Freddie Gibbs - F**kin' Wit Fred (Hosted By DJ Roc)


1 Bad Attitude
2 Jeezy Speaks
3 Stripes ( Run D Mc)
4 4Sho
5 There They Go
6 Cloud Of Endo
7 Sumthin New
8 Scottie Pippin
9 Let Me Ride
10 Og
11 Bass
12 Heads Of Heads
13 Kush & Leather
14 The Game
15 Lets Cruise
16 Playa Of The Century
17 Keep Fallin
18 How I Feel
19 Highway 2 Hell
21 Fallin Out Of Place

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This was unexpected Gotta

This was unexpected Gotta cop this

Im down wit Freddie Gibbs,

Im down wit Freddie Gibbs, hopefully Jeezy don't make that nigga dumb it down Gibbs is a lyrical monster

This is gibbs HOE!

This is gibbs HOE! Bout time.

F:,£&@)?n with Fred

Descent tape qualitys a bit shit Last track is a banga Not a patch on STR8 Killer though
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Gangsta shit right here hoe>

Gangsta shit right here hoe>