DJ White Mike - Cherish The Day


1. (00:03:16) Convicts - This Is For The Convicts
2. (00:01:59) Slick Rick - Behind Bars
3. (00:04:21) Tupac - Breathin'
4. (00:04:36) Eminem - Stan
5. (00:08:00) Fat Boys - Jail House Rap
6. (00:02:40) Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
7. (00:04:45) UGK - One Day
8. (00:05:46) Sade - Cherish The Day

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keep it up

keep doin ya thang homie...
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The Convicts=Big Mike and 3-2 =CLASSIC

On the BIG SCALE of things, my opinion really dont amount to much; I aim not to persuade; Just enjoyin music: When I first threw this album in my Zune, I aint go lie, I had my guards up! Being from SE Texas, we have VERY HARD critiques for those slowing it down. Being that Ron C is my all time fav, I was ready for this to be "slopped not chopped." But this mixtape aint slopped up! And the DJs style is very creative & unique! DJ White Mike keep on mashing! With your "hit-ya-off-guard" taste/selection in music . . coupled with and your style on the tables, you seem to be on your own niche. That Supposta Bubble blend with Breathin was just NASTY!! The whole song list is "A-1" all the way!! I give this mixtape 7 of 10 easily. PS-Damn, I miss my Convicts Album and am seeking it still in MP3 form.

Complete garbage. straight

Complete garbage. straight up slopped up. do not download this trash. nuff said.