DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 163

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01 - Intro
02 - Haffa - King Brutus (World Premiere)
03 - Fred Da Godsonhell Rell & Mysonne - Light It Up (Hot )
04 - 50 Cent Ft Timbaland - Keep It Moving (New Single)
05 - Ja Rule - Real Life (New Single)
06 - Fabolous Ft Vado & Lloyd Banks - Bk 2 Harlem 2 Southside
07 - Sheek Louch - Gunz
08 - Sheek Louch - Summer
09 - Stylesp & G - Okaay (World Premiere)
10 - Styles P Sheek Louch - Star Warz
11 - Nore - Shot Somebody (Hot )
12 - Capone - Dissin Prodigy
13 - Mobb Deep - Twilight
14 - Eminem - Fame (Solo)
15 - Lil Wayne - I Do Me
16 - Jay-Z - Bloody Sunday
17 - Jim Jones & Kidd Kidd - Set It Off (Hot )
18 - Lloyd Banks & Ron Browz - Till The Morn
19 - Uncle Murda - Warning
20 - Jakk Frost Ft Freeway & Free Money - Runnin The Streets (Exclusive)
21 - Dirty Dozen Ft Big-T - Freestyle
22 - Meek Mill Ft Gi - Drug Money
23 - Two Five - Shoot Em Up (Exclusive)
24 - Prodigy & Curensy - The Tape (Exclusive)
25 - Drag-On - Freestyle
26 - Hell Rell - Gangstas
27 - Skeems Ft Franchise - Ring Me Down (World Premiere)
28 - Jae Rellz - Bang Out
29 - Throwback Of The Week 9

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this nigga really put ja

this nigga really put ja rule bitchass on his tape?...damn shame

Fif on there too dawg.

Whos a the biggest lame Ja or 50? One is a bitch and the other one is a snitch. One pretends to be hard and the other gets his tats removed to pursued his acting career.. HAHA! lollipop azz niccaz.

Yeah fuck that nigga too

Yeah fuck that nigga too ever since get rich or die tryin' he ain't been shit an ja rule well...shit...i can't think of shit to say bout that garbage nigga, as far as the biggest lame? scratchin' ma head on that one might as well throw that nore nigga in there too. Fat Joe & Raekwon are some of tha few i actually keep up with n da east. Shit we too strong in tha SOUTH only tha smart east niggas be doin songs wit us to get ahead we ain't goin nowhere anytime soon

be realistic SCREW_

Why does it matter man? They are making money ... GROWING UP and they are grotesquely rich do not need to be all gangster... They've hussled, dealt w/e and i BET U SCREW IF U WERE RICH LIKE DEM YOU WOULD SHUT YOUR FUKIN MOUTH U IDIOT... THERE ARE NOT MANY OLD GANGSTERS IN THE WORLD. WHY? CUZ THEY GET KILLED AND NO ONE WANTS THEIR LIFE TO END ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY LIVING THE HIGH LIFE... WHY DONT YOU DO SUMTHING WITH YOUR LIFE OTHER THAN WATCH BET 106 AND PARK, DLING mixtapes and talk shit bout other people who are farrrr more successful than you... ITS REALLY FUNNY TO ME THAT WHILE YOUR TYPING YOUR DUMBASS QUOTE ON 50 and JAY you probably are patting yourself on the back thinking you've done good when you haven't even done shit in your life. STFU AND LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC... YOU AINT NO JUDGE FOR GANGSTAS OR SUM SHIT... AND IF I WAS RAPPING AND MAKING MILLIONS EVEN CLOSE TO BILLIONS ID WANNA TRY SUMTHING NEW OUT... PEOPLE LOVE ACTORS AS MUCH AS FAMOUS RAPPERS SO HE GONNA GET LOVE NO MATTER WHAT... JA RULE IS A PUNK NO DOUBTT... BUT IM SURE YOU AINT DOING BETTER THAN HIM... SO UNTIL YOU GET A RECORD DEAL.... MAKE MORE MONEY THEN THEM BOTH... AND STILL STAY GANGSTER AND STAY IN THE HOOD (which is stupid cuz no man in da hood is gonna stay there if he Oprah rich) you shouldn't be talking brotha... Apologies on the insults my man but styll it cheeses me off... - Weak Minds Discuss About Other people, Great minds Discuss About Opportunities

U mad bruh??

Who the fuck cares how much money they got. Them two bitches get no play in my deck u feel me? U wanna go idolize rich pussy fake niggaz like this two fuckz u go ahead and do that patna. Everybody has dif taste in music and i happen not to like corny muthafuckaz, u dig?? So stop catching feelings everytime someone disses your favorite rapper cause u only make yourself look like pissed off lil groupie.
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screw why u such a bitch?

screw why u such a bitch?
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I was on my way to type how this nigga white owl gettin old w/ these "drop that" tapes and how the track list is filled w/ a bunch of washed up nikkas but before I even read the comments yall beat me too it lol. Us hata's gonna hate

It's jus tha truth not hatred

It's jus tha truth not hatred
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Tracklist full of washed up

Tracklist full of washed up niggas? You mean full of eastcoast niggas? Thats the thing with you down south niggas, yall some dumb ass motha fuckas. Define "Washed Up" for me, ALMOST ALL THESE EASTCOAST NIGGAS ON THE TAPE WOULD STRAIGHT BABOON RAPE ANY DOWN SOUTH NIGGA IN A BATTLE.. So please, explain again what the FUCK you talking about?
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C'mon man

You catchin feelins too fast, the man said Washed up as in "old".. he ain't talkin about whether they still can rap or not, he's most likely sayin aint shit they are saying is relevant anymore..
And don't say shit like Any Eastcoast nigga can destroy any south rapper.. Im pretty sure you know of Electronica that would spit a whirl wind of bar's around most of the niggaz on any eastcoast mixtape, his underground status is almost up and it look like his next album will be more mainstream but i believe it'll still be as crazy lyrically than mostly anything that's circulating in the airwaves underground and commercially right now..
The South has more than enough "LYRICAL" nigga'z to come up at anytime, when people are ready to listen to Lyrical shit again we got that too.. but right now it's the Temporary recycled sugar coated cotton candy pop shit that's getting spins and we got that right now.. The south is well equip to maintain it's musical entertainment status for a very long time, in fact the south is engraving it's self as pioneers of most of the shit your kids will be listening too soon and calling "Classic" .. lol

50 >> whiteowl >> jarule>>

50 >> whiteowl >> jarule>> nigga that do the graphics for the tapes>> nigga who pass em out at the clubs>> nigga who cleans club>>> you niggas smh

Ja killed it on Real Life

Ja killed it on Real Life Fantasy fuck faces! ahhaahah Dj Clue Mixtapes, Nuff Said


all yall hate on fif cause yall aint shit and he doesnt give a fuck about you or your favorite rapper point blank. Damn hating him aint goin to make em love you damn. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!
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Dick Rider

& riding this niggas dick and cuppin his sack ain't goin to make him love you either..

Rule is the truth

All of you have no taste in music. When it comes to lyrics Jarule murders that 50 bitch snitch. The quality of music that rule puts out is way better than 50 cent shit. You guys where blinded bye 50 cent and never gave a chance to the blood in my eye album listen to that and you will see who gets murked. 50 had no chance against that album but you guys followed 50 and know look the man is garbage. Support real music support Rule before real music dies. Rule all day. You guys fucked up when you idolized a snitch.