DJ Whiteowl - Lil Wayne Vs T.I.

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01. Lil Wayne - Money On My Mind
02. T.I - Im The Illest
03. Lil Wayne - Ransom
04. T.I - Every Chance I Get
05. Lil Wayne - That's Cool
06. T.I Ft Ludacris, B.O.B - Top Of The World
07. Lil Wayne - Forever
08. T.I - What's Happening
09. Lil Wayne - Guerilla
10. T.I- 56 Barz
11. Lil Wayne - The American Dream
12. T.I - Porn Star
13. Lil Wayne - M.O.N.E.Y
14. T.I Ft Ludacris - Wish U Would
15. Lil Wayne- Twist Up
16. T.I - Ready 4 Whatever
17. Lil Wayne - Stuntin'
18. T.I - Dead & Gone
19. Lil Wayne - It's Over
20. T.I Ft John Legend - Slide Show
21. Lil Wayne - I Won't Stop
22. T.I Ft Rhianna - Live Your Life
23. T.I Ft Usher - My Life Your Entertainment
24. Bonus Track
25. T.I - You Ain't Missing Nothing

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what a mutha fukin waste of a match up dey can both eat a bag of baby dicks and share sum with there fam. Sick of mediocre ass lyrics about nuthing. I know dey got cheerleaders out there like dis bitch ass nigguh dats about ta suck their dicks and respond ta dis. Before you do thou Fix Ya Life ..Real Talk>

I feel what you are saying

I feel what you are saying to a point but at the same time what else is out there? I from the east and i will be the first to say that they done fell off. Juelz, jada, cam, nas, who else? Wayne realy not that nice but TIP spits that shit and you know this. And how can you say waist of a match up when these two are 2 of the best out the south. You need to listen before your dumb ass judges. Sick tape, must download and dont listen to the 12 year old kid above.

Up-North hatin ass niggas

You niggas kill me with this internet thug shit! If you was so fucking gangsta like y'all wanna appear then you wouldn't have time to be on the fuckin internet bloggin, you dumb fucks. You would be somewhere doing some real nigga shit. You up-North niggas (not all of you) are some natural born haters. Y'all think if it ain't done the way y'all do it then it's wrong. When the west coast got their time to shine the down south niggas pumped their shit, but you up-north niggas was the only muthafuckas out there hatin cuz your weak ass music was gettin no play. Now the south is gettin their shine and the west coast niggas pumpin our shit. But once again only the muthafuckin natural born haters are the one hatin cuz they favorite rappers can't get no shine or air time. Try not to be a hater or wash your mouth out with buckshot, you bitches! T.I.P & Wayne are real artist.............hate or love it! U fuck boys gon hate tho!

da truth

dis nigga speakin da truth

fix ya life u dumb bitch

fix ya life u dumb bitch ...dis is da cheerleader shit i was talking bout .

stop hatin

please comment on the tapes not on what u think about the rappers cuz this is an old ass mixtape every song OLD!

Why must they(rappers)

Why must they(rappers) always be against each other?


Ok first lets get it straight from da get go that this tape is whack. Some beat ass old shit from weezy and some even weaker shit from TI. Im from miami and weezy fell off hard like that dude used to be so versatile around the drought 3/ cant feel my face time. TI was never good, he just has that pop crossover appeal. Personally, i think Luda shits on both of these guys. Luda is a mad funny dude and he is smart as fuck too. Im from NJ, but i really could fuckin care less where the dudes from as long as he can spit. Lately the only dudes in the game makin moves seems to be Luda and Bishop Lamont. Halla


Lol dog you a clown, anything you say is irrelevant. You talkin bout you from 2 places. Your commentin privileges are revoked bitch nigga

Fuck boi

This for the fuck boi nigga do u know where da fuck u from mia or jersey pick one where yo fucking deal lame ass nigga

mutha fucka how u gon' say u

mutha fucka how u gon' say u from New Jersey AND Miami


i just seen dat shit he confused as hell but really tho t.i has some skills ready for whatever is tight

picture style

hey ... does n e one kno how to get tha effect they used on the pics of them ??? i kno its off topic but ive seen a lot of mixtape covers with people like that n i always wondered how they did it ...

whiteowl your shit gettin

whiteowl your shit gettin weak dawg, where them exclusives at like back in drop that 10 and so, i got fresher shit before u now.

Call him on his bullshit

This is getting way outta hand Whiteowl you basically posted the whole Paper Trail with Bonous Wayne tracks...Fuck Whiteowl yo...If i make it rapping and i see you putting my shit out like this im finding you and kicking your mutha fucking ass...Have some fucking respet for the game.


First off I got 2 agree with Gully, this tape might of been fire if Paper Trail never came out. Secondly how can someone say T.I. ain't nice and they don't even know where they from. NJ and MIA is so far apart u have 2 be slow. But Wayne is kind of pushing it but when he drop D3 that'll let me know if he fell off or not. Because throw away tracks don't really tell u anything.

Yo str8 goodz i hardly even

Yo str8 goodz i hardly even listen to this mainstream shit. All the lyrics and hooks are things that if we said in highschool we would get smashed out. On the real tho, i came across this nigga named Ransom from new jersey. Mans is pure firee!!! if you wanna hear that shit that will make you go crazy, listen to him.

if all you fucks dont like

if all you fucks dont like this shit then why even comment? every mixtape has the same lil pussies hating on the dj, rappers, producers, hell even the labels. you know what? PUT OUT SOMETHING BETTER THAN THEM. wake up and smell the pussy that you all never see cuz youre all fucking cunts who have nothing better to do than pretend you know what rap is good. if you dont like it, dont download it. fuck it, dont even comment. just eat lead and say hi to satan for me. faggots.

we all know neither of these

we all know neither of these dudes are the best rappers alive. and we all know they both rap about nothing sometimes. but if you're talkin lyrics and creativity lil wayne shits on TI. he's the self proclaimed king of the south. nobody named him that but himself. and honestly, this dude is a trash rapper and a sell out (TI). lil wayne does do some "T-wayne" shit also which is another sell out example nowadays. New york rappers are far more advanced than down south rappers anyway, but between these two dudes...TI doesn't stand a chance. this dude has been a a sell out since after rubber band man came out. and thats the truth. not only that but how do you get caught buying machine guns from police and only get probation? this dude is clearly a snitch.

who da fuck is dis

nigga r u fuckin stupid sayin new york rappers are better den da south bitch u out yo fuckin. Who da fuck new york got rite now jay-z. dat bitch aint had shit since blue print. u need check urself n really think about shit u say da south got da rap game on lock.

South aint got shit on lock

South aint got shit on lock right now dun. Nope. Not to me. Pimp C is gone so UGK is breakin up. Lil Wayne is homo wack ass lyrics aint about nothing. He aint rap he is R&B-Rap&BullShit. Any single member of the Wu-Tang Clan can crush the entire south. South thinks this shit is a fuckin fashion show and all you young cats out here think this shit is a fashion show. SOuth are a bunch of biters except Scarface&The Clipse. When Papoose gets his promotion & shit you'll see. Nobody raps like down south boys. See YOU make me go off on the south like that. We need to come together. Dont even mention NY in a disrespectable view. LOX D Block OK. WHat. NORE. Que! BIG&PAC still alive. wat. SOUTH AINT SHIT. And WE ALL need to get rid of the TPain Voice Effect ITS SO OLD and got old quick. IF I EVER SEE LIL WAYNE IM SMACKIN FIRE OUT HIS FLAMIN AZZ WORD I SWEAR TO GOD AND I BET HE WONT DO SHIT BUT CRY & HAVE HIS BIG HOMO GAURDS JUMP ON ME. He needs to go back to how he was or claim a new genre for BITCHES. I d/l this for chickenheads to listen to. PEACE to all rappers music is music some is just a little better

all the ti songs are on his

all the ti songs are on his new album

Of course all of T.I. songs

Of course all of T.I. songs are on Paper Trail! You think you are the first muthafucka to notice that. Sit yo ass back in the peanut gallery section and when we need a dumb ass statement, then we'll call your ass, fucking idiot

dis mixtape is a wasted idea

and u dumb niggaz from da south gotta stop sayin "da south got the game on lock" cuz must of uz sum dumb niggaz jus hidin behind ur keyboard and never heard sum reall rap ATL sukkz go listen 2 soulja boy tell u

Go listen to Wu-Tang Clan.

Go listen to Wu-Tang Clan. Peace.