar to these are amazing. Just cuz u cant understand the language doesnt mean they suck or are gay... these french rappers are talking bout real life and what goes on in life chris brown is gayer than this songs about love and shit like that can go suck a dick. the real shit is about life not sex or love or how much you wanna party

French rap

Is really wack, rap from Europe, not that good.. A few rappers from Sweden, Finland and Netherlands are good, no more no less!!

french rap sounds kinda gay

french rap sounds kinda gay though

hey man i speak french and

hey man i speak french and english. and yes the beats are a lil behind but the message is just as important. u dont have to like it but dont run it down man