DJ Young Mase & Willie The Kid - The Prince Among Thieves


The reunion mixtape featuring Royce Da 5 9 & D12 COMING SOON!

Obie Trice's long awaited mixtape "The Giant" COMING SOON!

1 Willie Speaks
2 Chia Ching
3 Fully Loaded Clip
4 Hand On My Glock
5 Willie The Kid Interlude
6 Cockin Dem Thangs Back
7 DJ Drama Is Talking Pt 1
8 Calico Flow
9 Invisible Wounds
10 Weather Man
11 Make It Hot
12 DJ Drama Is Talking Pt 2
13 How It Goes
14 Willie Tells You What To Do
15 Lifes A Bitch
16 Bad Guy
17 Willie The Kid Interlude Pt 2
18 Pumpkin Buns
19 400 Degrees
20 Live At The Regal
21 Squeeze The Barretta
22 Pull, Cock, Pop It
23 Willie The Prince Among Thieves Interlude
24 In The Streets
25 Bust My Gun
26 Respect My Come Through
27 Willie Speaks On The Come Up
28 Real Life
29 Willie's Last Words

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he's an ok rapper...but his

he's an ok rapper...but his brother LA THA DARKMAN is one of the coldest rappers i ever heard. imma get this cuz i know LA is gonna be featured on it. and if u aint got it yet, get tha NOTORIOUS L.A.D. mixtape and u'll see what im talkin about.

Willie The Kid and LA The

Willie The Kid and LA The Darkman, both go hard, respx for this up