DJ Scream & Project Pat - History Of Violence [320 KBPS EAC RIP]

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Yeah, I know this was posted a few weeks back (I posted it myself). But here's an EAC rip in 320kbps. Enjoy!

1. (00:01:31) Project Pat - The History
2. (00:02:53) Project Pat - Favorite Things
3. (00:03:52) Project Pat - Don't Fuck Wit My Money Ft. Three 6 Mafia
4. (00:01:34) Project Pat - A Milli
5. (00:03:56) Project Pat - Homicide For The Cash
6. (00:01:25) Project Pat - We Heavy In The Streets
7. (00:04:35) Project Pat - Keep It Hood Ft. OJ Da Juice
8. (00:02:07) Project Pat - Ball
9. (00:00:56) Project Pat - Cash Flow
10. (00:00:36) Project Pat - Sleepin' Wit The Enemy
11. (00:03:19) Chrome - She Fine Ft. T-Pain & Project Pat
12. (00:02:55) Project Pat - Bang, Bang, Bang Ft. Gucci Mane
13. (00:01:06) Project Pat - Freak Nasty
14. (00:01:50) Project Pat - Hood Nigga Ft. Akon
15. (00:01:56) Project Pat - The Present
16. (00:02:36) Project Pat - Street Niggaz
17. (00:04:29) Yung D - Damn Ft. Project Pat
18. (00:01:21) Project Pat - Swagger Like Us
19. (00:00:35) Project Pat - The Future
20. (00:02:58) Project Pat - Bloodhound

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thankkkkkkkks project pat

thankkkkkkkks project pat dat nigga

is this better quality or

is this better quality or something? if you dont got this shit already you better hit download. the tennessee kingpin bringin that heat mayne.

Yeah this is better quality.

Yeah this is better quality. You want a higher bit rate (better quality) if you have a system in your car or a good home audio system.

Want this!

You want a higher bit rate for whatever you are playing your music especially a cd walkman. Have you ever noticed that some cds you turn it up a little bit and its loud or others you have to turn up all the way. That is because of the bit rate the higher the better. If you can find flac or lossless that is the best. You just have to find a flac to mp3 converter. Hope this was helpful. kilo7855

Yea i have all my music

Yea i have all my music 320kbps or w/e makes a HUGE difference! once again thanks i had the original but this is awesome

NORTH, NORTH back in here.

NORTH, NORTH back in here. greatest line ever, "stroking your girl like Olympics nigga, Michael Phelps"--A Milli remix