DJ Spinz, J Futuristic & Yung LA - Batman & Robin


01. Intro
02. What The Game Missin
03. Money Addict
04. Money Is My Friend
05. Go Go Gadget
06. Smoke Break
07. Show Up & Show Out
08. Sauce (Remix)
09. TTU
10. Cars And Athletes Ft. Lil' Chuckee
11. Swagger Jacker (Interlude)
12. Na Na Na Ft. Roscoe Dash
13. Turnt Up Freestyle
14. Gotta Have Fun Ft. Meany And G-Fresh
15. Futuristic Playhouse
16. Yung L.A. Checks In
17. On You
18. Trap Goin Live
19. Futuristic Differenter Ft. Travis Porter
20. Superhero Language
21. Overseas
22. Shawty Futuristic
23. Twit Break
24. Damn I Look Good Ft. Big Kuntry And Young Dro
25. Left To Right Ft. Slim

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da dopeman's picture

Looks really good

Been looking forward to this shit. I fucks with both these cats and seeing them together on a whole mixtape looks dope as hell. Bout to go smoke a blunt and bump this...holla!
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ELROY JETSON SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! BOW BOW..................

This kool doe ill give it a 8/10
Okfucyou's picture


the tape's ok... ain't no classic... but am still gonna bump it..
chi-town russian's picture

i was thinking LA the

i was thinking LA the darkman, dude went hard as yall say on that gangsta grillz dedication 3. there was 3 raw tracks and he was on one of them
patcol's picture

and he came from sunz of man

and he came from sunz of man in wu tang
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ay peoples check me out at

ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think...add me...I WOULD APPRECIATE IT J Sax
MiiLKmAn813's picture


beats go is different, but the subjects are same ol' same ol'...little too bubbly but that's just my opinion
GulfSouth504's picture

C'mon maan

Get some good tapes on here! the fuck mixtapetorrent doin?.
fullclipp's picture

clearly not lyrical music

clearly not lyrical music but its not bad to play when people are drinking and not realizing how awful the lyrics are...also finally some yung la that isn't shitty quality--i always felt his last mixtapes were lacking good production and sounded muffled

Beats nice raps wack to me,

Beats nice raps wack to me, i like young la but he slippin..... check out travis porter these lil dudes style like la (prob cuz they bitein') they nice though the streets r us is hella hard... this mixtape aint worth the DL to me
gandhi142's picture

this shit must b 4 kidz. im

this shit must b 4 kidz. im not feelin dis shit!!!