Fly Society Presents Trademark - Da Skydiver Issue #1


01 Intro
02 Brain
03 I'm Searching
04 Gone
05 Airspace
06 Dum Diddy 09
07 Skyline (Ft. Young Roddy)
08 Welcome Me
09 Two Step
10 Set Em On Fire (Ft. Dee-Low)
11 Smoke Break (Ft. Jean Lephare)
12 T.R.A.D.E.
13 We Go On (Ft. Curren$y)
14 On & On
15 Gone Skydiving (Ft. Wiz)
16 Road To Riches (Ft. Hybrid)


yeaahhhhh!! this shit dope!!!

yeaahhhhh!! this shit dope!!!
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This Shit Is Fire

Hottest Tracks: 1-4,6-9,11,13-16. This whole mixtape is fire. Currensy and young roddy did some hot tracks wit this nigga. Watch out for Young Roddy shit to drop too.
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I aint hating, but this shit is madd corny. Dont waste your bandwidth.

all the shits dope but the

all the shits dope but the best tracks 16

dont come on here hatin

for you lames dont come on here hatin on my nigga trademark da skydiver like real talk if you dont like it,thats you keep it movin pimpin.jets.


planes in the house, motherfuck anybody else who in the house

This niggas alright rapper

This niggas alright rapper but what makes him special is that his beats remind me of the 90's cuz i dont always wanna listen to club beats & dis shit help me relax
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taylor gang or die

taylor gang or die