Fabolous - Coco Loso



1. Deuces (Remix)
2. 5 Seconds
3. Hope She Cheats
4. Crazy Love
5. Champagne Life
6. Funk Flex Freestyle
7. I Aint In Love
8. Body Count
9. U Be Killing Em
10. Swagger Right
11. Light Out
12. Club Hopping
13. One Life
14. Cakes
15. Pretty Boy Swag
16. Bitches
17. Come When My Girl Come
18. Does My Thing
19. Money Money Money
20. Ciroc Freestyle

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New Fab?

Neone know if this is new?
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Nikka this shit is old!..Go

Nikka this shit is old!..Go Cop that There's no Competion 2 He Just droped like a couple months ago.
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ya i know

i got it when it dropped. "Nikka"
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Its looks New bout to DL

Its looks New bout to DL hopes up...ayye he got this name from the BET awards when diddy was callng his CIROC and pineapple juice coco loso...clever///Born Alone.Live Alone.Die Alone
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A lot of slow beats and not enough hype for my taste.

cool thx for the up

cool thx for the up

This nigga got too many names I don't like this one so I'll pass

" - Bitch I'm MC Hammah!...I'mma'bout Cream! "
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Just for the lades

Track #1 "Deuces Remix". Track #2 "5 Seconds". Track #3 "Hope She Cheats". Track #4 "Crazy Love". Track #5 "Champagne Life". Track #6 "Funk Flex Freestyle". Track #7 "I Aint In Love". Track #8 "Body Count". Track #9 "U Be Killing Em". Track #11 "Light Out". Track #16 "Bitches". Track #17 "Come When My Girl Come". Track #19 "Money Money Money". Track #20 "Ciroc Freestyle". Just for the lades 3/5