DJ Screw - Unlabeled Hawk Personal '95

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ScrewHeadz 06 Presents DJ Screw - Unlabeled Hawk Personal `95

CD1: 7 Tracks

CD2: 8 Tracks

R.I.P. Robert Davis Jr. aka DJ Screw (July 20, 1971 - Nov. 16, 2000)

"I'm screwed for life till the day I die. It's my style of music. At first people thought the tape deck was broke or the batteries was low or something. Shit, that's just how the music is. People caught on to it and people started loving it. When it's slowed down, you can hear the music and the lyrics better. The Way I be mixin and bringin it back and makin it repeat, I just be adding my talent in with the talent they already put into it. Make some platinium shit. I'm just tryin to promote every rapper that ain't gettin heard on the radio to the streets. That's where a nigga wants to reach is the streets."

ScrewHeadz 06 (a GoodFellaz & bruts Productions)



good shit id like to see some more old screw floatin around
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visit then....

visit then.... they got a whole bunch of screw floatin around mane
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good lookin out

screw is always appreciated fizzle...

can sombody seed

can sombody seed