DJ Wreck - We Don't Fuck Wit 2Pac Pt. 2

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DJ Wreck assembles a collection of tracks & freestyles by East Coast
artists who at one time dissed Tupac - feat. Tupac disses from Jay-Z,
Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, DMX, Mobb Deep, P. Diddy, Fugees, Ja Rule...

1 - 2pac Intro
2 - A Dangerous MC (original version) - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac)
3 - Long Kiss Goodnight - Notorious B.I.G. feat. P. Diddy (dissin' 2pac)
4 - Dead or Alive pt. 1 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
5 - Brooklyn's Finest - Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' Faith)
6 - Big Momma Thang (original version) - Lil' Kim (dissin' Faith & 2pac)
7 - Phenomenon - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
8 - I Shot Ya (remix) - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
9 - Drop A Gem On 'Em - Mobb Deep (dissin' 2pac)
10 - Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac & Nas)
11 - 4321 - DMX (dissin' 2pac)
12 - DMX Freestyle (dissin' 2pac & West Coast)
13 - Ja Rule Freestyle (dissin' 2pac)
14 - Dead or Alive pt. 2 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
15 - Cowboys - Fugees (dissin' 2pac)
16 - The Score - Fugees feat. Diamond D (dissin' 2pac)
17 - LA, LA - CNN feat. Mobb Deep (dissin' West Coast)
18 - Who Shot Ya - Notorious B.I.G.
19 - BONUS: Against All Odds - 2pac (dissin' Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Puff Daddy, Nas, Stretch Armstrong & LL Cool J)

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Last Word.

Sin: I'm Not wasting my time reading all your Lies Btw guess what, The You Win Part, Was a lie aswell you gullible Bitch. [/Sarcasm] Technically 18 makes you a man? Age doesn't mean shit if you Mature like Peter fucking Pan. You forgot something hoe, The only thing behind is the Rent..Your Company doesn't even generate enough Revenue to pay for your One Bedroom Apartment, Thus meaning you are an Evicted Tenant living with your Mum. Listen..You spent all that time writing that out? I doubt whether you are smart enough to Copy and Paste the lyrics from a Site. You sure took a bitching long time to reply, Until you learn how to type with Speed, Quit Typing aswell. SUBLIME SUBLIME SUBLIME..How many times do i have to say it, Biggie can't diss. See i could turn this around and post the lyrics for Against all odds..You fake Bitches can't handle Real shit, too direct for you? Shut-the-Fuck-up. Heres another Last word to piss you off. Don't cry, Find another Domain you can persevere at. Ob-Solete, I don't think so...B.I.G was Obsolete when he was alive..though his album sells can tell you that. Not to mention Obese aswell.
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escobar2k6: You sure took a bitching long time to reply... At least it didn't take me 2 months - you fuckin' MOOK!!! BIGGIE SMALLS IS THA ILLEST!!!

Last Word, Last Word, Last Word.

WHY WERE YOU STILL HERE CHECKING THE THREAD 2 MONTHS AFTER YOU HAD THE LAST REPLY? ENOUGH SAID. He didn't have a testicle removed you gullible Bitch. It only made balls fatter, Lmao. B.I.G=Burgers instead of Guns See, Pac was Intelligent and sometimes i wish he didn't get into the rap game just so he can deal with Bitches NOT even on his level. Beef is old bitch.
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Wrong, Bitch.

What a Shame, See PACs name isn't MEANT to be an Acronym seperated by Full Stops..So its already VOID and you have NOTHING. No BITCH, It was me that lied..JUST LIKE YOU SAID, HAHA. So what exactly makes you think that wasnt a lie? You dumb bitch, look up Sarcasm in the dictionary. Haha, Me stupid? Now i can understand if Stephen Hawkings was telling me that but Sinaloa the 'Slain', LMAO. See, what you still think happened is It took me 2 months to write a reply, BUT I HAVENT EVEN BEEN A MEMBER FOR 2 FUCKING MONTHS, Punk. See, Whats the point of MILLIONS IN THE SO CALLED BANK IF YOU ARENT THERE TO FUCKING SPEND IT. LOOK HERE, I'M EVEN WRITING LIKE YOU, A DESPERATE INSECURE LOSER WHO HAS TO WRITE IN CAPSLOCK TO GET HIS POINT ACROSS. This is dumb: I GOT YOUR EMAIL, NOW THE JOKES ON YOU! No it isn't Bitch, You can't even send a Trojan without getting your Dick caught in your fly. How can i trust this Moron when he can't even turn off capslock key. I havent even got started, That was just one example of Sin the Stupid. Listen, You insecure Punk..YOU STILL HAVENT ANSWERED MY QUESTION. HOW OLD ARE YOU? or WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY? What have you got to confide? Always the Last word..Not anymore, You tedious hoe. Couldn't give up? Still reading Hip-Hop books? GOOD LUCK FINDING A JOB! Junior M.A.F.I.A Groupie, Bah you probably think thats a Complement..Oops i mean Compliment, Lmao. See, I'm hardly 'Yearning' for you reply..2 MONTHS LATER WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? You obviously don't have this topic tracked because 1) You don't know how to do that and finally, You posted your first reponse to me on a NEW ACCOUNT, So what have you to say for yourself? Day by day you waited for someone to reply..Can you believe this? 2 Months later and he is still checking Every day on what he even said himself a 'Dead' Topic which noone even looks at anymore. Like you said. You're too young to smoke, drink and listen to explicit CD's but you arent too young to have Sex with an Adult..Listen Paedo, DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPID YOU ARE? TALK ABOUT COMMON SENSE. Me? I ALWAYS HAVE THE LAST WORD!!! -- Another Lie. Do you know what CRACKS me up? Diddy dancing in a SPACE SUIT along with MASE in a BIGGIE VIDEO. Pathetic is an Overweight Bad-Boy Rapper lasting less than 3 seconds after being shot, Pac lasted 6 days and Laughed with Suge knight in their BMW, With a bullet through his Lung..And this is after being shot 5 times and leaving the hospital straight after surgery, Who is more of a man? PROSTITUE?? HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA, IS THAT EVEN A WORD? For someone who doesn't struggle with the concept of time. You might realise that I DO ACTUALLY POST AFTER 10PM but you are too Stupid to calculate the Time differences. Good luck with your Company, You can always try at being the next barnsworth. All you need to do is get Daddy a Sugar Cookie. Hey, for someone WHO picks on grammar faults..Your slow brain still hasn't picked up the spelling mistakes of TWO FUNDAMENTAL WORDS 'IS' and 'THE'...I don't think No further Comment is necessary, You dumb shit. I don't need to threaten 15 YEAR olds over the Internet just to prove How much of a Cyberpimp i am. Come on then, I'm waiting for your Email? Did i feel like a man? You really ought to stop taking my Insults.
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escobar2k6 "HOW OLD ARE YOU? or WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR COMPANY?" This isn't a dating site - you gaylord! BIGGIE SMALLS IZ THA ILLEST!!!


Just Remember this you insecure Bitch, I'm 15 and i broke your bitch ass down like a Breadstick. And also this, If it wasn't for Pac, NOONE WOULD HAVE HEARD OF BIG. Its people like you that have all PAC'S Books and all his CD's until Eminem comes along and drops Loyal to the 'Slave' game as you call it. As soon as EM brings in his gay pal Elton you suddenly refuse to buy anymore tupac related products? So you are left riding B.I.G's dick like a bicycle. So Nigga please, Don't come to me talking about Slaves when i'm White and it does not faze me AT ALL.
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escobar2k6: So Nigga please, Don't come to me talking about Slaves when i'm White and it does not faze me AT ALL. Now I see your true colours - YOU KKK bitch!!! Or maybe you in Hitler Youth? Eminem Huh? Isn't he ur Aryan brother? You just proved what everybody already knew... You are a notorious B.I.G-OT!!! Why don't you try lynching a black man and see what happens? 15-years-old right? You'd get FUCKED UP worst than 2Pac in a N.Y elevator!!! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!...(aim 4 da nuts).... BLAM! BLAM! Instead of runnin' round committing HATE CRIMES, why don't you try educating yourself?: When you played the race-card - YOU LOST. It was all fun & games at first but I won't acknowledge the words of a RACIST PIG. Ur parents must be so proud... BIGGIE SMALLZ IZ THA ILLEST.

Unlike all of you idiots...

I think it was a good idea to put this mixtape out. I'm from the West Coast myself and will always be down for it, but ayo, this is just showing what all this beef will lead up to. Learn from the past idiots. Besides, i think Tupac and BIG are way to overrated...they're dead and they're more famous than emcees that are rhyming right now..thats messed up.

Unlike all of you idiots...

I think it was a good idea to put this mixtape out. I'm from the West Coast myself and will always be down for it, but ayo, this is just showing what all this beef will lead up to. Learn from the past idiots. Besides, i think Tupac and BIG are way to overrated...they're dead and they're more famous than emcees that are rhyming right now..thats messed up.
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You right - It WAS a good idea to put this mixtape out, but I can't say I agree with the overrated Biggie and 'idiots' part. There is only one 'idiot' up in here and his name is escobar2k6. You can tell that by the way he tries to deny free-speech and makes racial slurs. R.I.P.B.I.G.

I'm waiting....

This place doesn't need Freespeech from Junior Mafia Groupies, See the only 'Idiot' DOUBLE POSTS. Like i said, You lost when you decided to argue with a 15 year old, Post all you want..because Frankly, Noone gives a shit. You are on page 4 bitch..You came this far and you still haven't told us WHY? What are you trying to prove? Insecure. How about a hint, Do something with your life. I don't even need to respond to this Bitch, While hes on cottonfields i'm getting a REAL EDUCATION. BIG TALK BIG TALK BIG TALK Stop trying to act like a Gangster over the fucking Internet, It just makes you sound Stupid. Where's the Email Sin? I'm already getting bored of waiting. And Menace, Next time you reply..You should rethink calling people idiots. Double posting just shows us how much of a Retard you are. Having the spam the 'Post comment button' because you still don't know how to work the forums you cling to like a Leech. Why do you think they are rated higher than current emcees? You are actually comparing that South shit with PAC and B.I.G? I would have been more than happy if you were to just comment on the Mixtape, but have you done that, Sin? No. You thought it would be another chance to have a go at Pac. WAY OUT OF CONTEXT with this topic, B.I.G's dead get over it already...I'M SURPRISED to even see someone other than Sin reading this. I mean calling me an Idiot when you use 'You' instead of 'You're' Right? Retard. I'm going to leave you to battle it out with Menace, You ballbag. P.S - Try not to COPY my insults, If you read my posts prior to this. I have already used the 'Castrated' Insult, Now you are on Wikipedia trying to find Alternative Vocab just to prove how much of a man you are. Listen to this, You had LOST on Page 3, When you couldn't muster the Edit button. You just couldnt get out of Denial and accept it.
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Hey Grand Wizard, Shouldn't you be at a KLAN rally right now? BIGGIE SMALLZ IZ THA ILLEST

[Sarcasm]Thats right. Better get ready[/Sarcasm]

See, you are so stupid, i now need to throw in 'Sarcasm' tags just to indicate a change. Just remember Asshat, You are a LOOSER..oops i meant Loser, if you are going to correct me, atleast correct me on a word which i have used and make sure you have the right spelling, Delusional bitch. Lets face it, This mixtape was not even worthy of being named a compilation of diss tracks. I mean come on, Lil Cease had to even admit B.I.G's later diss tracks were actually aimed at Pac! Like i've said all along..SUBLIMINAL. Bad-Boy-Bitch. Pac, THE REALEST EVER. I dont think any further comment is necessary, I'll leave you to get on with your so-called-job...
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esco you're so lame

esco you're so lame
you keep getting owned and coming back for more
I really don't care how much of an e-thug you wanna be or how much gangsta you want to stunt, just keep the N word out ya mouth.
So many of you lil kids say it and think it sounds good. Get some more melanin and try it then, maybe that will show you how bad it is.
Puttin that aside, this was a not bad tape but really, people who werent listening to hip hop when biggie and pac were making their tracks tend to adore those two rappers more than the people who were. So basically this tape is for anyone 18 and under, otherwise you arent really gonna give a crap cos to the rest of us, biggie vs. pac was just a 50 cent vs ja rule thing. Y'all just too blind to realise how rappers like 50 and Eminem jumped on the Pac/Bigz wagon to market their own shit to lil kids who started off listenin to 'Changes'.
Props to biggie, pac was good before his flow turned into making words longer over beats and now to bring in the new blood. You know you're favourite rapper lies to you so why not listen to some real shit like Mos Def, Common, Talib or Lupe. Just listen to someone who can actually rhyme and then youll get off this gangsta shit cos none of you peddle, or live off crack so it really is just your repressed teenage angst that allows you to relate to the hardcore lyrics and degradation of women that all these 'hardcore rappers' endorse.

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this mixtape is hot

I know i may be a little late, but both you guys should just agree that both Pac & Big were the best rappers. I also don't see why everybodys mad at DJ Wreck. Pac did in fact have beef with many artists and they shouldn't be mad at Wreck for that. And to be fair his first mixtape wuz called "2Pac Don't Fuck Wit You".

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Pac & Biggie,Biggie & Pac - blah,blah,blah/ra,ra,ra....
Anybody who has any knowledge or respect wouldn't even put another name next to the great B.I.G.
All you doin' is promoting a GIMMICK, just like the sellouts that make all these fake-ass collabo tracks.
understand this boy - when 2Pac's broke-ass came outta jail, his sole mission was to steal Biggies shine and because of internet spin-masters like YOU that foul mission has been accomplished.
So...Ok - you got what u wanted, Tupac has gone down in history as one of the best - even though he was inferior but u still not satisfied.
Man, if I were a Pac fan i'd be grateful - but u ain't.
me? I feel cheated that a innocent dude was murdered before his peak, for what? a fuckin' publicity stunt!?!?
even in death you liars try to shut him down and I ain't havin' that.

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i think tupac got what he

i think tupac got what he deserved?
and a good diss track 2

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kinda lame

this mixtape is kinda lame for real not because of dissing tupac you know some of these songs are whack with the exceptions of who shot ya, drop a gem on em, kick in the door and against all odds while the others are whack

Fucc dj wreck and this sorry ass mixtape!!!

like i said fucc wreck and all these gay ass fools on dis bull$hit cd. Dont ever disrespect the west coast and makaveli the don you fuccin bitch!!! Dont get caught slippin you bitch the west aint no joke.

He Deserves every single word of it

I Mean You have to be pretty dumb to fuck arownd with the westcoast and expect not to get retaliated dont forget that if he hadnt died a whole bunch of bigger rap figures was ready to fire at em an the whole Death Row Bitcha azz posse (No wonder Suge Knight split) and i mean real rappers like DMX, Jay-Z (in his good days), Lil' Kim, B.I.G., Ma$e and many more. Who was gonna stop them from eatin Pac's ass up ?! The Outlaws ?! Theyre just hoes eatin off his fame Snoop Dogg ?! Hes Just a pussy as soon as Pac died he went kissin dirty south ass for a record deal an then rode Dre's dick to sighn him and star on 2001. No wonder that all the Death Row Doggs ran like bitches when they heard the news and Dr. Dre and RBX were smart enough to escape Death Row before this shit. 2Pac was an ignorant azz nigga in many ways in his first 3 albums he was talkin bout real things but as soon as he tasted death row s money he made his songs worse and started beefin with the east for fame and even dissed Dr. Dre only because he made songs against the beef. Pathetic. So instead of makin peace 2Pac caused the biggest beef in the rap industry and payed the price - if he stayed on track and made songs like in his first three albums he would be fine but NOT famous. He is the most popular rapper because of the beef and yes, because he died. I have to say all of his albums released after 1997 are 100% FAKE so if Nas got the recodnition he deserved he would be as much famous. Sorry if I offended anybody but I had to write this and nobody is perfect and if Pac played his cards right both him and B.I.G. would be alive right now.
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good good

good mixtape cry babys



***843..S4L***Fuck dis ol

***843..S4L***Fuck dis ol clown ass nigga cum none of these niggas neva say pac name? Cuz they feared him in the physical form....
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I respect Pac as an artist and rapper, but not as a tough guy.

biitchGiit0ffM3 wrote:
***843..S4L***Fuck dis ol clown ass nigga cum none of these niggas neva say pac name? Cuz they feared him in the physical form....
Nobody was scared of Pac in the physical form. You sound retarded. He was 5'6" and weighed like 150, maybe. He had body guards and Suge Knight to make sure he never got stomped. Havent you seen any of the Tupac bios on tv or dvd? Real gangsta would punk his ass. I respect Pac as an artist and rapper, but not as a tough guy. Get up on game...