DJ Wreck - We Don't Fuck Wit 2Pac Pt. 2

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DJ Wreck assembles a collection of tracks & freestyles by East Coast
artists who at one time dissed Tupac - feat. Tupac disses from Jay-Z,
Notorious B.I.G., Lil' Kim, DMX, Mobb Deep, P. Diddy, Fugees, Ja Rule...

1 - 2pac Intro
2 - A Dangerous MC (original version) - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac)
3 - Long Kiss Goodnight - Notorious B.I.G. feat. P. Diddy (dissin' 2pac)
4 - Dead or Alive pt. 1 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
5 - Brooklyn's Finest - Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' Faith)
6 - Big Momma Thang (original version) - Lil' Kim (dissin' Faith & 2pac)
7 - Phenomenon - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
8 - I Shot Ya (remix) - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac)
9 - Drop A Gem On 'Em - Mobb Deep (dissin' 2pac)
10 - Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac & Nas)
11 - 4321 - DMX (dissin' 2pac)
12 - DMX Freestyle (dissin' 2pac & West Coast)
13 - Ja Rule Freestyle (dissin' 2pac)
14 - Dead or Alive pt. 2 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac)
15 - Cowboys - Fugees (dissin' 2pac)
16 - The Score - Fugees feat. Diamond D (dissin' 2pac)
17 - LA, LA - CNN feat. Mobb Deep (dissin' West Coast)
18 - Who Shot Ya - Notorious B.I.G.
19 - BONUS: Against All Odds - 2pac (dissin' Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Puff Daddy, Nas, Stretch Armstrong & LL Cool J)

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Ain't you LOSERS got anything better to do on a friday night? Go get a life... Here's something I DID find online: DEFINITION OF DING ------------------- ding1 (dÄ­ng) 1. To speak persistently and repetitiously. Every dictionary says what I already knew. You are a broken record that don't know when to shut the fuck up. How's that for smart?
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P-Diddy? I got about as much respect for him as I do you. He's a fake that don't even produce half the shit he's credited for. (Dre also gets props for songs that he didn't produce as well) Diddy had the million dollar lawyers and left Shyne Po with nothing. Fuck a Puff Daddy. See, Thats the difference between me and you pin-heads. You assume because I like Biggie then I must be down with Diddy too?!?! Sorry, but I don't see music as some gay little soap opera.
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fuck this

fuck this shit ther no way u can diss somebody like pac no wayy
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this DJ can fuck himself 4 messing wid a legend hes jus mad cuz he is shit compaired to pac jus like ja cunt and mobb shit and same as 50 snitch 5 - Brooklyn's Finest - Jay-Z feat. Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' Faith) BIG wouldnt diss faith, wat bullshit and a fake 7 - Phenomenon - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac) Exact thing under that song below this 8 - I Shot Ya (remix) - LL Cool J (dissin' 2pac) LL Cool J is more of a homo then a rapper since he likes to lick his lips from suckin so much dick 9 - Drop A Gem On 'Em - Mobb Deep (dissin' 2pac) pac ripped mobb deep apart in his songs they can eat shit now 10 - Kick In The Door - Notorious B.I.G. (dissin' 2pac & Nas) BIG doesnt have good disses, sounds gay stick wid hit em up by pac 12 - DMX Freestyle (dissin' 2pac & West Coast) X and Pac were friends, might of been mainly west coast 13 - Ja Rule Freestyle (dissin' 2pac) tupac is ja rules role model, lol, wtf 14 - Dead or Alive pt. 2 - Jay-Z feat. Sauce Money (dissin' 2pac) not really dissing pac, but lyrics are gay 15 - Cowboys - Fugees (dissin' 2pac) Considered stupid 17 - LA, LA - CNN feat. Mobb Deep (dissin' West Coast) was mainly against westside connection over there song NY NY im not sure if its under that or spelt out all 18 - Who Shot Ya - Notorious B.I.G. (Old ass gay song) not even considered good -the tupac one is better
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Taste Your Own Shit

Sinaloa, you just got owned. Biggie was bad at dissin cuz he was to layed back. Learn to respect good rappers.
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Q: What kind of a LOSER stays in ALL WEEKEND? A: The Ding. Owned by whom? Yo' gay little school friend and his review of songs i've had for years? I WAS going to break down EVERYTHING masters said but his GAY REVIEW is so WRONG and LONG-WINDED that it would take too long. I mean, look at his "REVIEW" of Mobb Deep's Drop a Gem... Drop A Gem On 'Em - Mobb Deep (dissin' 2pac) pac ripped mobb deep apart in his songs they can eat shit now Those are the words of a man who is bluffing. No constuctive criticism - NOTHING. I'm willing to bet he AIN'T EVEN HEARD MOST OF THOSE SONGS. As ANYBODY can see above, I've slaughtered you like a PIG over and over again. The sad thing is, you obviously ain't got no friends or life so you got all the time to think of a good diss but no. I'd advise you to go listen to the Biggie song 'READY TO DIE' and then tell me that Biggie was 'too laid back'. He had more bass in his voice then Pac had on all his albums put together. Besides, You are PARANOID & touchy just like Pac was. Don't believe the hype bitch - Half the shit you claim to be a Pac diss ain't even that. DMX told Kurupt to "Bring your whole crew" and you don't wanna believe it! He even says "Who Shot Ya"!!! - Check it out: DMX: Who shot u?, ohhh nigga like u don't know, Stickin you for your dough, while I'm fuckin your broke ho. Now that is TEN TIMES the Pac diss compared to all your imaginary Biggie disses. Face it, the only thing Biggie ever did wrong was to be on top when the ATTENTION SEEKING 2Pac got released from Rapesville Island. Bottom line, he was JEALOUS. Any talk of "Stealing Pac's Flow" is the MOST RIDICULOUS THING I EVER HEARD!!! I DARE YOU (Again) to check out BIGGIE AT 14 YEARS OLD: HE'S WAY BETTER THAN PAC AT 14 AND HE DIDN'T GO TO NO PUSSY DRAMA/STAGE/ACTING/BALLET SCHOOL TO LEARN HOW TO RAP. Now go get some fresh air - you JACKASS.
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number 2

well i actually want to go sumwer with my life so i was revisin for my GCSE's. the reason pac got out was because suge posted his bail in return for pac signin to death row. i been diggin n u no what i found...biggie was bad boy's second choice. Establishing Bad Boy With the help of Russell Simmons, he tried to sign Tupac Shakur whom he considered the best rapper, to jump start the label. Tupac refused Bad Boy tried to sign pac to be the forerunner of bad boy..but he said they went to B.I.G. wallace was the number 2 then and hes the number 2 now

Speak facts ya haters | sinaloa Waz up |

Yo Sinaloa i fill you man i ride with biggie as well , But you know i mean i belive in the peace with biggie and pac or a hope they would squash it.Aiyo here is the real talk yo first thing first They didnt sign pac too fucking bad boy fuckaz.Puffy found out about biggie in brooklyn at a magazine and he called him.Pac was a def row label shit goin on.I belive in the peace between pac and biggie but lets just say that if i where with bigge at the time and the shit was goin on i would have been on hiz side.B.I.G 4LIFE As far as goes DJ Wreck hm.. i guess its even considering you havin other dj`s putting up hit em up mixtapes and all that bullshit.


Comment from DJ Wreck on realeasing The Mixtape | Read | DJ Wreck's Statement: “The 2Pac CD was not a personal diss. It was to prove a point, and that was that some of todays artist try to exploit and profit off of 2Pac, by doing songs by taking his beats or taking old accapellas. And they shout him out, etc. But back in the day, those same catz was dissin him, and only changed their view because they did not want to loose fans or they wanted to gain fans. I got the idea from a Snoop interview which he said the same thing, all of these catz rushing to get a 2PAC accapella, but back in the day 2Pac didnt mess wit u, and wouldnt do a song wit u if he were alive. That's like Suge shouting out Biggie. Also, the cd shows, that Pac was not just crazy and just dissin catz, which some people believe. Some songs on this CD are unreleased, and u would not know that that artist ever dissed Pac. Especially young boys, they do not even know what was really going on back then. People today are trying to reshape history, but I just retold history how it really was. PT 1 to the Fuck U series was a Best of 2Pac called "2Pac don't fuck wit U!" So basically I gave both sides of the issue. But this CD, and which is stated on the CD, this CD is "THE CD YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER DOESN'T WANT U TO HEAR! So therefore do hard Pac fans still feel the same way about Lil Kim, Jay Z (which that song was done after he died), DMX, etc! So in conclusion, I know hardcore Pac fans may be upset. I personally didnot diss Pac, the artists did, eventhough I still like those artist. But, I think some artist still diss him, by shouting him out and exploiting the power of having a Pac verse. Personally all I want to hear is a original Pac songs or remade Pac songs. But on the flipside, people who do not like Pac would like the cd too, and everyone is not a hard Pac fan and will not take it hard. But when the next someone says "Lil Kim never dissed Pac", u can say "Yes she Did, listen!" It is a CD to have cause it is history! “
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Ai yo! Finally, somebody that don't buy into the 2Pac spin machine. I warn you though, be prepared to hear whining like you never heard before. Also, Don't bother asking the 2Pac-Fan-Club any questions because they don't know shit. I set them a test LAST WEEK and they still too dumb to respond in an adult fashion. The constant ducking of questions & immaturity of the insults, make it obvious that we are dealing with CHILDREN. Good Luck! R.I.P B.I.G
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He lost a nut for saying no! Click-Clack BLAM!!! Besides, I already told you that I got NO LOVE for P Diddy. If you too stupid to remember that, then I pity your parents when they see that you failed yo' exams! Seeing as I've been out all weekend, I got ya'll a gift. Behold - A picture of DR.DRE in FULL MAKE-UP!!! NICE.
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Taken from a pro-2Pac site: Tupac formed the group Thug Life with, Mopreme, Rated R, Big Syke and Macadoshis. A album was released in 1994 called Thug Life Vol 1. It had the hit singles "How long will they mourn me" and " Pour out a little liqour". Originally The NOTORIOUS B.I.G was GOING to be in the group. But INSTEAD he went to BAD BOY. So that's the REAL REASON behind all the beef? Biggie THUMBED HIS NOSE and SNUBBED the whole concept of THUG LIFE!!! Once again, the word JEALOUSY is KEY.
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bad boy originally tried to sign pac before big...this was b4 bad boy was even known


thats weak.... if you dont like the pac, go run into a pole why would you make a cd about all of Tupac's beefs-----sad....
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THEY DIDNT TRY TOO SIGN PAC YOU BITCH ASS FAGGOT GET YO FACTS STRAIGHT U FUCKIN FAGGOT.Okay now where was i oh yeah thats right lol..Yo sinaloa i fill you personly i hate them Pac Hit Em Up pussys if biggie was alive i would had ride with him and bad boy.I dig puffy but anyway sinola the shit with pac and biggie is deep.But me personly belive in that they would have ended the beef in the end.DJ Wreck He claims that he likes 2pac?im not sure about that shit lol..but anyway the mixtape is a revenge for all them hit em up bitches.B.I.G 4LIFE fo reel the greatast.
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You like to talk about contracts huh? Check out how Mr-from-the-streets-black-panther-tupac was GROOMED for fame just like a boy band member!!! Look Bitches: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rare Fact About Tupac: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tupac was offered a record contract at the age of 13. Afeni however refused to let him sign anything at such a young age. She felt he had a lot to learn about the world before joining the music industry. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- His momma then sent him to STAGE/ACTING/BALLET/DRAMA school to hang out with rich friends like Jada Pinkett Smith/Quincy Jones daughter and polish his fake little outlaw act. I believe that I'm correct in saying that if Tupac was born white he would have been a member of the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB along with Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears & Christina Aguilera. Just like Eminem - Ya'll been fooled by a GIMMICK.
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hahahah oh ye capital "F" cos im laughin so hard...sum guy that cant spell tellin me about what a bitch i am n how he'd ride with B.I.G. n bad m8 cos u aint got no money. you can't ride cos u cant get to wer B.I.G live cos u aint got no car...or gas money. plus..why wud BIG ride with u...what can u honestly offer...anybody...i bet ur mums even disappointed in you. i dont come on to argue as often now cos i wanna do sumthin with my life...u no i dont wanna b a broke 20-30 yr old sat on a mixtape torrent website arguing with teenagers (cough sinaloa cough) THATS a bitch.
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Now I know what's wrong with you. You are sexually confused and still going through puberty. Don't worry, 2Pac was gay too: Bubble Bath BITCH - ASS Juice - 2Pac & T-Bag - Hissy Fit - FRUITY COCKtail - Ballet Pac - Gang Raped - Gay Mr.T - O.G.C.J.M - So that's why he does songs with ELTON JOHN...
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none of those show 2pac to be gay...and 2pac didn't do a song with Elton John dipshit...the people that make all this poppy pac shit did a song with Elton John. I'm sure as fuck about my sexuality u lil bitch...but now u mention gay dont forget this line let he who have no sin cast the first stone (that means u callin me gay cos u probably gay urself)
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"Ghetto Gospel," on the cd Loyal To The Game was produced by Eminem. Pac had nothing to do with it.
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Excuses, Excuses... The point is, you don't see no pictures of Biggie SEMI NAKED and you sure as shit don't hear no Biggie Smalls & Elton John song going to No.1 in the POP charts. I'd be DISGUSTED if B.I.G's moms sold out like Afeni Shakur did and granted permission for a HOMO to sing any kind of wack hook on a Biggie song. No doubt she spent the money buyin' crack rocks - AGAIN! What I find funny is that you seem to be PROUD of the fact that Eminem produced that garbage. Sorry to cuss yet another hero of yours but Eminem is a TOTAL dick. He raps about how much he hates 'faggots' then carries on like this: ELTON'S ABOUT TO BUST-A-NUT!!! - I LOVE YOU ELTON - THE 'GAY' CHAMP IS HERE! - ACTIN' TOUGH WITH ELTON ON HIS ARM (WHAT A JOKE) - MORE EVIDENCE - THE DING MONEY SHOT - God-Damn! He's ALL OVER Elton John's ass like a baby rash! Proof murdered? No way, I reckon he bodied himself after witnessing that blatant display of homosexuality.
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It's 2 on 1 and the comebacks are weaker than 2Pac's flow. Face it kids, You are too young to drink, drive or listen to explict lyrics. The only things you can legally do is smoke a cock...whoops! - I mean a cigarette and fuck a man's ass. Maybe you should both hook up?

DJ Wreck

I dont see why all yall niggas still mad yall need to read the DJ Wreck statement i was kinda of mad just a lil bit til i read it. Read it and get over it the mixtape is not that big of a deal he exposed Ja Fools punk ass Pac is his Idol. I feel what you sayin DJ Wreck
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ye i wa a lil bit pissed at first but i'm not really bothered now lol. its just this lil bitch i keep comin back to talk to. he says i avoid stuff like his test...theres 1 comment ive made over n over again n hes avoided it ova n ova again. this guys jealous of pac. sinaloa is a broke rapper that never made it n he comes on here to argue with teenagers...woah...gangsta!!!
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I'll answer ANYTHING your tiny 16 year old brain can muster. Anybody can see though ur imaginary 'comment ive made over n over again' because IT DOESN'T EXIST. The only reason i'm arguing with kids is because your parents did such a shit job of raising you right, that they allow you to listen to 'EXPLICT LYRICS' when, BY LAW - YOU AIN'T EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO OWN A 2PAC ALBUM. With parenting skills like that, it's no wonder that CHAVS are infesting the English streets like downtown sewer rats. You and the ding have been OWNED every-damn-time. THE TEST has beaten you ALL ENDS UP and now you are clearly BITTER because i've exposed your total ignorence regarding musical knowledge. I've proved without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt that you AIN'T FIT to comment on anything related to Hip-Hop. THE TEST was just a warm-up and wasn't even designed to TOTALLY BEFUDDLE YOU but it has! That is the only mistake I've made up in here - underestimating your retard-like-stupidity. I mean, C'mon! How old were you when 2PAC was in his prime or when he died? Everybody knows you were still watching Teletubbies and Barney the Dinosaur. That makes you a BANDWAGON fan bitch. Also, I got no desire to ever be a 'gangsta' but I'd rather be that than a 'LIL WANKSTA like you. How the fuck am I jealous of Pac - He's Dead / I'm Alive - Go figure. Now go ask your benefit-begging-scumbag family for your weekly pocket money you broke-ass-no-car-driving paperboy.
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Thats Pretty Fuuny

That Barney video is pretty funny lol. Good song for it ;) Just to let you know im not 16, im an adult. So dont go calling us all kids.
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If you an adult then you should know better. BIGGIE SMALLS IZ DA ILLEST.

Internet War? Turn off your capslock.

Wow, You like to talk the talk Sinaloa. Who spends 24/7 on this board debating about beef older than themselves. You might have realised it is infact you, posting the majority of comments on this topic. For what exactly, 'Whose the biggest Asshole' Trophy? You seem to be so concerned about throwing in a last couple of words in your quest for what seems to be the Largest E-Penis. Well done! You are the worlds most Notorious Internet Gangsta. Not Jealous of Pac, eh? Yet you refused to let this topic rest. Talk about Ignorence when it was infact Pac who let Biggie perform with him before the beef. Tupac 'Envy' Shakur even throwing B.I.G the spotlight now and then. As for being a 'Dick Ryder'. If i'm a dick rider, Then I'm pretty sure you are a 'Hypocrite'. No point protecting his repution, because it is plausible you have us mistaken with someone who might actually give a crap. BIG's dead/I'm Alive - Figures. As you can see, I have every reason in the world to be jealous. I like the way you tried to initiate a grammar competition with half the people on this board. While you are still throwing in 'BIGGIE SMALLS IZ DA ILLEST' Wow, Good Job we have just unveiled your disguise. Weren't you taught how to spell fundamental words such as 'If' and 'You' when you were young. While some people were 'Bashing on the keyboard' You seem to have forgotten to turn of the Caps lock key, the difference between sounding like an Asshole and a Stupid Incomprehensible Asshole. Another futile attempt by Sinaloa at sounding smart? Most likely. Yes, I can see where you are coming at now. For a 16year old drinking is illegal, True. But Statutory rape isn't? Well done Retard, the Last time i checked, A full grown man ravaging a Kids ass was illegal. Goddamn Syphillis, You are making the presence of my intellect feel almost Overwhelming. Get ready for it. Now, Press the print-screen Key. Well done, another Forum printout for you to Frame and hang on your Wall. The thought of having so many Internet Adversaries must be flattening. No really, You must love it. Seeing as you are soo intrigued by Forum debates, I assume it won't be too long before i receive a reply from you. You must enjoy making victims out of 15 Year olds such as myself. Boo Hoo Hoo, When will your balls sprout. So there it is 'Sinaloa the Slayer' As you call yourself, Very clever metaphor by the way, did you just learn about them in school? Very Nifty Indeed. Biggie iz da Illist, in your opinion. Looks like the majority believe otherwise considering Pac even sold over 75million albums and created More material than BIG could have probably done in his lifetime. I can see you also have a discerning taste for Gangsta rappers aswell, Biggie smalls? Pfft Hardly. You ought to check out Biggie and 2pac, His mum and His employer even said he was a good lad and denied that he ever sold drugs or even pocessing a firearm, And check this out, He also attended Private School, Woahh Gangsta or Pretentious Pig? I say the type to have a gun and never blazed in once. Sinaloa, it's nice to know that someone from such a 'Well educated Background' is not only as illiterate as yourself but listens to Gangsta Rap, Were you the school rebel or just the clown? I assume Biggie smalls(Very Clever Nick btw, a terrible Contradiction though, isn't it) is rolling in his grave laughing at all the Morons who fell for his act. What Pac is able to do is rap about Subjects related to the world other than just the few Club bangers about Drugs,Hoes and Guns. If you look at Deathrow's History and Bad Boy? You might see that Deathrow have ties with Inner City gangs while P Dilly and his Colon Rompers are mere Studio Gangsters. Its a Gimmick you Retard and has left you bringing an entire new elevation to the word stupid. So here it is, You do not have the last word anymore and you needed your inconspicious Balls Stomped. Thanks to your Jibberish, This counter has been easier than ever, Well done.
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Check out this DUMMY - He limps up like a cripple, 2 months late and tries to look hard - fuck outta here you punk-ass chav bitch. I know ur kind, you think 'Eyez on Me'is the best album since 'Doggystyle', have a $2 Pac T-Shirt & posters of him semi-naked all over ur walls. Face it - you worship Pac like girls do Madonna! If you were old enough to see him in concert you would have thrown ur panties on stage!!! You ain't nothing but a groupie - not interested in mic skills at all because you too busy thinkin' Pac was the black James Dean, a real tough-guy rebel - fuck outta here... If you just take time to listen and I mean really LISTEN to how weak PAC was, then you might not be so outspoken. Remember - Bishop was a charachter in a MOVIE!!! You just can't stand it when PAC gets owned so you lash out at Biggie - fuck that! Who me? a gangsta? I'm not the one who calls himself 'ESCOBAR'!!! That is ETHER bitch RIGHT THERE - you can eat the little 'Hypocrite' comment you made like you eat deathrow dicks!!! Death 'fucking' row?!?!? That was the 90's - get outta whatever time warp you livin' in!! Biggie was not a G but he still had enough street cred to have 2Pac balls shot off in a N.Y elevator!!! Click-Clak Motherfucka!!! Frank White didn't dirty his hands with little hood-rats trying to be a famous Hollywood HOE. That's how immature you are - you think Hip-Hop is a soap opera, Pac vs. Biggie, Suge vs. Diddy blah blah blah - grow up you child. Fuck Diddy and Fuck U!!! Suge ain't a gangsta - he's a snitch that should be in jail right now, as for Diddy he could drowned next to his big-ass boat for all I care! Grow up young buck! All you goons try to say Biggie only rapped about: Drugs, Hoes and Guns. Yep, he's the one who broke into hip-hop acting like a fake black panther, with songs like Brenda got a crack baby & I get around!!! Club songs? Pac songs get played at kids parties - he even had a little dancin' plastic Pac in the video for "what U won't do"!! It's an old insult but it's still the best: ur hero - 2PAC flowed like this: "Dear momma can you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me, And fuck peace, cause the streets got our baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabies." If you can't tell that is caveman rapping then you a bigger tool than I thought!!! That's why they keep remixing Pac's rhymes - they still trying to fill the bars!!! Another thing, Why do only the BIGGEST internet gays always try to point out spelling mistakes?!? oh yeah ur homo - I forgot! Fuck it, i'll stoop to your pathetic level: you can't spell the words: REPUTATION/SYPHILIS/POSSESSING/INCONSPICUOUS/GIBBERISH AND THE BEST OF ALL TIME: IGNORANCE!!! OR IN UR DEMENTED WORLD: IGNORENCE!!! Ether, Ether, Motherfuckin' ETHER!!! You basically failed with every big word you tried to spell - I feel sorry for ur mother!!! what a waste...I'm laughing at you because everyone can see it took u 2 months to write that bullshit!!! overwhelming intellect??? I don't think so boy. Now that is what I call stupidity!!! Sentence-a-day was it? Ha! Ha! that's almost as stupid as bringing up the word RAPE - I believe it's you that supports the convicted rapist i.e. Tupac and you know he got fucked in Rikers too right? Haha! Never mind what school Biggie went to - he sure as shit didn't go to a FAME SCHOOL like 2Pac - you remember that show? Oh yeah you only 15 - you weren't born then were you? You gotta be a baby-soft-privileged-pussey to be Quincy Jones's daughter's boyfriend & Jada Pinkett Smith's best friend - oooooo scary gangsta!!! TUPAC WAS AN ACTOR - HE TOOK ACTING LESSONS ALL HIS LIFE - so it must be YOU that falls for 'the act'! You say I got "a discerning taste for Gangsta rappers" What?!? You properly got a 'THUG LIFE' tattoo on ur bitch-ass belly like PAC did!!! Thug Life? Hello? I don't think it was B.I.G trying to be something he ain't - he ain't the New York MC that was the West Coast poster boy!!! now that was THE real fake shit!!! Biggie also didn't attack a crip on the night of his death & didn't walk around wearing all red like the fake-ass blood Pac was trying to be!!! 75 million sales? all that means is there are 75 million fuckin' idiots in this world and ur one of 'em!!! RECOGNIZE THIS CHUMP: Pac ain't eeeeeeever done a album, as good as 'Ready to Die' and that is final - you can whine, piss & moan all you want but that is a fact. If you only a 15 year old runt, then you far from an expert on anything, maybe when ur hormones settle down you will understand that the older generation was actually around when pac was in his prime - where were you? play school? fuck outta here... why don't you run along and go download the 25 Pac mixtapes on this site and look close at the comments, no wait - STUDY THAT SHIT because you won't see me running my mouth tryin' to ruin the fun for fucko's like you - that's the difference between me and all you little HATERS - I'll let you have ur fun but you begrudge me mine - this was a tape for the people that don't want to hear the constant PAC tapes that come out ever other day. like it or not the tracks here are Hip-Hop history. Did I cry like you when "Hit'em up" came out? NO. because I knew that Biggie would murder him on the mic - you are insecure, always trying to prove something to others. Well you can add to the Pac Propaganda that's all over the net but I don't care - I KNOW that Biggie was a better MC than PAC when he was a 17 year old kid freestylin' in Bedstuy: I know u too young to fuck, drink, smoke, drive or actually buy 'Parental Advisory' Hip-Hop albums but try to be fuckin' adults about this. Props to DJ wreck, he has exposed you bitter, childish 2Pac fans as the girly-men-pop-chart-bitches that you are!!! Bottom line: If you prefer Pac to Big - you don't know Hip-Hop from a dick in ur ass! Speaking of which why don't you go get an AIDS test like Janet made Pac do!!! You'll NEVER have the last word around these parts - This domain belongs to fans of BIGGIE/JAY-Z/MOBBDEEP ect ect...NOT a bunch of west coast cry-babies!!! BIGGIE SMALLS IZ DA MOTHERFUCKIN' ILLEST!!! WHUT?

Check out this Asshole, He is still here checking for replies.

Still here?, What a shame, maybe if you had taken out the Sin in your name or restrained yourself from repeating what you have said previously, We might not have known it was you. But hey, I'm a recent member..2 Months late, I just happened to join exactly the same day i replied to your post Asshole. But what Are you doing on the same thread about this time?, Thats right Waiting for someone to reply and make it the Highlight of your life, Well here it is, 2months later and you are still looking back at your old Internet Beef..Maybe you should find out what Insecure means before talking Asshole, It sure looks like you are trying to proove something right now. Good Job, Recognize this Retard. Normally people tend to make mistakes when they type at 70WPM+, I wonder, good luck in lecturing me about Spelling when you struggle with YOUR, Can you also do up your fly without getting your dick caught? Properlly..Its probably asshole. Hey Chump, It sure didn't take you long reply but hey, I underestimated you, You obviously don't have a real life or even a job yet. Time to pick up your welfare cheque. And yet, You still intrigue alot of people, I'm sure noone has seen an E-Penis that large. Oh and Check this out, So much of a Dick Rider i am, I even downloaded this mixtape..Talk about Subliminal..This shit isn't even worth the bandwidth let alone be considered a Diss track. Honestly, What the fuck is an EastCoast Dick rider meant to know about Hip hop anyway? I can name plenty of Tracks by Nas and interviews with Hip Hop legends from KRS-One and Jay-z that pay more than enough Homage to Pac. If they love his music and even took time to list their favourite tracks. I'm sure thats about all we need to listen to, Not some Deadbeat Adult who sits in his one bedroom Apart Wanking over his monitor. Hell, I'm sure most people are skeptical of your age..You sure do a good job in acting like a Pre-Schooler, Illiterate fuck. Yea i was only 5 when Pac was in his prime, But where were You? At you fucking Computer on VBB looking for Sticky Threads. Trying to create some Beef of your own? Well here's B.I.G's next album: Track listing 'Ready to die of High Cholesterol' (1)Dis 9mm I never had (2)East Coast love this shit (3)Subliminal Diss ft P Dummy (Nas and Pac diss) (4)Lets fuck this hoe(Club RMX BS) (5)Another track dissing my Wife (6)These Morons think i'm gangsta (7)Who needs to be Lyrically inclined if you gangsta like me (8)I'm running out of Material and Food (9)Only concerned about Dissing women ft Jay 'Big Lipped' Z I was laughing my Ass off, When Faith was right there protecting PIG's Reputation, Biggie cried when Tupac shot? You must be joking right, So he had enough Street Cred to Get his balls Shot off..But realized he had made a mistake and Cried? Bad boy with Street Cred is like The bible without Christ Asshole, Seeing as you are probably too stupid to operate 'Google', I have found the direct URL: Talk about Pop Rap, I didn't see Death 'Fucking' Row's Proprietor dancing in their Artists Video, Where's Diddy? Fuck the Girls, How about we put Barnsworth in the video as a Substitute. Oh Look, Mase isn't selling enough with his Gangster Image, Lets turn him into a Pop Artist. Love the space suits in mo' money mo' Problems btw...When bad boy pull of Homo shit like that it might actually be Viable. One thing, It sure suits those Fakes. Whose the 'fake' now? Biggie Talked alot of Shit, Pac had the Actions..2 Cops incited a fight with 2pac, What did he do..He blazed them and left them to recover in hospital. BIG Sold drugs?, Yea..In the fucking Pharmacy Asshole. Oh I just loved it when Biggie got shot up, The Bastard didn't even last 2 secs, Pac lasted 6 Days with one lung removed. But then again, PIG would have probably died shorty after of High Cholesterol eating one of Barnsworths Specially prepared Bacon Sandwiches. But hey, Of course Pac fans understand why Albums such as Makaveli: The don killuminati, didnt do too well with the East Coast Dick Hoppers. Was 'Against all odds' and 'Bomb First' too direct for you? Stop being a Pussy and get over it. You just prooved my point, you really are the biggest Asshole, I knew you would come back for the Last word. :) Good Job. And seeing as you have more than enough time to pick faults Grammar, Check this out, It doesn't take much brains to realise Capitals only go at the Start of the Word only, Maybe you should actually Read and learn, in the long term it requires less effort compared to copying and pasting this into Word everytime to find my typos. Keep the everlasting stream of Bullshit coming Sin, But don't expect a reply. Alot of your Gibberish is killing my Brain cells. Oh yea, And dig out the Caps lock key before you bestow more obsolete info upon us. You seem to lack alot for the Well educated Adult..But you sure don't know your Hip Hop. Rakim,Nas,Pac,KRS-One,Talib Kweli > BIG. Ready to die is not even on the same Par as Illmatic and Paid in Full. Rakim is quite clearly the Master of the Mic and BIG has nothing on him whatsoever, Hell you probably don't know who Rakim is, or you do and you are to naive to appreciate Real freestyle kings with raw Talent, damn straight he gave birth to Nas. Right, So BIG didnt use black panthers to get into the rap game? His mum even said he exaggerated about being broke in his lyrics. What a motherfucking joke. Wow Look, From 2 months to 1 Day, Looks like i'm beating my Record. Am i not allowed to call myself Escobar? Nas sure did, For your Insolence, You shouldn't even be allowed to listen to the likes of Illmatic or even attempt at paroding Ether, Chump. Doesn't affect me however, You call yourself Sinaloa the 'Slayer' Talk about Stupid. You say you are a fan of Nas, But what happened when Biggie dropped 'Kick in the door' Primarily aimed at Nas? Hell you probably had a breakdown you Broke Pussy. Thats if you even perceived it as a Diss aimed at Nas, Everyone knows that when Biggie drops Diss tracks, The shit is normally discarded or thrown onto some lame $2 Mixtape. Whats his greatest hits album going to be called? 'Something death' 'I'm gonna die'? And you talk to us about Pac Mixtapes, I'm sure that 'shit' as you call it sells more than Some Whack ass Duets album, That shit rarely leaves the shelf. I like the way they even jacked 2pac's House of pain and renamed it because they were running out of Material. Props to Hold ya Head, Why bother putting together that shit, Bob Marley must be turning in his grave. 'Who's the best/Pac,Nas and BIG' taken from Ether by Nas himself and i think most people would take his word over yours. Well here it is Sinaloa the 'Stupid', I can see how you got the idea i was trying to act all hard, You have caught me in the works..How did you do it? Yet you sit before me, a lonely 20+ Year old man, still yet to accomplish anything but a flawless win in a Cybergame of Beef with a 15yr old? Unfortunately, Even that is unlikely. Operating a Browser is a challenge in itself for someone such as yourself. Quit Computers altogether while you are behind. Why the fuck do you think Pac reached #12 on the Black Icon list. Wanna know where Biggie Smalls Reached? Thats right #83 right next to the guy who sticks his cock in his Ass every day, P diddy. Why? because his tracks are about exactly the same subject..Honestly its a suprise this joke made it on the list. He couldn't talk about Thug life because the Joke never had it tough, he was too busy eating all the other kids food in Bed-Stuy. Everything you have said has just shown how much you Dick Ride Brooklyn & NYC Rappers. You compare Papoose to 2pac? Calling Papoose a lyrical genious? Papoose even started his own Branch of Thug Life and has mentioned Pac plenty of times in interviews. 'Thugacation' My ass, Papoose is hardly a legend yet, Unsigned hype? Yes but he's still unsigned, Until he gets more than sharing a mixtape booth with Kay Slay and one track with both Nas and Talib Kweli you should stay low with the Ignorant comments. More than Half of them i deem void anyway. And btw, To all those who did send death-threats to DJ Wreck. I show no love, He even wrote a letter to the fans trying to show two sides of the story. I can see what he was trying to do and i personally don't have any objections..You guys should quit, its not like they are dissing him at this present time. Its just a mixtape compilation of Old Diss tracks.
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Hey GENIUS!!! U fucked up the spelling of IGNORANCE last time, now you back dropping the gem: 'genious' GENIOUS?!?! GENIOUS?!?! GENIOUS?!?! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! That's G-E-N-I-U-S - you fuckin' DUMMY!!! OH WAIT - there's more: escobar2k6: "Papoose is hardly a legend yet, Unsigned hype? "Yes but he's still unsigned" HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Hey Mr. Expert, why don't you take a break from ur 90's cocoon and read this: I believe that Papoose has signed with Jive - so don't you think you owe me an apology? No wait, you can save the apologies fo' yo' ugly-ass momma because in the long run - she'll be embarrassed to have a know-it-all-but-don't-know-shit wanksta for a son - I pity her... If you feel like this: escobar2k6: "And btw, To all those who did send death-threats to DJ Wreck. I show no love, He even wrote a letter to the fans trying to show two sides of the story. I can see what he was trying to do and i personally don't have any objections..You guys should quit, its not like they are dissing him at this present time. Its just a mixtape compilation of Old Diss tracks." Then why are you on here insulting the memory of Biggie? Piggie Smalls? Grow up son. You could say the same about some of the things I said about Tupac but: 1. This is a comment page for Tupac diss tracks - so it's TOTALLY in context. 2. I believe that if Pac hadn't been such a attention grabbing, big mouthed DRAMA QUEEN both him and Biggie would be alive today - I know it, you know it, the whole fuckin' world knows it. If I were you I'd also shut tha fuck up about duets man - Remember Tupac & Elton John - nuff said. See now what you doing is trying to create a false argument on my behalf to justify ur own stupidity - nice try! Anyone can see through the type of games you try to play. LOOK at what I've written - you won't see me EVER say a bad word against Rakim Allah or NaS - so what are u talking about!?!? You are one delusional little bitch! You better believe that I got Rakim & NaS albums motherfucka and because of ur age - I've KNOW i've been listening to them longer than you!!! don't you realize how silly you sound when you say things like: escobar2k6: i was only 5 when Pac was in his prime. Get off the band wagon or why don't you go downstairs and tell ur rat-faced parents that you know more about the Beatles or Rolling Stones! See, what u need to understand is, I lived during that period of history, I bought Digital Underground albums and Pac's early shit. you are just a foolish Johnny-come-latley-monday-morning-quarterback that has taken everything he knows about Hip-Hop from the Munsons that write web blogs and do silly polls. What's this? Black Icon list? Oh yeah - there's Pac the rapist right next to Michael Jackson the peado - nice. understand this: I don't give a fuck about some little 'made up by a random newspaper' list - you propaganda believing homo! for example - type: best rapper ever poll into Google and look at this shit: BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME * Tupac Shakur 27.3 Will Smith 19.6 LL Cool J 18.2 Notorious B.I.G. 11.2 Ice Cube 6.7 An idiot like you would say, "well if Ebony said it, it must be true!" I say: Fuck a poll. Right back to the silly way you try to make a point - U say (in ur retarded way) is I can't be a NaS fan because Biggie was meant to have said something bad about him in the track 'Kick in the Door'? Boo Hoo - guess what? I don't care!!! What I said about you being a SOAP OPERA FAN is sooooooo true!!! See, Disses and battles aren't life & death to me, but because Tupac was a better DRAMA QUEEN then rapper, you are programmed to think that way - sad man...VERY sad. If you look at the previous comments you will find it's ur fellow Pac fan club members that spew such garbage as "I Am was better than Illmatic" Only a complete PIN-HEAD would suggest that but at least you seem to have some sense... but then again, no doubt you'd put Pac alongside the emcee's you mentioned: Rakim,Nas,Pac,KRS-One,Talib Kweli - I wouldn't. As I said before: PAC CAN'T EVEN FILL HIS BARS!!! The only thing Pac filled was ur head with imaginary disses and the only bars you know about are full of pink neon & faggots. B.I.G was THE king of New York (and, if it's ur opinion The King of Hip-Hop) at the time Pac came out of Rikers, owing ALOT of bail money to his Deathrow PIMPS - that cannot be disputed. Any idiot can see that simple JEALOUSY was the motive behind everything PUPPET- PAC did regarding Biggie. Towards the end of the shit you wrote, anybody with eyes can see the 'NAZI-LIKE' hatred you got for Biggie. Also on display is ur IMMATURIY by making up some kind of fictional album - That was sooo gay and childlike it ain't funny in the slightest - people won't be laughing with you - only at you. See, you don't seem to understand my stance point at all (because you fruity) but here it is: I didn't think Biggie was a Gangsta - I just thought he was a dope rapper and as far as I know that's all he wanted to be himself. Pac thought he was an Rapper, Actor, Black Panther, a Thug and a Rider - so stop making things up. By no means do I think i'm super smart - i'm not, but i'm still able to ETHER you and all yo' queer little school friends ON MY OWN. You say you ain't gonna reply but as a Pac fan , you must think having a BIG MOUTH is a cool thing - I bet money that you'll be back shooting off yo' BIG MOUTH. You said: escobar2k6:"Biggie cried when Tupac shot?" For one, that doesn't make sense but we've already established you are dumb, so I'll ignore it.Biggie cried TEARS OF JOY when Pac died because it took the pressure off his nuts - it was a fuckin' relief because all Pac did was ride on biggies coattails. Speakin' of which - why don't you try thinkin' up ur own insults - CHUMP! you parrot-ass-puppet-pac-prick-eaters are like a bitter bunch of robots, who can't stand it when somebody states what every person in the world with a brain knows: BIGGIE SMALLS IZ THA ILLEST!!! Be a man of ur word and let's see if you can stay away - you 'lil snitch!!!

Dude run a spell check

Dude run a spell check before you even question me. Genius, Its immaturity. Right, How long did it take you to write that out? Talk aload of shit. You know more than Faith, BIGs wife? Lmao what a joke. You were on hiphopgame looking for the newest BIG interview. Pac ride on BIGs coattails..How the fuck exactly does that work? When it was BIG who was merely a backup singer for Pac on stage. So pac was an Actor aswell and we should like him anyless as a Rapper because of it? What exactly is funny about that, So he decided to do more than surf for internet porn with his life and thats suddenly crime. Because speaking Ill of Pac was hardly in Context with this Thread. The comment box is for feedback on the Mixtape, Solely. A Mixtape made up of 'Old' Subliminal Bullshit Disses? Not to incite Cyber beef, I can justify myself..I'm providing a Counter argument, What about yourself? Like i said 70WPM+, No point spelling the words correctly if you lack the definition. Its a Typo dumbass, How do you account for your Grammar mistakes every fucking sentence eh? Here's an idea, You're old enough to get a full-time job, Take a hint. I came here to talk bad about BIG? Then what-the-fuck have you been doing since Page 1 of this fucking thread. Moron. Hey Retard, You never implied that you hated Nas and i never said the contrary but if Nas and countless other rappers all put Pac in their top 10? Including Jay-Z, why wouldnt we disregard everything you have said ill about Pac? Read before you reply and you should really take the comment about the capslock key into consideration, if you can't work a computer quit. You can Either hear me out or overcome your Authism with a keyboard, Your choice. And i'm sure you are a more reliable source than a internet poll, Oh All knowing Sinaloa. Who would people be laughing at more exactly, A 15 year old kid or a lonely old internet addict who believes he speaks on behalf of the hip hop community, when instead of accomplishing something in his life he would prefer to bash on his keyboard to relieve himself? Me a snitch. It doesn't even make sense you incomprehensible fuck. What exactly would i tell and who to concerning someone so unimportant? Quit the BS and grow up. And quit Paroding Ether, I'm sure there are plenty people laughing in your face right now and Dude, Fuck papoose, While you were listening to your BS Mixtapes and flaming the next 15 year old kid on your list, I was getting A's at School. So what? You have a degree in Hip Hop History? Good Job but Real Musicians are too ashamed to even consider 'Rap' Music. I think i have established where you stand now and MENCAP would be proud to have you onboard. Haha, You are now in the Slums of Dog Shit, Sin. Now Bag my groceries you Barnsworth-loving-Bitch. 'Its bad-boy baby, We can't stop, We won't stop' ~ A dude which needs to stop changing names. Nice Try, Sin.
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Hey Bozo! The 'immaturity' thing was a trap designed to show you as... guess what? IMMATURE!!! Ever heard the Lyrics: "I set the trap just to see dude react" You been trapped like a RAT son!!! Why would I even waste my time reading the monkey-shit that's commin' outta yo' big fat mouth? Just looking up I see this dickhead comment: "Real Musicians are too ashamed to even consider 'Rap' Music." With talk like that comin' out yo' lips it's easy to see that you don't even like HIP-HOP do you? All you interested in is being a Tupac groupie!!! That's why, after only a day stinkin' up this site, you sit around, runnin' yo' mouth instead of gettin' the 100 mixtapes you have slept on - That fact alone shows you to be a fake. Fuck Papoose? What you know about Pap? Judging by the 'Papoose is Unsigned' earlier comments - i'd say NOTHING. You should pay more respect and realize that Pac was lyrically AVERAGE. 15 huh? So what do you do for a living? Sweep up the school corridor's after all the cool kids have gone home? Or maybe you work in the kitchen with yo' momma? Or maybe you just beg the other retarded for spare change? Never mind what the fuck I do for a living but I can guarantee yo' 15 year old-still gettin'-money-from-yo'-mommy ass this: I got more money than a paper round working 'lil greaseball can EVER earn! 15?!?! I could be yo' moms boss for all you know & I could damn sure kick ur fuckin' ass - Yeah that's right you 'lil bitch and If I EVER see you i'll put a B.I.G on ur spotty teenage face! Everyone can see that you are just a punk that hides behind his PC like the gay 'lil nerd you are - shouldn't you be in bed by now? Just ask yourself this ho - who's sadder here? A guy that posts comments when this tape was fresh, takin' on all comers or a 'lil rat that runs his mouth behind peoples backs hoping that he can get away with his self-righteous bullshit? This tape ain't even seeded anymore!!! Ask yourself - What are you doing?!? If ur tryin' to impress people - I think the senior members of this site, who know about old tapes - KNOW that you a clown! Not to mention the fact you replied 2 MONTHS later when NOBODY will even read this tripe. That is why I call u a snitch - you seem to be doin' this for the benefit of ur little fan-club and there is NO DOUBT that you are a sneaky little snake that tries to talk shit when he thinks no-one is listening - that is REALLY pathetic. I'll say it again: THIS TAPE AIN'T FOR YOU!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? Q: DO I CRY LIKE A BITCH ON PAC MIXTAPE COMMENTS? A: HELL NO. It's easy to see that you are 100% BITCH, typical of today's punk-ass youth - you only know how to hate. What are u doin' listening to ADULT music anyway? Mommy left the Parental lock off? She should be locked up for letting a minor listen to explict lyrics - and that makes you a sorry-ass victim of child abuse. I also notice that you don't talk shit at night...or maybe you gettin' busy with the family dog? Go to bed Junior and take Bow-Wow with you! Unlike ur nerdish perverted existence, I've got people to see... you should try getting a girlfriend - you fruity 'lil bastard! BIGGIE SMALLS IZ THA MUTHAFUCKIN' ILLEST!!!

What are YOU trying to prove? You lose Asshole.

Keep it coming, This is wasting your time more than mine. I probably type 3x Faster than you. Its a shame, You made a douche of yourself when you came back to the Thread 2 MONTHS later to check if anyone has cleared your post from last place..Here it is motherfucker and its never been so amusing to see an adult getting worked up over nothing!..Right, I'm sure you can always 'set a trap' to see how i would react, because if noone knew other than you..You sure came out looking like the only moron here. 'How the fuck did you make it outta first grade? You seem to know more about Gay Porn Stars than you do about grammer.' What you say - 'Finally, somebody that don't buy into the 2Pac spin machine.' Feeble Attempt, Asshole try 'doesn't.' Was that another Trap you set for me? 2 Months before i was even a member? Haha. Hey Dumbass, How the fuck do you manage to breathe? Can't you write without using 'UR' instead of 'Your' and you lecture other 8year olds about their Grammar. You aren't even deemed worthy enough to question me or anyone else for that reason. Parental Locks are some of the easier to bypass, I'm sure you might have struggled with that. Ass. I replied when i JOINED the site. What have you to say for yourself? Look, I'm stooping to your level now..CAPSLOCK On because i'm desperate to show this 15 Year old whose boss. Hey tell me, Have you ever had a girlfriend whose name doesn't end with a .JPEG Extension bitch. You really got to think up some more insults Sinbad, You are getting weak now. Its sad, how you won't even mention what you do for a living..I sure never even thought for a second to do a Paper-round, Even THAT is a challenge for you. Maybe you should get a date, Where the venue doesn't end in .com Asshole. Lmao, I loved it when you resorted to 'I bet i can kick your Ass in RL' Type of Comment. I Just love this shit, Its real easy to be Hard behind the keyboard, Sinbad or shall i call you Rocky. Time for your #IRC.Gaychat Date isn't it? Heres an example of Hate for you. Pac is weak, I hate all these westcoast Beats. You still haven't told me what you are trying to proove, Come on Barnsworth..We are waiting for you, You come back 2months to answer me YOU Must have something to say for yourself. Nobody read the tripe correct, That statement was Void ever since you Replied. Punk. Sin: Just ask yourself this ho - Who's sadder here? Thats self-explanatory Sin. Its You. So quit bitching and moaning. Well done, You can spell now! I'm even going to chuck you a cookie..Tell me that after you have looked it in the Dictionary or After I have spelt it out for you? And you bought Digital Underground CD's aswell? You should know that Pac was far better before Deathrow. You can say all the shit you want about Biggie got 2pac shot but really BIG would have never fucked with King Tut and the Black Mafia. If it was BIG who did infact order the Hit, Then i'm sure it was B.I.G who should be held accountable for the Death of both of them. Pac would have never bothered to bring the action if he didn't get shot. So one 'Pac' Fan says I am... Is better than Illmatic and you start moaning like a bitch to all off us? Yes, he is wrong but he probably doesn't even own The Classic Illmatic. Talk shit when i think nobodies listening, Hey check this out. I'm dubious at whether a Pac groupie will ever go to page 3 of this thread without crying. I tell you this, I even said in my post that I KNEW you were going to reply sooner or later and guess what the Sad thing is. I was right, You are Still here! Need i say more. You still haven't turned off Capslock. Is that too much effort or are you feeling desperate? If you haven't acquired the skill of using a keyboard properly, Even with all the forums you been spamming with Your bullshit. You haven't even got the skills to make a living as a Motherfucking Secretary. You sure as hell aren't making enough to buy the CD's you are always talking about. So thats why you are registered on a Mixtape TORRENT site, Do you even know what a torrent is? You talk about Pac being Pretentious. He never even said he was a Black panther, he said his stepfather and Mum were both Black panthers. So why would he need to pretend? Especially when Mutulu Shakur was listed as one of FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives and a Prominent Black Panther Member. I don't think he would need to pretend now, Would he? 'I bet you beg the other retarded...for spare change', Retarded 'What' Exactly, Starting to stutter now Sin? I personally enjoy a variety of music, More than you can say for yourself. You barnsworth-loving-bitch, Your only purpose being here is to Ponyride your favourite EastCoast Rappers and flame the westcoast rap fans because you are still crying over Biggie Smalls Demise. Boo-Hoo-Hoo how sad. Yes i'm a nerd. So what? Nerds are the ones with High paying Jobs and can actually work a PC without thinking so hard they shit themselves. While Jocks get Cocks up their ass and Wannabe 'Rappers' or Rapers just bitch to Kids 10 years their junior about their boring, pathetic life and who they look up to every day. Btw, Do you know what else is sad? My 'Family' Dog happens to get out more than you. The comment you made about me 'getting-busy' with the family dog, Elevates the term 'Repugnant'. Normally, It's only the Very stupid people who EVEN think about 'Copulating Dogs'. You ought to change the Timezone in the options Panel, Chump. Thats why it might seem to you i don't talk 'Shit' at night. I'm talking to you know, Sin. Who exactly am i going to be scared by? The Senior Internet Bully? Pathetic. Your comment about 'Thug life across the belly/I proove you lost already' Was an Epitome of 'Bitch'. Hardly a Victory on your behalf, Thug life is more Viable than Nas having 'Gods Son' Across his Belly isn't it, Thats unless you actually believe he is God's Son. But hey, I'm a fan of Nas and i'm not going to continue on that. You lost when you created a account, Monkeyshit. Wow, You keep mentioning my Age like being 15 is a curse. You still haven't told me how old you are. Quit pretending kid, Your writing gave away your age. And btw, I left you with the last post this time, So you can wrap up this topic with your Weak comment and stopping you from looking like a double posting retard. There is an Edit function, Asswipe. No point even replying any further, Sin. Seeing as Pac can drop 2-3 Tracks and release more Post-Humous albums than B.I.G could have ate in Burgers, while still star in Films. It just goes to show how One-Tricked B.I.G Was, You can say all you want, Rappers starring in Films is lame. Then why are you listening to Nas and DMX, They stared in Belly as the storyline Protagonists, Thats right, Not even as an Extra. Where is biggie on that list? Pac went 9x Platinum on 2 Albums. All this hype over Ready to Die it couldnt even outsell Nelly. Sad. That shit couldn't even cut the 'Heavy Competition' Funny how you laugh at Groups like the Beatles, They have a BIG enough Fan Base to stomp you out once and for all. You B.I.G Lovers, EastCoast Dick Riders. Talking of the Duet with Elton John, Pac didn't record it with Elton John did he? So Elton John is used as a Sample and suddenly you Immature B.I.G PonyRiders are Laughing your balls off. Did Pac write him a letter from his coffin asking for him to feature on an Album EMINEM produced? No, Moron. Nothing to cry over here, Sin. This Mixtape sucks, Half these Bitches aren't even Lyrically Inclined. Ja rule is the 2pac Clown, Walking around with a Bandana pretending to be him and you expect me to take this diss seriously. Listen to Aftermath's Hail Mary RMX, Bitch. Mobb Deep dropped a gem, That shit is pathetic. They even told the Outlawz, ON VIDEO that 'The Life is mine' featuring Nas wasn't even aimed at 2pac and they had squashed their beef. Knowing you, You probably like every Queensbridge Rapper that comes out of the Projects. So here is to the Mobb Deep fan club, Can you stoop any lower? Thats right After this Sickle-Cell bitch nearlly had a seizure listening to Hit em up, He's Back with a G-Unit Chain. 2 Real Poets - Nas doing a 2pac Tribute of his own. Atleast Nas pays Homage to a Great Rapper. Heres a hint, Get the fuck out of here. We don't care what you think. Keep the Shit Coming, I loved the comments about Deathrow being Commercial. Don't even come to me with that Incoherent Shit. Bad-Boy is probably one of the most commercially driven Record labels to this very day. Trying to Conquer the mainstream south now, correct? Yung Cock, Shut-the-fuck-up. Thugacation just sounds Stupid Bitch. Fuck you. THIS COMMENT BOX IS NOT FOR YOU. Goodbye and Bag my Groceries bitch.
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The way you call HIP-HOP Rap just shows how much of a pop-chart-kiddie-fiddler you are... don't bother trying to comeback at me - you made a SCHMUCK of yourself from the word go.
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Ha! Ha! Don't like being set-up to look like a dummy huh? Get used to it!!! You seem to be in love with NaS - did you weep when he got married? You harp on about Illmatic to look cool, yes, yes - we all know about it but how about mentioning something else? It goes without saying how good it is, but ur such a insecure 'lil suicide-watch-bitch, that you gotta bring it up again & again - PATHETIC. What's the problem? Are you as insecure about ur sexuality as you are 2Pac's skills? That's why you keep bringing up other rappers and pointless fact, because you are lookin' for acceptance - I feel sorry for you. Here we go again... Pac vs. Biggie, Suge Vs. Diddy, Deathrow Vs. Bad Boy...rah...rah...rah - HIP-HOP (not rap - you fag) is music - not a soap opera or wrestling! although judging by ur outlook, I reckon you'd like to naked mud wrestle with Pac & NaS - do u realize how GAY you sound? Just remember this: BIGGIE SMALLZ TOOK TUPAC'S BALLS...

Running out of Material like B.I.G? Time to finish this Bitch.

Didn't you read the 'Haha' i wrote next to my set up comment Sin, I sure love these Traps, if someone was to make me look like a dummy, It sure as hell wouldn't be you...Got to watch my step. Master Sin might be watching. Running out of things to say now Sin? I was expecting the usual 1 page lecture on how 'Ill' Biggie Smallz was...Couldn't take loosing to a kid, So you had to get yet Another Last word? Tell me one last thing, Whats more insecure than me? Thats right, Sinaloa, an Adult who resorts to Threatning a 15 year old out of Desperation. Most insecure part, Its done on the Internet. Do you also realise..No Z Bitch. That it is you infact who has been owned by someone 10 years your junior? The whole world is laughing at you now Sinbad, Boo-Hoo-Hoo. What are you going to do now? Find another forum to flame? Thats right. Try someone you can beat, an 8 year old for example. You really ought to stop Moaning. Second-by-Second, Day-by-Day you are starting to sound more and more like a Tedious Bitch. No need to feel Sorry for me now. I'm hardly looking from acceptance in this place. The Mixtape downloads are more than enough for me, thanks. Try to keep flaming Pac fans on the low-key because Escobar might bestow a Bitch-Slap across your poor little Face. You should know about Sexual Insecurity being the daily chatroom visitor? How many times do you pretend you are older than you are? Do you pretend to be a Girl? I don't see myself confiding facts such as my age now, Do i? So next time you Flame people on forum threads because its 'Fun', Firstly, Make sure the Topic is Relevant to your boring, useless comment & Just remember theres no point being an Hardass behind the keyboard. We don't give a ratsass, Sinaloa. Can't you handle the truth that you say i bring up continuously? Are you a man or a mouse? Neither, An Illiterate Cyberpunk. And if you want detail about Kids 'Ballbags' You are on the wrong forum, I despise Paedophiles. Mixtape Torrent is not for you. See you have been talking about Illmatic since page 1 of this topic, You were starting to sound like Nas's Shova. You broke down like a Bitch, Sin and everyone can see your true colours. You brought up the facts, Dummy. I merely Countered them so they would leave you stuck in Monkey Shit. Lastly, Quit sticking up for Papoose punk, Noone gives a shit about him. Keep on topic. Just Remember this: ACCEPTANCE IS NOT FOR ASSHOLES
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I know ur an expert on assholes - so i'll take ur word 4 it! Tell me - How many times did 2Pac take it in the asshole when he was serving time in Rikers for gang rape? The WHOLE world is laughing at me? I don't think so - ur gay insults are so after the fact, that no-one is even reading this bullshit i.e. you don't have a audience - so you can stop showing off. If anyone was reading this they would clearly see that you struggle with spelling the word: P-R-O-V-E! What a little LOOSER! OOPS! I meant L-O-S-E-R!!! Don't even try to claim it was intentional because you fucked it up two different times and even used it in the title of ur weak-ass diss! What a GENIOUS!!!! Oops I mean G-E-N-I-U-S!!! Man, with ur brains & attitude you are gonna end up sleeping in the gutter!!! Why are you SO insecure and also VERY emotional? You must be a little drug addict like Pac & his moms was! If so, then why don't you go to the pop-chart-store and suck off the clerk for a copy of Elton John's & Tupac's Greatest Hits? Or maybe you could sweep up for it? The very same job Pac did for Digital Underground...Outlaw? Thug? Tupac was a janitor! Seriously and this is no bullshit - have u heard about Elton's new album? The 59-year-old (Elton the Fag) says he is a fan of Blackstreet's No Diggity and Tupac Shakur's California Love. "I want to bring my songs and melodies to hip-hop beats," John says. "I love these beats, but I have no idea how to get them." You see the company you keep? If Elton John thinks you are all good, then bottomline - you must REALLY suck!!! You think Elton listens to 'Ready to Die? Fuck outta here... he only likes POP MUSIC that you hear in queer bars! My guess is he's even made love to a man while listening to 2Pac!!! Was it you? It's fuckin' funny how he says he can't get beats! Here's my advice: He should go out with his homeboys, gang rape a young girl, get locked up, become the prison prag, realize he's broke, sign away his life because he's too pussy to do his time, then become a Deathrow prostitute/whore and let Suge Knight pimp his ass out - oops wait, that sounds familiar? Oh now I remember - it's "2PAC - THE FINAL YEARS"!!! Then Suge can murder him and leave him dying, a pennyless pathetic man who sold millions of records but died with a mere $150,000 in his bank account! That's the reason we keep getting 'new' Pac albums: his momma is still paying off his debt!!! Listen to Dave Chappelle clowning Tupac fans for buying this recycled trash: "I wrote this song a long time ago, A real long time ago, Feel me! I wrote this song a long time ago It was the dopest song I ever wrote... in '94!" Speaking of momma's, I'll tell you what - I'll stop destroying you when you get yo' momma on here to explain to me why she lets a little kid listen to explicit music - deal? No wait, fuck that - I don't cut deals with drama queens so tell the bitch this: she is a disgrace to motherhood. Lettin' a 15 year old punk, surf the net unsupervised while listening to music that he's far too young to understand is blatant abuse and you ain't shit but another victim!!! Instead of venting all ur anger at me for being neglected & molested all ur life, why don't you speak to people that are paid to listen to crap: Why did mixtapetorrents even accept you as a member? You must have lied when it said you have to be 18! Well, that just sums you up - a sneaky little LIAR!!! I have things more important to do with my time today...GET A LIFE!!! R.I.P - B.I.G

Haha. Just when i thought he gave up.

As you say, The 'Homo's' Pick out the Spelling mistakes, Well guess what, The Biggest Homo's make them. I dont think i have ever laughed so much in my entire life..If YOU are going to correct me on my spelling which you say is wrong. You ought to Check the Dictionary. In my title i have used 'Lose' ______________________________________________________________________ Heres the definition for 'Lose' Definitions of lose on the Web: * fail to keep or to maintain; cease to have, either physically or in an abstract sense; "She lost her purse when she left it unattended on her seat" * fail to win; "We lost the battle but we won the war" And here i have your Idea of how its meant to be spelt: Definitions of loose on the Web: * not restrained or confined or attached; "a pocket full of loose bills"; "knocked the ball loose"; "got loose from his attacker" * not compact or dense in structure or arrangement; "loose gravel" * (of a ball in sport) not in the possession or control of any player; "a loose ball" An Example, 'B.I.G's trousers will be loose on anyone other than himself.' ______________________________________________________________________ FUTILE ATTEMPT, BITCH. Just stop replying, You are a Disgrace to the English language, I don't know how you Dumbass Americans think you can get away spelling shit wrong, But in England its 'Realise' No Z, Enough said. What he didn't know is I haven't used the term 'Looser' AT ALL! Right, Loser. Oh yea, I mispell Genius ONCE. Is that the only thing you can pick from me. I will ask again, How are you meant to understand Sins writing when he can't even spell 'YOUR' EVERY SINGLE TIME. Dumbass. WOW, You really have to take a look at this punk..Yesterday he produced ONE paragraph and suddenly he found out how to work the Edit button. Did you learn how to read overnight? This Bitches idea of a 'life' involves posting on Mixtape Forums. You spent all that time, To Own yourself? Sad. After that, I decide to check my Inbox and guess what i find? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Van-Hell-Sin To: escobar2k6 Subject: Hey Begger... Date: Sun, 08/27/2006 - 2:22pm ... You forgot to turn off ur shit - now I know ur E-Mail!!! The Joke is on YOU!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- No Sir, The joke never moved from you. Piggie, Piggie, Piggie Can't you seeeeeeee, Sometimes your words just hypnotize me. See, I would love to see you try but i'm currently 'Not accepting any emails', So how did you get it punk. I hardly think they would let any random Moron manage the user database. So here it is, If you have it. I Challenge you, Try your luck..For someone with no 'Brains' I can still extract your IP address even on your Coward Account. Then i will access your PC remotely and leave it in Shatters. Baby BABY. Hell, Since you are too stupid to understand that. If i didn't care to elaborate, it just means, Try me, I'll fuck up your PC. Btw, That video with Biggie Freestyling in Bed-Stuy, You REALLY have to stop exaggerating..First its 16, Then 15 and Now 14? Enough of the discrepancies, Which one is It? 17 ACTUALLY and Only morons like yourself actually believed he created up the lyrics on the spot. However, What Pac releases its sure going to be relevant to Important Matters and not just Drugs,Guns & Hoes, The only thing B.I.G could ever write about, He's just not inclined..And like Shock G said, The only thing B.I.G has on Pac is flow. Probably due to the fact, Pac rapped 24/7 while Higher than a motherfucking Kite. B.I.G had burger breaks to keep his energy up. Just when my Last post had broke his Bitch ass down like a Breadstick this 'Homo' comes back at me with a Cheap shot behind my back. Here it is, Sin with Yet Another last word. Hey Shova-Boy, When Pac was mop pushing for the Digital Underground, Biggie was a Backup Singer for Pac, Talk about Stooping Low. If you want to talk about Pussy, B.I.G can't even handle a few bullets for more than 3 seconds. Pathetic. Mob Pirus for life. Sinaloa the 'Slain', Junior M.A.F.I.A Groupie for life. All that writing and 'u' still sound as Stupid as before. Be a Man of your word and Stay away, Punk.
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Hey Einstein! (do you even know who that is?) you got my message then? It took you long enough! then again it usually takes you 2 months to react so that was quick for ur slow-ass-brain! Write this down: I NEVER said I was leaving (unlike you) - in fact I've said many a time that, in my opinion this tape is NOT for Tupac groupies. This is my territory and I'll piss on you like a wolf to keep it that way! Look at the state of you: "Chump" "Punk" "Groupie" You are so thick, you can't even come up with ur own insults!!! Like a parrot, you just copy everything I say!!! Polly want a cock-cracker? Obviously you are too stupid to see ur own mistakes! Remember THE TITLE of what u posted not too long ago? It reads (for the whole world to see): esco-ho: What are YOU trying to proove? You lose Asshole. What are you crying about??? The way you spelt LOSE is just about the only thing you got right but you still so insecure that you had to hit up the online dictionary and check for definitions! It's when u start fucking with words that consist of more than 4 letters that you get a nose bleed! or maybe that's ur monthly period! Shut up & go get some tampons! See what i'm talkin' about is the word: PROOVE?!?!?!? it is P-R-O-V-E! you so dumb you don't even understand when a mistake is made!!! Thats why I called you a LOOSER - i'm mocking you! Ha!Ha!Ha! You didn't misspell G-E-N-I-U-S... you raped & violated it! a mistake here and there is fine but G-E-N-I-O-U-S!!! That is just RETARDED!!! What's ur real name? TIMMY? You see, I shit in ur mouth EVERYTIME you open it, but you HAVE NO COMEBACK FOR THE ELTON DISS I GAVE YOU!!! The same can be said of the: TUPAC WAS BEING PIMPED OUT LIKE A HO BY DEATHROW RECORDS. You even ethered yo'self when you spoke of wannabe gangstas, while sporting the name ESCOBAR!!! Hack my PC?!? Oh yeah - i'm really scared of a G-E-N-I-O-U-S like you!!! If you can't spell GENIUS then, chances are you don't have the skills to break into shit! If you wanna hack something, then go hack up yo' moms with an axe - shes the one who raised you to be a insecure ass-clown! You ain't clever or old enough to do that, besides I took measures that would prohibit that - unlike you dummy! I know more about PC's then you anyway, so don't threaten me little bitch - not smart when I own ur E-mail address!!! You'll see what happens... You can really tell that you're a CHILD - Piggie Smalls? Oh i've never heard that one before! where did you pick that one up - the school play-ground? Real mature... Look at how stupid you are: "And like Shock G said, The only thing B.I.G has on Pac is flow" What else is Hip-Hop about? charisma? yep that's it isn't it? once again lil' man - you are a SOAP OPERA fan that thinks music is all about drama, hence why I call you a DRAMA QUEEN! Oh so pac was high? No shit! that lil drug addict came outta his mommas womb screaming for crack! This prOOOOOves you are delusional: FACT: PAC WAS A ROADIE FOR DIGITAL UNDERGROUND. LIE: BIGGIE WAS A BACK-UP SINGER. just like when you ratted yo' way on to this over 18's site - you are lying through ur yellow teeth!!! Dumbass American?!?!? I'll tell you what - RACIST, seeing as you have convinced yourself that i'm from the U.S then there is no danger in you giving me ur home address - come on big man! I'm a 1000 miles away! what could go wrong? You just played ur hand, I have ur E-mail and know that you are, how the English say: A CHAV, now all I need is an address so I can see if you got the frame to carry the weight of ur big mouth. Why ain't you in school anyway? six week holiday? a dummy like you should be in a summer program for 'special' kids! before you ask i'm sitting in MY OFFICE at MY DESK while working at MY COMPANY. What do you own in life? a drop-frame bike, some semi-naked posters of Pac and a bunch wack-ass-pop-chart-elton-john-collabo albums! GROW UP!!! B.I.G / R.I.P - PAC? BURN IN HELL!!!

What a dummy.

How many times do i need to tell you? Shit, 4+ Letter words..Obviously a Challenge for you. Chav, Hardly, Keep to words you actually know the meaning off. See you 'Raped' The english language when you used the letter U to substitute a motherfucking word. Actually, Rape is an understatement..You Castrated it. Keep coming with the Rikers Rape Weak ass comments, You must be REAL stupid to believe rumours from NotoriousBIG online..The only thing you Bad-Boy roadies have on us, So you refuse to Discredit it. Listen to this, You talk a fuck loads for someone who can't even use the Edit function. So what are you waiting for then? Fucking Email me, Big Shot. It took you 3hrs to write this shit. For someone who knows alot you type like a bitch. Its funny how you even have to WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS..KEEP PICKING FAULTS WITH MY SPELLING, TARDMONKEY. YOU ARE SOUNDING MORE AND MORE DESPERATE. Yea i'm on holiday, I earned it, You've never seen a holiday holding down your two Office Jobs. Even better, Please send me the email while you are at work. That way i can get your 'Cleaning Companies' Email and tell them about little secretary Bitch, Sinaloa procrastinating on the Job. Still not earning enough to buy the Shitty Mixtapes you fantasize about? Do you actually know WHY i told you to keep to your word? What happened to that 'life' of yours, Didn't last long eh? You talk about Insecure but you are just a Bitch. You still haven't told me your age, or the name of the Company you googled. Talk about Bitch, Like you said..What exactly are you scared off? Hey Chav, You HAVE to check your previous Posts, did you feel like a tough guy when you got those Explanations from the Internet, haha shit, You have nothing, not even your Urbandictionary definitions to back you up this time. Like i said, VH1,MTV,KRS,NAS,JAY,SWAY don't think Pac is overrated Sin said the Contrary..Bitch stop talking..Noone gives a fuck, Your opinions are Void. You deal with emotions like a girl, Stop confiding and be a man. Listen Paedo, How about you tell me your age before i give my address? 'I know, from your email address, exactly who you are..A Chav' Right, Then that also makes you a Presumptous Cock, especially someone who can't Edit a post without swallowing his tongue. Lmao. See, I will counter the so called Elton John diss but that shits too weak and not exactly my #1 priority. See, I knew Prove was the word..But then you fucked up your whole arguement when you tried to Correct me on a Word I HAVE NEVER EVEN USED. haha, What a moany bitch, Is that all you have on me. Recognize and Realize..Oops i mean R-E-A-L-I-S-E Homo. What exactly do you know about Computers, Genius? How to 'End Task' without getting your Balls Tangled. Weak Attempt, Shit Bitch, I've got to get on with my studies..Don't want to end up like Sin, That bitch hasn't even got a CV good enough to apply for a Checkout Assistant. You took a goddamn long time to write a load of Balony. Weak. See, My parents actually look after me..They told me not to tell 'Strangers' your address, You never know what kind of Gary Glitter you are dealing with. Maybe you should deal drugs like your Idol Biggie smalls(Where did he get that name) Maybe you might get enough to get a Frame for your Mattress.
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Tick Tock...

Hurry up retard...
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"Slaves are generally expected to sing as well as to work" OR "I expose slavery in this country, because to expose it is to kill it. Slavery is one of those monsters of darkness to whom the light of truth is death" Frederick Douglass (American Abolitionist, Lecturer, Author and Slave, 1817-1895) You can run yo' mouth but this is undeniable: 2Pac died a broke ass SLAVE to Death Row records! FACT! He sold MILLIONS but died with only $150,000 to his that's what I call sad! Another fact is, I don't even read the long-winded monkey-crap that comes outta yo' mouth - i'm a secure person, that knows more about Hip-Hop then a FAGGOT-ASS 15 YEAR OLD who can't control his hormones! Right i'm off to play football (or as we Americano's call it - soccer!)because unlike you I have many talents that allow me not to mooch off my parents paycheck!!! See you in the cotton fields SLAVE BOY!!! BIGGIE SMALLS IZ THA ILLEST!!!

Still have more pointless facts to make?

Haha and You americans still have no Good Soccer players? Still playing your Shitty Local American Football. See knowing alot about Hip-Hop doesn't get you a good Job, As you might already know. Keep playing Catch with your Pals, You cocky Jock. See, I personally can play 2 Instruments...And i'm 15, More than you have accomplished in your long, boring life. Now you are trying to educate me on History, Tell me this? Why do you google shit for me, Which i'm going to dismiss it without a seconds thought? Quality instead of Quanity..I have them both, You lack them. So people shit on your Face. You listen to Black-music, Shout out Black insults..And then call me Racist. Take your useless shit somewhere where they care, Like Hitlers-Board. Get the fuck out of here you Cotton Picker. You don't read my writing or you don't know how to Read? Wonder why Pac made only a small percentage to his name? He had alot of legal fees you know. You won't be able to pay off his lawyers with the money you are making from paper-rounds. Go Back to watching Making the Band, You Mainstream Whore. Move over Biggie Smalls, Enter Britney Spears..So Burn in hell bitch and take P Diddy with you. Tell us when you turn pro Bitch, Can't be Hard to make it on the American Soccer team anyway. Atleast Competition can be called Competition here. See IF You were talented in Soccer you won't be here but instead practicing.
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Hey G-E-N-I-U-S, You clearly fucked up the word P-R-O-V-E!!! All I need to do is scroll up and see the title: "What are YOU trying to proove? You lose Asshole." I guess i'm just lucky u didn't call me a LOOSE asshole! But then again, you properly didn't wanna bring up that subject after what happened to ur fruity hero while in Rikers! I also enjoy the more recent title of: "Still have more pointless facts to make." FULL FUCKING STOP?!?!? Grammer like that makes it look as if it is YOU that has the "pointless facts to make." Good luck in ur studies - you'll need it bitch! I know that ur incapable of writing headlines so i'll look out for this one: 15-year-old boy hangs himself after failing his exams...His parents are ashamed! I doubt you got a daddy though, you seem to have a "raised-by-a-broke-ass-single-mother-unwanted-by-ur-father-BASTARD mentality! Who said I was an All-American anyway? Oh yeah - it was you! Fooling you has become way too easy! No wait, all I have to do is sit back and let u fool yourself!!! You give a whole new meaning to the expression: man against boy! As I said before, if ur so convinced that I'm stateside then tell me where you at? It's not as if i'll catch a 1st class ticket to kick yo' ass... Or maybe I could be at ur slum door in a hour? Who knows! Don't worry though - I'll send you an E-mail to let you know i'm coming! Black insults? Ha!Ha!Ha! I am black you moron!!! Pointing out that 2Pac worked for nothing is a FACT. Suge was the whip crackin' slave master who became rich from Pac's labour. I bet that way of life is nowhere to be seen in the Black Panther handbook! When Biggie died, he went to his grave a rich man and left his mom secure, while Pac on the other hand, died a pauper and forced his moms into recycling his lyrics to fit an Elton John hook, so she could keep smokin' on her glass-dick-crack-pipe! You must smoke that shit too because you need to understand this: Suge Knight killed ur boyfriend so he didn't have to pay him, that is prOOOOOved by the way he drove the wrong way to hospital, in a town that he knew like the back of his hand. He then went on to use his snitch connections and enlisted the COPS to murder the innocent Biggie Smalls. You see, unlike you, i've read every Pac book out. My conclusion is: you should be angry with Suge Knight. I don't give a damn what u say about Diddy - help yourself bitch, but you should be directing ur insecure baby tears in the direction of the puppet/slave master. you can't do that though, because you weren't old enough to understand what went on. You still think that Hip-Hop is like a soap opera! I suppose that's an easy thing to do when 2Pac himself was a Drama School actor himself. I guess for you, the lines have become blurred... but whatever P-Leave Shyne hangin'-Diddy is, he ain't broke: Suge Knight Files for Bankruptcy Suge Knight filed for bankruptcy in an attempt to stop his impending loss of Death Row Records. After Lydia Harris, wife of imprisoned drug dealer Michael “Harry-O� Harris, filed a suit saying that she helped start the label, a judge ordered Knight to pay her $107 million when he failed to disclose his assets. Since Knight failed to make the payment, the judge has said that Death Row will go into receivership. Knight’s attorney claims that filing for bankruptcy will temporarily stop the court from taking control of the label. “Mr. Knight doesn’t have 107 million dollars,� Knight’s lawyer told the Associated Press. “It remains to be seen what becomes of Death Row.� Whom is this Lydia Harris? mmmm interesting... seems Deathrow was a label started by a bitch - for bitches!!! That explains why Gay Dre was involved!!! As soon as I hear ELTON JOHN giving homo-love to Biggie's music as he did with CALIFORNIA BUTT LOVE, then i'll accept ur point but until then ur just gonna have to face it: PAC WAS A SELL-OUT. That's why Homo's & Chicks love songs like Live & Die in LA, How Do U Want It and of course, Eltons fav - California Love. Go back to when you were 5 and look at the Badboy roster compared to Dickrow's and tell me who the Pop-Chart-Prags are: Shyne or Snoop Dogg? Black Rob or Lil' Bow Wow? The LOX or MC Hammer? Biggie or Pac? Deathrow ain't nothing but a bitch-ass label, made outta Vanilla Ice's money - FACT. LOOK IT UP - The whole thing was built on cornball cash!!! You should be glad this 'lil beef is just between us because you look like a real mook right now!!! You dribble on about made-up-fictonal things like Britney Spears, in a weak attempt to justify the pop-chart appeal of Wackaveli - give it a are either compulsive liar or just a complete dick. Which is it? I say both! C'mon then bitch - where's the weak-as-a-2pac-flow diss? Or are you just gonna recycle MY insults like a ol' ass Pac freestyle again? Oops I forgot - You NEVER TALK SHIT AFTER 10pm - Why is that? Mommy doesn't like it when you use her computer after dark? That's how easy it is for me to have the last word baby! Sweet dreams pussy - go easy on the dog tonight! Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! BIGGIE SMALLS IZ THA ILLEST!!!

Are you done?

I knew i fucked up you see. Its called a T-Y-P-O, Normally happens when people can type faster than you can piss on the grass. Want to know why i don't bitch, Timezone options. Enough Said, Moron. Hey Bitch, Want to know what is Stupid. You bringing Dave chappelle into this...Why? You fucked up Big Time, Sir. Dylan is the Next B.I.G, Lmao. Whose the Bitch ass label now right? Barnsworth, Fetch me a Sandwich. Atleast PAC wasn't P Diddy's Erand Boy. Pop Appeal right there Bitch. Don't even try and Come back with Record Label insults. You brought it on yourself. 'Breast Milkkkkkkk, You make my dayyyyyy' Who can't fill their own bars? I suppose B.I.G was lured by the Sugar Cookies. Lmao, Does B.I.G spit Hot fire? Stop Crying about B.I.G's Death, Those Cops happened to be Mob Pirus, and they Mopped Biggie smalls out of the rap game for good. Hey You Shyne loving Bitch, He was Incarcerated. Joke, Enough Said. If you are 'Black' as you say, Then your cotton/slave insults have done nothing to faze me, Moron. The only person you have fooled is yourself, Genius. Btw, I have edited the Title now..I don't think you actually told me how to correct it..So it is quite obviously a TYPO. You on the other hand..You TRY to correct me on a WORD i havent even used, LOOSE infact? You must really be running out of Shit to write. I had actually spelt it Right you see. You had it all wrong. See, 'Your' Spelling Sucks so much you can't even spell 'Your. Who said i wasn't angry with Suge knight you Presumptous Cock. You've read every Pac book out? And you still speak ill of him. LISTEN TO YOURSELF, BITCH. He Cheated Pac out of millions because he was leaving to start Euphanasia and if Pac NEVER went to Deathrow he probably wouldn't have died. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not holding Deathrow fully responsible, IF B.I.G never had his ties with Haitian Jack and the faggot No-Life Black Mafia, Pac would have never bothered to answer back to him. UNTIL you actually send me an Email, Quit Moaning you Insecure Bitch. You don't know Shit about Computers, The only thing you 'Know' is Hip-Hop and even then you still fail. Haven't you got your so called 'Job' to get to? I can juggle slaying you while i'm writing Essays out. You can't even fucking write something worth the Read while you spend hours procrastinating at Work. You ought to Stop putting Words in my mouth, WHEN Did i say you were All-American? Homo. Read up. You are really quite Pretentious for someone who probably Flunked all his Exams to listen to Hip-Hop. Can't take it that Pac got Biggie into the Motherfucking Industry in the First place? Get out of Denial. Sway said it himself AND he surely knows more about Hip-Hop than you. Pac..Drama Queen? Maybe you should watch this. He didnt even want to talk about the Beef..IT was never a West Coast-East Coast thing..You haters just love to put that out there. Between BIG and Pac, Neither won. Hardly a loud Mouth there, Atleast Pac kept it real and like he said..Bad-Boy can hardly call it Selling Records. So you see a Blog on some crappy lame site about Pac being Ovverrated and you already have to pass it around. Was that really the epitome of your Boring Life? Sad. Shit Bitch, You even said it yourself you have read EVERY 2pac Books. Have you got all his albums too? Influenced by one article and you start Hating? Maybe Pac got abit too mainstream for you and it wasnt appealing anymore? Can't you think for yourself you insecure bitch. Looks like you'll be having the last laugh.
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If you don't think Pac was a DRAMA QUEEN & a BIG MOUTH then all you do is show that you get all yo' Pac knowledge from bloggers. DID PAC GO TO DRAMA SCHOOL IN NYC? - YES - well, that prOOOves what I said about DRAMA. DID PAC GET HIS BALLS BLOWN OFF? YES. - Do Queens have balls? NO. DID PAC GO AFTER BIGGIE, SCREAMING LIKE A BITCH THAT BIGGIE DONE THIS, BIGGIE DONE THAT - YES - That would make him a BIG MOUTH. To say Biggie strained out the end of every sentenced when he rapped, like Pac did is just a BARE FACED LIE. If you such a HUGE PAC FAN then you should be proud of the way he flowed. Just put on ANY PAC album and you will notice it - that's why I give him no props. You don't need to tell me about Dave Chappelle either - I know he loved Pac (& Biggie) but i'm afraid HE DOES CLOWN the way you DICKHEAD KIDS keep on buying the recycled trash that his CRACKHEAD MOMS keeps bringin' out to feed her habit. You can talk smack about B.I.G all you want but this is written in stone: DEATHROW RECORDS WAS STARTED BY A WOMAN!!! nice! you can also forget about me goin' to look at ANY PAC VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE because I wasn't 5 YEARS OLD AND I CAN REMEMBER ALL THAT ANYWAY!!! See I KNOW PAC but it's obvious that you have been living in a DEATHROW 90's COCCON and don't know dick about ANYONE OTHER THAN PAC. You try to go on about RAKIM & NaS to justify ur commercial taste but you can't be serious?!?!?! HOW CAN ANYONE WHO TALKS ABOUT RAKIM THINK THAT PAC WAS ON HIS LEVEL? RAKIM WAS PURE STREET / PAC WAS TAUGHT TO RAP BY WHITE DRAMA SCHOOL TEACHERS IN BETWEEN DATES WITH RICH CELEBRITIES. Instead of trying to drill the truth into ur thick head i'll just beat you with ur own words: escobar2k6: "Maybe Pac got abit too mainstream for you and it wasnt appealing anymore?" You got it in one! congrats! Finally you admit that Pac was a mainstream-Elton-John-B-Yachhhhh!!! Well done - we are making progress! But this one shows that you are a lying 'lil snake: escobar2k6: "Can't be Hard to make it on the American Soccer team anyway." escobar2k6: "You ought to Stop putting Words in my mouth, WHEN Did i say you were All-American? Homo. Read up." You thought I was so American that I play Major League Soccer!!! That is funny! you also called me: escobar2k6: "DUMBASS AMERICAN" But as you just said, you edit ALL THE TIME!!! but I remember! You also keep forgetting to edit this pearl of wisdom: escobar2k6: "What are YOU trying to proove? You lose Asshole." Are you so retarded that you don't understand my "loose" asshole joke? I pity you! yes, you spelt it right but look at how you spelt P-R-O-V-E!!! you go crazy on the OOOOOO's do you U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D dummy? This is the best: escobar2k6: "Looks like you'll be having the last laugh." That's what i've been sayin' all along boy!!! I WILL have the last laugh at the end of EVERY day because you ain't allowed to use the family PC after dark, basically - I GO TO BED THE WINNER EVERY NIGHT and there ain't shit you can do about it!!! See what you don't understand is you go to bed a LOSER and wake up a LOSER - then all you try to do is scrabble back some pride! I'm sittin' around, being MY OWN BOSS at MY OWN COMPANY and doin' what the fuck I like but you, as you said yourself, you have important exams to do but you still wanna play the internet tough guy! When you get ur lame results, remember ME as the man who distracted you and ruined yo' pathetic life! Oh yeah - I DO have ur E-mail but I prefer to make you wait and wonder when the attack will come! When it does come you'll know about it...LOSER! R.I.P B.I.G...PAC? HE AIN'T EVEN DEAD RIGHT? WRONG.

What a bore, I've got more important things to do you see.

See, You want to KNOW why i said you'll be having the last laugh? Because you are FRANKLY one boring person to speak to. You win! I'll even 'let' you have the last word and laugh for that matter. After my reply, You can either Speak here or speak to Air because i just can't understand you, You illiterate Fuck. Doesn't faze me, Because i'm not the one who is so Insecure he has to argue with a Kid because he was abused as a Child. All you do is steal my insults, If its going to take you 1 WHOLE DAY To write shit which noone is going to read, Don't Bother. I can see you are getting Desperate, So i edited the Title for you. So you can't repeat it in ANYMORE posts because you are running out of Material. SO HERE IT IS, I'M STOOPING TO 'UR' LEVEL BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEEM TO LISTEN TO ANYONE WITH A WORKING CAPSLOCK KEY, HERE YOU GO MORON. You must have No Business at All...Haha, You are a joke. Your own company? Selling what exactly? You are a moron, What do you do? Sell yourself. Even that right there isn't much. LOOSER..oops i meant L-O-S-E-R, Punk. So continue talking, Then your so called 'Company' which you fantasize in owning will never be a reality. Maybe you should stick to your Day job of Cleaning Toilets. I'll Even let you repeat yourself! HEY INTERNET TOUGH GUY WITH BROKEN CAPSLOCK KEY, WHERES THE EMAIL?? I'M STILL WAITING. See i don't need to wait for the Attack because judging by your stupidity it will never even see the insides of my Inbox. The minute you send it from your Coward Account to cover your identity it would have been deleted..Out of my Junk Mail folder. Hey Bitch, Playing Major League 'Soccer' As you call it does not Make YOU AT ALL AMERICAN. Go play your Shitty American Football (A.k.a Go Catch, Dog) See 'Soccer' as you call it Originated in England! So Get-The-Fuck-Off and get me a Sugar Cookie. Talking of Facts, You really have to stop getting them wrong. If you read you will know that Deathrow Records was actually funded by DRUG MONEY by the husband of the Client, Dumbass. You don't need to Quote me..It just bores me. Listen now i've edited that ONE TITLE. What can you say about Bad-Boy, Lmao. A guy who walks around in an Space Suit and shoots 'Mo' Money Mo' Problems' and similiar to a video which Michael Jackson shot with his sister, Pathetic. Talking of 'Street', Bad Idea. Rakim is street..Well done/ Pac might not be 'as' Street but he sure as hell isn't no pussy. Want to talk Street? Explain why Biggie Smalls, Who stole his name from a Live Squad Member because he's not creative enough, Went to Catholic School and then Raps about Drugs and the Firearms he never even owned? Shock G even said he had went to Pac's house in Oakland and saw him pull out an AK-47 RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. The only time B.I.G had a gun was in his Music Video, standing right next to the Dancing Diddy. Haha. Do you know how Easy it is to grab someones IP via Email? Do you even know what Remote access is? Quick Google the definition! Its about fucking time you EDIT EVERY SINGLE 'UR' AND 'U' IN EVERY SINGLE POST YOU HAVE WRITTEN. It was so frequent i had even got bored of Accentuating it in any of my latter posts. How do you 'scrabble' back the shreds of Pride you had left after you picked on 15 Year olds? Thats right you can't. Oh yea, It didn't take me a second to find another Spelling Mistake in one of your earlier Articles. complements..C-O-M-P-L-I-M-E-N-T, Want to fault my typos? Look at the space between the I and the E, Chump. Talk about Stupid. You went to bed the LOSER every night, since you started insulting a 15 Year old! Just to make your E-Penis larger. You checked THE SAME THREAD YOU HAD THE LAST WORD IN, EVERY DAY FOR 2 MONTHS to see if anyone had replied. Is that the Job you have been talking about? Sin/Sinbad/Vin-Hell-Sin. I wish you the best of luck studying Hip-Hop Biographies. With the Shit left for you to scrape together. Actually getting a Job that calculates the Bonus without counting the number of Toilets you have cleaned is a long way away. Having you Cotton Pickers got anything BETTER to do, instead of arguing over the Internet? Like Impregnating your Girlfriend? Then realising you can't handle the responsibility of being a Father and fleaing faster than a Cat. Now, Its your turn Retard. I'm waiting...and don't double post this time. Lets see how Sad you are, I would have been long gone by the time you reply. I'm even going to spell it wrong for you so it doesn't make you look so Stupid, LOOSER, Atleast now you have something WHICH ACTUALLY HAPPENED on me, Haha. [EDIT] zzz...It's taking you an awfully long time to Type up your reply. Atleast try and counter the whole Post like i've been doing and not 2 freaking Sentences at most, You weak-ass Punk.
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I'm not wasting my time reading your little lies! This first line says it all: escobar2k6: You win! I'd thank you for the battle but most of what you said was just the big, fat, dirty lies of an insecure 2Pac/slave-aveli groupie. The REAL reason you admit DEFEAT is because school term starts in september and you are waaaaaaaay behind the other kids! Now let's see if you are man enough to stick by what you say...oops I forgot you ain't offically a man 'til you hit 18! I'll leave you with this, the song that made you and Pac cry like little bitches: Who shot ya? Seperate the weak from the ob-solete, Hard to creep them brooklyn streets, Its on nigga, fuck all that bickering beef, I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek, Your heartbeat sound like sasquatch feet, Thundering, shaking the concrete, Finish it, stop, when I foil the plot, Neighbors call the cops, said they heard mad shots, Saw me in the drop, three in the corner, Slaughter, electrical tape around your daughter, Old school new school need to learn though, I burn baby burn like disco inferno, Burn slow like blunts with ya-yo, Peel more skins than idaho potato, Niggaz know, the lyrics molestin' is takin place, FUCKIN' WIT' B.I.G - IT AIN'T SAFE!!! I make your skin chafe, rashes on the masses, Bumps and bruises, blunts and landcruisers, Big poppa smash fools, bash fools, Niggaz mad because I know that cash rules, Everything around me, 2 GLOCK NINES!!! Any motherfucker whispering about mines, And im, crooklyns finest, You rewind this, BAD BOY BEHIND THIS!!! I seen the light excite all the freaks, Stack mad chips, spread love with my peeps, Niggaz wanna creep, got ta watch my back, Think the cognac and endo sack make me slack? I switches all that, cock-sucker G's up, One false move, YOU GET SWISS CHEESED UP!!! Clip to tec, respect I demand it, Slip and break the 11th commandment, Thou shalt NOT FUCK with raw c-poppa, Feel a thosand deaths when I drop ya, I feel for you, like chaka khan, I'm the don, Pussy when I want, Rolex on the arm, You'll DIE SLOW but calm, (so true!) Recognize my face, so there wont be no mistake, So you know where to tell jake, lame nigga, Brave nigga, turned front page nigga, Puff daddy flips daily, I smoke the bluntsm He sips on the baileys, On the rocks, Tote glocks at christenings And my cock, In the fire position and... Cmere, cmere, it aint gotta be like that big Open your fucking mouth, open your... didnt I tell you? Dont fuck with me? huh? Didnt I tell you not to fuck with me? look at you now! huh? Can't talk with a gun in your mouth huh? bitch-ass nigga, what? BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! who shot ya? As I've said OVER & OVER again... ...BIGGIE SMALLZ IS THA ILLEST!!!