DJ Storm - Showin My Surround

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1. Trae & Lil Wayne - Colors *(World Premiere)
2. Killa Kyleon - Getting Money (Feat Big Tuck) *(World Premiere)
3. Esg - Lil Daddy (Feat Lil Keke)
4. Damm D - Love Me Remix (Feat Bun B & Mista F.A.B, Lloyd)
5. Mr. Lee - She Like (Feat Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon) *(World Premiere)
6. Slim Thug - Please Don't Do That (Feat Akon)
7. Ugk - Da Game Been Good To Me
8. Spark Dawg - Don't Want Your Girl (Feat Tum Tum & Fat Pimp, Supastar, Hood
9. Lil C - Talkin money (Feat Killa Kyleon & Og Avery)
10. Big Tuck - Stuntaman
11. Lil Keke - Down Bitch (Feat Devin & I 20)
12. Paul Wall - I'm Holdin *(World Premiere)
13. Fat Pimp - Check Me Out *(World Premiere)
14. Dj Storm - Texas Nigga (Feat Tum Tum & Kyle Lee
15. Chris Ward - So Gangsta
16. Gritboy - Freestlye Flow
17. Magno - Freestyle Flow
18. Fat B & Big Suave - Lac's & J's
19. Charlie Boy - I Look Good
20. Brick Boys - This That Crack
21. Lestor Roy - Poundin My Fist (Feat Magno & Archie Lee)
22. Lil C - Talkin money (Feat Killa Kyleon & Og Avery
23. Gb - Prove *(Freestyle)

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wow if dude spent a lil more time n effort, he could make those swangas look good not look like they were poorly cropped. I like how you have to be registered to comment now. ___________________________ Itz Teezy Baby, I'm stackin' my chedda; I'm packing mo heat than a bill cosby sweater.

Where's Cham

If Cham is on the cover, why aint he on the track list?? Get yo shit together Storm
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this is aight i guess