Folk & Stress - Outside The Box


1 Intro
2 New York Feat GZA
3 Stick Up Kidz
4 Gettin Busy
5 Heron Tracks
6 Got What I Need
7 Sam Kinison
8 Lanes Of Memory
9 You Lose Feat H2DRO
10 3rd Bass
11 Got You Open (The Water)
12 Big Horns
13 As One Feat H2DRO
14 Lear Jet
15 To Hard To Handle Feat H2DRO
16 Dont Knock It
17 Us And Us Only
18 The Maskaraid
19 Mind Tricks

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looks like some hardcore

looks like some hardcore mofos.... hahahahaha
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this is trash dont dl

this is trash dont dl

Definitely worth a listen

Okay, just cuz someone looks "Hardcore" or not, thats a reason to judge whether they can spit? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, guess herb ass catz learn to type better everyday. Let me explain, cash, nor murder have been added to the list of elements in Hip Hop, and if you don't know what the four elements are, then please, go get yourself a heepin helpin of some whack asss radio friendly cliches and stop interjecting your opinions here. This album is a really sincere best foot forward and for those with a discerning ear, it has some great takes on some classic beats, and the appearance by the GZA speaks for itself. Big Respect, Mo Fiyah, ONE>

nigga u gay... quit tryin to

nigga u gay... quit tryin to act edumacated....hahahaha...this shit is funny....takin time out yo day for me...hahaha

n vice versa

Wait I'm takin time out my day n you the one who respond back. Think you the one who funny man man. The laughs is all on you homie so take a bow. "Tell me true, who be, herb of the day!" Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!