DJ Spinz Presents Gorilla Zoe - You Dont Mess With The ZOEhan

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01 - Intro
02 - Let Me Eat Prod By Sonny Digital
03 - Why U Mad Prod By Dj Spinz
04 - Iball Prod By Dj Spinz
05 - Addiction Ft Gloss Big A Prod By Dj Spinz
06 - I Run Ft Big A Prod By Dj Spinz
07 - Goons Gobblins Prod By Dj Spinz
08 - Let Me Know Prod By Dj Spinz
09 - Swipe Prod By Dj Spinz Fresh
10 - Make You A Star Prod By Sonny Digital
11 - Thats Right Prod By Sonny Digital

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Man I can't keep up I still haven't listen to zobama yet and this they wrong for the cover lmao...
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how many fuckin gorilla zoe

how many fuckin gorilla zoe tapes do we need a day? who's jockin this guy that hard i mean he sucks with the exception of 3 or 4 songs (so he still sucks and had 3 hits) in my eyes

hes dropping 1 everyday this

hes dropping 1 everyday this month
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On March 1st will there be a

On March 1st will there be a greatest hits from all 28 cause I dont want to download 28 Zoe mixtapes, and with that many I know hes not focusing on quality

Does he really need that many tapes

You heard one gorilla zoe song you've heard them all. Besides that he's sounds like he's just doing a Jeezy Remix tape.
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This guy is so awful someone

This guy is so awful someone shot him an e-mail to cut these mixtapes out!!
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can any1 tell me what the girl with da white got in her lower stomach?? shit look like a serious skin disease...
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na man just over-grown pubes

na man just over-grown pubes
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wtf is that??? I really hope that's some messy photoshop fckup ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
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Is any of this Zoe tapes official??

all 28 are official

all 28 are official

imma just download em for

imma just download em for the 28 different covers i means thats a lotta titles to go through

The Cover has to be a joke right.

They have him in a Bruno "GaY" haircut with some cochie cutter shorts on LOL. IF that's a real picture now I completely understand why he sucks. No Bruno.
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Aiight Zoe get some points from me for workin hard, ya'll can't deny he puttin mad effort into gettin established in the music industry.
I still aint feelin him but he's slowing gainin some respect, but maybe he should be more involved in his cover designs for his promo mixtapes, this shit ain't somethin imma print out and have in my CD-case and i definitely wont load it into my car radio harddrive so it show up on my screen every-time somebody want to listen to zoe, *even though i aint gone download it anyway..
And whats that shit on the side of the redbone? Look like a scab or she's a AIDS or burn victim or some shit
      [- Lets rename it the Fleur De Lombardi -]
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i guess either way she

i guess either way she burnin lol
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def workin hard. i even like

def workin hard. i even like a little zoe just as far as music goes but damn, its almost too much. but like above mention, gotta give his ass credit for the effort. thats alot of music...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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28 tapes?????

off to a bad start 0 and 9
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best 1 so far

this the best one so far besides the cover lmao!
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This Guy

Keep droppin back to back all wit nice covers... Must have an album on the way.... Lets Go Zoe! "Fuck Some JEWELRY only thing shines Bright is The SUN, Fuck some Muscles Only thing that Gets Respect Is a GUN"