Florida J - Out With The Old In With The New (Hosted By Blood Raw)


1.) Intro
2.) Florida Boi (featuring Zeebo, SF Baby, Dread DBIC, Already & Gator)
3.) FLA-J Ain't Gone Let Up
4.) I Get Doe Boi (featuring Young Wine)
5.) Swag 4 Dat Ass (featuring Candyvelli)
6.) Can't Hear U (featuring Shelz)
7.) Interlude - Don't Talk.
8.) Gottem Talkin' (featuring Sir Real)
9.) Lay Me Down (featuring Big Koon & Hollywood)
10.) Interlude - Snitchin'
11.) Florida J is Throwin' Dueces
12.) Get It For Cheap (featuring Sir Real)
13.) Two and Two (featuring Tay Dizm & T-Pain)
14.) What U Do (featuring Uncle Head of Splack Pack)
15.) J. Shouts out!
16.) Forever wit' Florida J
17.) Telly Tonite (featuring 2Pistols & J-Son)
18.) What U Gonna Do (featuring Thrill Da Playa of 69 Boyz, Sir Real & L.D.)
19.) LapDance (featuring Lay-Lo, Sir Real & Uncle Head of Splack Pack)
20.) J. Speaks on Hate!
21.) Fuck Wit' Me (featuring Co-Lab)
22.) Dey Say She A G (featuring L.D., Young Wine & Keese)
23.) Interlude - Forgiveness
24.) Bend Dat Ass Ova (featuring Lil' Cash & Akon)
25.) J. Speaks on Love!
26.) Apologize (featuring Thrill Da Playa of 69 Boyz)
27.) Grand Finale (featuring Candyvelli, Sir Real, Tiger Hill / County Boyz, Drew, Dez, Skinny, E. Mackey, Young Wine, Keese, RICO and Big Fletch)
28.) Outro

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